Meeting about Weekly DebConf team meeting

Convened at 2016-06-08 18:32:30.836674 by tumbleweed in #debconf-team on oftc


[18:32:30] STARTED (tumbleweed)
[18:34:22] TOPIC: Call for Sprints (tumbleweed)
[18:37:55] TOPIC: social - tennis (tumbleweed)
[18:38:10] AGREED: highvoltage to post sprint announcement (tumbleweed)
[18:39:50] AGREED: highvoltage to contact UCT sports admin re tennis (tumbleweed)
[18:39:59] TOPIC: social - birthday (tumbleweed)
[18:42:26] TOPIC: budget approval (tumbleweed)
[18:54:39] AGREED: nkukard to submit current budget to mehdi for approval (tumbleweed)
[18:54:50] TOPIC: budget status at CMC (tumbleweed)
[18:57:42] AGREED: DLange and nkukard to draw up a ZAR cashflow projection (tumbleweed)
[18:58:04] TOPIC: open weekend (tumbleweed)
[19:00:21] AGREED: indiebio to start an advice to presenters page (tumbleweed)
[19:03:32] TOPIC: medical faq (tumbleweed)
[19:05:47] TOPIC: team statuses (tumbleweed)
[19:11:00] TOPIC: parking (tumbleweed)
[19:15:35] TOPIC: network meeting (tumbleweed)
[19:15:53] TOPIC: Stickers - do we have a plan? (Or general: Merchandise?) (indiebio) (tumbleweed)
[19:22:13] TOPIC: Swag bag (contents) - do we have a plan? (Is this info confidential?) (tumbleweed)
[19:25:04] TOPIC: any other business (tumbleweed)
[19:30:37] AGREED: ginggs to find out who controls the menzies monitor (tumbleweed)
[19:34:09] ENDED (tumbleweed)


Raw Log

[18:32:30] <tumbleweed> tibid: start meeting about Weekly DebConf team meeting
[18:32:30] * tibid gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[18:32:34] <nkukard> I am Peter Pan
[18:32:35] <cate> it is too verbose
[18:32:42] <highvoltage> I am Jonathan Carter, aka highvoltage
[18:32:47] <gwolf> tibid: I am Gunnar Wolf
[18:32:47] <tibid> gwolf: Sure
[18:32:52] <paddatrapper> I am Kyle Robbertze
[18:32:52] <highvoltage> cate: it only speaks when you speak to it, so it's usually fine.
[18:33:03] <DLange> tibid: I am tumbleweed :)
[18:33:03] <tibid> DLange: Done
[18:33:03] <nkukard> tibid, I am Nigel Kukard
[18:33:03] <tibid> nkukard: Okay
[18:33:05] <indiebio> i am indiebio
[18:33:07] <paddatrapper> tibid: I am Kyle Robbertze
[18:33:07] <tibid> paddatrapper: Okay
[18:33:19] <highvoltage> tibid: I am Jonathan Carter
[18:33:19] <tibid> highvoltage: Alrighty
[18:33:29] <cate> tibid: I'm cate
[18:33:29] <tibid> cate: Sorry...
[18:33:36] <DLange> :)
[18:33:37] <indiebio> lol
[18:33:38] <cate> :-(
[18:33:47] <ginggs> tibid: I am Graham Inggs
[18:33:47] <tibid> ginggs: Sure
[18:33:55] <tumbleweed> Agenda (now that it has opened)
[18:34:22] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic Call for Sprints
[18:34:22] <tibid> Current Topic: Call for Sprints
[18:34:26] <tumbleweed> highvoltage: ?
[18:34:37] <highvoltage> I put together so long
[18:34:57] <gwolf> highvoltage: we don't have access to it?
[18:35:01] <highvoltage> not sure what next, is it all true? is it ok? any ideas / comments?
[18:35:02] <gwolf> oh, signing in
[18:35:03] <tumbleweed> highvoltage: that's not public
[18:35:05] <gwolf> sorry for the noise
[18:35:07] <highvoltage> oops, one moment
[18:35:14] <tumbleweed> highvoltage: can you post a sharing link?
[18:35:25] <highvoltage> this one should work better:
[18:36:11] <gwolf> right, open.
[18:36:44] <cate> for me: it is ok
[18:37:10] <gwolf> looks fine IMO
[18:37:12] <tumbleweed> highvoltage: LGTM
[18:37:12] <highvoltage> cate, wendar: can larjona polish it up and publish?
[18:37:15] <tumbleweed> shall we move on?
[18:37:20] <highvoltage> yep
[18:37:22] <tumbleweed> or answer that, yes :)
[18:37:23] * gwolf pushes tumbleweed
[18:37:55] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic social - tennis
[18:37:55] <tibid> Current Topic: social - tennis
[18:38:01] <wendar> highvoltage: looks good
[18:38:03] <tumbleweed> I can't remember who said they were taking this?
[18:38:10] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed highvoltage to post sprint announcement
[18:38:10] <tibid> Agreed: highvoltage to post sprint announcement
[18:38:11] <highvoltage> indiebio:
[18:38:17] <gwolf> tumbleweed: Wouter started the thread on tennis
[18:38:26] <highvoltage> I created a wiki page for it:
[18:38:38] <indiebio> I have been trying, but the dudes who we spoke to at the pub didn't reply./
[18:38:41] <highvoltage> indiebio: if you can add the information that you're sourcing for that, that would be nice
[18:38:45] <indiebio> so the other day I took my dogs there...
[18:38:52] <tumbleweed> I'd contact the club?
[18:39:08] <indiebio> OK, apparently we need to contact the sports venue. If I put the contact number on the agenda, would you please call them, highvoltage?
[18:39:20] <indiebio> not the club, the UCT SPorts admin, but it is on that blog page
[18:39:30] <highvoltage> indiebio: ok, do you have contact details for me or should I find it?
[18:39:36] <highvoltage> indiebio: ah, thanks
[18:39:38] <tumbleweed> highvoltage: it's on that web page I just linked
[18:39:48] <indiebio> highvoltage: 021 650 3553
[18:39:50] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed highvoltage to contact UCT sports admin re tennis
[18:39:50] <tibid> Agreed: highvoltage to contact UCT sports admin re tennis
[18:39:57] <indiebio> I just keep remembering when everyone's on lunch :/
[18:39:57] <highvoltage> tumbleweed: ok next
[18:39:59] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic social - birthday
[18:39:59] <tibid> Current Topic: social - birthday
[18:40:08] <highvoltage> I don't recall us talking about birthday at all
[18:40:10] <tumbleweed> are we throwing in some sort of party?
[18:40:10] <highvoltage> or cake.
[18:40:21] <cate> there is no birthday
[18:40:22] <tumbleweed> this started off as a way to justify under-budget catering
[18:40:22] <gwolf> well, the Debian birthday is in August
[18:40:35] <tumbleweed> but I think we're spending that money elsewhere alreday :P
[18:40:38] <tumbleweed> e.g. the dinner
[18:40:40] <gwolf> we can have a DebConf cake, but it'd not be a birthday
[18:40:41] <DLange> yep
[18:40:48] <indiebio> surely using some hexadecimal or binary or something system, it is Debian's birthday durinbg DebConf16?
[18:40:48] * larjona afk, will try to catch up later with backlog
[18:40:59] <highvoltage> ok so we won't have a birthday per se
[18:41:03] <tumbleweed> lavamind: there'll be minutes
[18:41:10] <tumbleweed> tibid: minutes so far
[18:41:10] <tibid> Minutes available at
[18:41:14] <indiebio> or, like, that april with 215 days...
[18:41:19] <tamo> gwolf: maybe cup cakes or a Cake day
[18:41:20] <highvoltage> indiebio: I never thought I'd say this but... I think we need a numerologist
[18:41:20] <gwolf> tumbleweed: get enough minutes, you'll have a birthday
[18:41:33] <indiebio> highvoltage: lol
[18:41:43] <tumbleweed> I don't want to spend too much time on this
[18:41:59] <highvoltage> tumbleweed: yeah if we're not doing it then that's it
[18:42:01] <tumbleweed> shall we assume we aren't doing anything, unless someone comes up with an excuse?
[18:42:04] <cate> just cakes after the braii, and we will brainstorming the reason for the cakes
[18:42:13] <indiebio> +1
[18:42:13] <tumbleweed> because cake, obviously
[18:42:25] <tamo> or a cake day with a Tea?
[18:42:26] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic budget approval
[18:42:26] <tibid> Current Topic: budget approval
[18:42:27] <indiebio> in some parallel universe...
[18:42:34] <tumbleweed> nkukard: take us away
[18:42:37] <highvoltage> cake after the braai sounds great
[18:42:50] <nkukard> well, we're currently 275-300k ZAR in the red
[18:43:01] <tamo> highvoltage: that does sound good
[18:43:06] <nkukard> so I don't want anymore more that will increase our expenses, but adjusting values between budget items is cool
[18:43:14] <nkukard> breaking even would also be nice
[18:43:34] <nkukard> and we'll have to see how good a mood mehdi is in for the little red line and using funds from reserve :D
[18:43:34] <tumbleweed> I don't know how likely it is that we're going to get venues for free, at this rate. UCT isn't backing down
[18:43:54] <tumbleweed> but we're still working that angle
[18:43:54] <nkukard> tumbleweed, how much more do they want?
[18:43:54] <gwolf> lets have a birthday party for mehdi!
[18:44:00] <tumbleweed> nkukard: R150k
[18:44:05] <tumbleweed> half of this, in other words
[18:44:18] <tamo> tumbleweed: can we limit the amount of venues?
[18:44:29] <tumbleweed> tamo: yes, but that doesn't make a huge difference
[18:44:38] <tamo> tumbleweed: oh ok
[18:44:41] <DLange> well, we need to plan for worst case and be nicely surprised if you manage to get UCT to sponsor free rooms (which are unoccupied anyways) to a *NFP* project. Urgh.
[18:44:53] <tumbleweed> yep
[18:44:53] <nkukard> tumbleweed, so thats in addition to the 298k we currently have?
[18:44:59] <nkukard> or is that the rooms item of 150k I have?
[18:45:03] <tumbleweed> nkukard: no, it was the R150k addition you did for me
[18:45:18] <nkukard> ok, I don't see a real big issue right now
[18:45:24] <gwolf> but AIUI we are expecting/strongly hoping not to require those extra 150K, right?
[18:45:25] <nkukard> I can submit the figures and let mehdi decide if its reasonable
[18:45:38] <nkukard> if not, we have some cost cutting to do
[18:45:38] <superfly> tibid: I am Raoul Snyman
[18:45:38] <tibid> superfly: Alrighty
[18:45:53] <tumbleweed> gwolf: hoping, but hope is fading
[18:46:06] <bremner> nkukard: so when mehdi approved another USD13k of bursaries, did that go straight into the deficit in your view?
[18:46:21] <gwolf> Is there a reason for it to fade? :( (or am I steering off-topicwards?)
[18:46:42] <tumbleweed> gwolf: yeah, let's pick this thread up after the meeting
[18:46:54] <gwolf> K
[18:47:01] <nkukard> bremner, well, at that time we didn't have some of the finals, but now, yes
[18:47:14] <tumbleweed> nkukard: do you still have things to push to git?
[18:47:34] <nkukard> tumbleweed, no, everything pushed
[18:47:39] <bremner> nkukard: ok, then I think a 300K deficit is not so terrible, if mehdi already approved a 200k bursaries bump
[18:47:48] <DLange> well we need to decide on busses to the aquarium
[18:47:49] <nkukard> I did not update the etherpad yet with todays latest updates
[18:48:00] <nkukard> bremner, yep, I don't see a problem atm
[18:48:16] <tamo> DLange: yup did you see the 2 options?
[18:48:31] <DLange> yes
[18:48:46] <tumbleweed> tamo: did you ever follow up with busses from uct jammies? IIRC they would be able to get us a good rate
[18:48:49] <nkukard> DLange, tamo , sorry, its not budget affecting, right?
[18:49:03] <DLange> it is
[18:49:05] <tamo> DLange: perhaps using one bus, start earlyish and people can hang around the Waterfront
[18:49:06] <gwolf> R300K is approx US$20K, right? It's not just a little deficit... :-/ but FWIW it's within line of other years'
[18:49:15] <DLange> the conference dinner is included in the R300 daily cost
[18:49:29] <nkukard> DLange, ok, and the current budget including alcohol is 123k
[18:49:36] <tumbleweed> gwolf: I resigned myself to running a reasonable deficit a few months ago. Yeah, this isn't relaly much worse
[18:49:41] <DLange> gwolf: yes, your currency conversion skills are up-to-date :)
[18:49:54] <tamo> tumbleweed: yes I just sent an email to nkukard, I looked into 4 Companies, Dereck frm Jamie Shuttles was inc in the 4 Quotes
[18:50:01] <gwolf> DLange: with the MXP plunging deeper, numbers continue to scare me :-P
[18:50:24] <tamo> tumbleweed: Springbok Atlas was about R1000 cheaper than other companies
[18:50:36] <tumbleweed> tamo: ok
[18:50:41] <nkukard> tamo, I don't keep track of all the components of your costing, I'm more worried if my total budget amount is enough :)
[18:50:43] <tumbleweed> sounds plausible :)
[18:50:52] <DLange> tamo: how long does a bus take UCT <-> aquarium?
[18:50:56] <cate> BTW we have a big buffer, and I doubt it will be used (we are uptading the budget reguarly, so less surprises)
[18:51:13] <DLange> cate: meet tamo :D
[18:51:22] <nkukard> so tumbleweed , there is no large surprises left, right? just the 150k thats in
[18:51:33] <tumbleweed> I think so
[18:51:36] <cate> DLange: ?
[18:51:40] <tumbleweed> I think everything else from here is incidentals
[18:51:43] <highvoltage> tibid: distance between UCT and cape town aquarium
[18:51:43] <tibid> highvoltage: That didn't seem to agree with me
[18:51:54] <ginggs> surprises are by definition, surprises
[18:51:54] <tumbleweed> highvoltage: so much bitrot...
[18:51:59] <tamo> DLange: 15-20mins very close
[18:52:08] <highvoltage> tumbleweed: :(
[18:52:09] <DLange> o.k., so one bus is possible
[18:52:24] <tamo> nkukard: that is why I added those extras so we don't have any other surprises :)
[18:52:28] <tumbleweed> it would probably be through rush hour traffic, though?
[18:52:32] <cate> DLange: on bus?
[18:52:38] <cate> one bus?
[18:52:40] <DLange> tamo: can we get two busses for 4 hours for the same price?
[18:52:51] <DLange> (or a _slightly_ higher one)
[18:53:07] <nkukard> tamo, I just need to know if you need more $$ at the moment :), if you fit in the budget, all is good and I don't have to worry at all
[18:53:10] <tumbleweed> we're getting a little bit off topic
[18:53:18] <DLange> cate: tamo has options for one or four busses to transport to the conference dinner
[18:53:19] <tamo> DLange: no, unfortunately not, but the guy that quoted me was very willing to help, so let me see what I can do!
[18:53:23] <tumbleweed> can we discuss dinner details after the meeting?
[18:53:27] <tamo> DLange: ther is always hope!
[18:53:41] <DLange> tamo: sounds good, please try to get two for 4 hours
[18:53:59] <tamo> DLange: okidoke
[18:54:01] <cate> one bus every 50 min is not so feasible to bring 200 people before bringing them back
[18:54:20] <DLange> hence two
[18:54:22] <nkukard> could we maybe get back to the conf dinner, do we really need to increase the budget item for it? and by how much? can we make adjustments anywhere else?
[18:54:25] <cate> next topic?
[18:54:39] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed nkukard to submit current budget to mehdi for approval
[18:54:39] <tibid> Agreed: nkukard to submit current budget to mehdi for approval
[18:54:46] <nkukard> cool
[18:54:50] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic budget status at CMC
[18:54:50] <tibid> Current Topic: budget status at CMC
[18:54:58] <tumbleweed> we're about to run out of money at CMC, I think
[18:55:07] <DLange> did you get an update mail from CMC?
[18:55:09] <tumbleweed> given all the deposits I've just requested to be paid
[18:55:14] <tumbleweed> no, they're busy at a conference this week :P
[18:55:30] <tumbleweed> I asked for an updated, but didn't get it
[18:55:40] <tumbleweed> at any rate, I think we should bill all our ZA sponsors for now
[18:55:52] <tamo> tumbleweed: good idea!
[18:55:59] - pollo online
[18:55:59] <nkukard> good idea
[18:56:00] <tumbleweed> the rest of these invoices should easily cover that income
[18:56:22] <tumbleweed> but that's a thumbsuck
[18:56:31] <tumbleweed> I asked nkukard if he could do a more detailed report :P
[18:56:34] <DLange> replace that by a LO-Calc sheet?
[18:56:58] <tumbleweed> or a simple text file / ledger
[18:57:03] <tumbleweed> whatever, let's just do it
[18:57:15] <tumbleweed> can I action you or nkukard?
[18:57:20] <DLange> ack, both of us
[18:57:42] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed DLange and nkukard to draw up a ZAR cashflow projection
[18:57:42] <tibid> Agreed: DLange and nkukard to draw up a ZAR cashflow projection
[18:58:04] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic open weekend
[18:58:04] <tibid> Current Topic: open weekend
[18:58:08] <tumbleweed> this seems to not be a discussion topic
[18:58:14] <tumbleweed> Open Weekend (to note, nothing to explicitly discuss)
[18:58:14] <indiebio> there's a few small questions
[18:58:14] <tumbleweed> Open hardware -
[18:58:14] <tumbleweed> Schedule -
[18:58:17] <tumbleweed> Posters -
[18:58:20] <indiebio> but mainly, just take notice
[18:58:20] <tumbleweed> (where does talk templates go? Just want to link to on the wiki)
[18:58:45] <indiebio> there's been a few questions about the templates for example. Where on the wiki can I put that link to the debian link?
[18:58:57] <indiebio> maybe highvoltage can decide, it's his beautiful wiki
[18:59:09] <tumbleweed> I'd create an "advise to presenters" page
[18:59:16] <indiebio> that's pretty much it
[18:59:18] <indiebio> ok
[18:59:19] <highvoltage> indiebio: no it's not, it's the debconf wiki
[18:59:26] <tumbleweed> :P
[18:59:34] <cate> video team should also add text
[18:59:35] <indiebio> also a 'what to bring page', e.g. towels
[18:59:51] <tumbleweed> yep, which must also in the mail that registration sends
[19:00:02] <tumbleweed> I got no reply to my towel price inquiries :P
[19:00:06] <indiebio> ok, I don't mind starting the advice to presenters page,
[19:00:21] <indiebio> do we have a what to bring page?
[19:00:21] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed indiebio to start an advice to presenters page
[19:00:21] <tibid> Agreed: indiebio to start an advice to presenters page
[19:00:25] * cate prefers cakes than towels
[19:00:31] <indiebio> why not both, cate?
[19:00:38] <DLange> you go shower with cake :)
[19:00:39] <cate> indiebio: budget problem
[19:00:50] <indiebio> this is for your own account :)
[19:00:55] <indiebio> ok, moving on?
[19:01:09] <tumbleweed> I'm waiting fo rthe wiki to load so I can answer your question
[19:01:18] <indiebio> oh
[19:01:32] <indiebio> we can catch up over beer tomorrow :)
[19:01:46] <cate> some coffeine for the wiki!
[19:01:48] <tumbleweed> is probably the best start
[19:01:51] * indiebio and co is doing a 'Debian at UCT' sprint tomorrow. The 'co' just doesn't know it yet
[19:02:08] <tumbleweed> lol
[19:02:11] <tumbleweed> indiebio: sure
[19:02:11] <indiebio> I'll just create a page, if that's OK.
[19:02:34] <tumbleweed> we already have a lot of pages that are a bit sparse
[19:02:47] <tumbleweed> oh, we don't have one for presenters, yes
[19:02:49] <tumbleweed> anyway moving on
[19:03:11] <highvoltage> I keep trying to populate them and then run in to dead ends, but yes next topix pls.
[19:03:32] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic medical faq
[19:03:32] <tibid> Current Topic: medical faq
[19:03:38] - MeetBot online
[19:03:39] <tumbleweed>
[19:03:42] <tumbleweed> also wiki-related
[19:04:10] <indiebio> shirish asked this, I think it's a good question, but being the runt pavement special I am, I never need medical.
[19:04:16] <tumbleweed> it seemms reasonable, but I wouldn't assume that our attendees can use student medical fascilities, except in emergencies
[19:04:19] <indiebio> if someone local can add more detail please?
[19:04:36] <indiebio> maybe info then on general hospitals, policy on over the counter drugs ... ???
[19:04:42] <gwolf> it would be helpful IMO to state if there's anything known for people having an international insurance
[19:04:47] <cate> so no debconf first aid kit?
[19:05:01] <tumbleweed> gwolf: there's state healthcare
[19:05:10] <indiebio> we can ask Fuller what's their medical plan
[19:05:19] <tumbleweed> (which is basic, but has good doctors. They're very practiced with knife and gunshot wounds :P )
[19:05:25] <indiebio> anyways, not to be answer in the meeting, I just need other people to put info there please
[19:05:28] <gwolf> ...I doubt we need to add the information on the need to get yellow fever vaccination to poor sods like me that travel through (or come from) countries in the yellow belt...
[19:05:36] <paddatrapper> tumbleweed: Burns too
[19:05:40] <gwolf> (it belongs to the "getting there" information)
[19:05:41] <tumbleweed> yeah :)
[19:05:47] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic team statuses
[19:05:47] <tibid> Current Topic: team statuses
[19:05:55] <tumbleweed> anybody?
[19:06:07] <gwolf> tumbleweed: so if you get a severe stomach ache, just get a knife to it, and then go to healthcare?
[19:06:08] <indiebio> hey, what happened to the topics in between?
[19:06:21] <tumbleweed> nattie, pollo, Mithrandir?
[19:06:35] <DLange> indiebio: tumbleweed is in a rush
[19:06:40] <tumbleweed> indiebio: I swear someone inserted them becausey they weren't there earlier
[19:06:41] <cate> and tumbleweed ?
[19:06:43] <tumbleweed> but I could have jsut jumped
[19:07:00] <indiebio> as long as we get back to them. stickers are VERY important
[19:07:13] * tumbleweed re-arranges
[19:07:19] <pollo> tumbleweed: are you asking if I have fisrt aid training?
[19:07:20] <cate> it seems no news from teams
[19:07:37] <tumbleweed> pollo: I'm asking for team status updates
[19:07:46] <tumbleweed> conversation always drags into new topics :P
[19:07:48] <bremner> I'm thinking about declaring bursaries really and truly finished as of Sunday the 12th
[19:07:54] <pollo> oh, well all seems good for video
[19:07:54] <tumbleweed> bremner: \o/
[19:08:17] <cate> bremner: and food for local volunteers? You cannot skip the work!
[19:08:25] <tumbleweed> bremner: the nI don't need to make an interface for tweaking bursary statuses
[19:08:28] <tumbleweed> you make me happy
[19:08:29] <DLange> what is the status on infra? Mithrandir, ginggs, others?
[19:08:29] <highvoltage> bremner: you might just be the most productive member of the DC orga then!
[19:08:29] <pollo> still a bit nervous about the new system we are goignt o try, but shipping is taken care of
[19:08:32] <tumbleweed> also, sad that I didn't do it
[19:09:02] <tamo> tumbleweed: what does this mean, team status updates
[19:09:03] <Mithrandir> I am AFk and won't be in the meeting.
[19:09:36] <tumbleweed> tamo: not everyone follows what all the teams are up to
[19:09:48] <tamo> tumbleweed: ah I see
[19:09:53] <ginggs> DLange: tumbleweed and i mean with ICTS tomorrow, we already have some questions to ask them regarding wifi
[19:10:09] <DLange> o.k., thanks
[19:10:32] <cate> BTW I'm still lost in a lot of things. But ptobably I should prepare a plan and ask if all things are in the radar
[19:10:33] <tumbleweed> I'm guessing we're about done here
[19:10:48] <tumbleweed> cate: yes please
[19:11:00] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic parking
[19:11:00] <tibid> Current Topic: parking
[19:11:09] <tumbleweed> I paste from the agenda
[19:11:10] <tumbleweed> are we happy with P6 (D11, I think, on the new map) for day visitors? The other option is P18 (higher than A5 on the map). but the walk up there is quite hard. We are trying for P3 (E6 on the map) for people staying at Fuller. When can we give projected numbers to UCT? (ginggs)
[19:11:15] <tumbleweed>
[19:11:42] <indiebio> I think that's good enough. How many cars do we expect?
[19:11:46] <tumbleweed> ginggs: gaah, why don't they have the parking bay numbers on th emap any more
[19:12:05] <cate> tumbleweed: about open weekend or during DebConf?
[19:12:13] <indiebio> Fuller offered their parking and as we're taking up the whole residence, there obviously isn't students staying there as Keith alluded.
[19:12:18] <indiebio> cate: all
[19:12:28] <tumbleweed> indiebio: if it's raining, P6 would suck
[19:12:36] <tumbleweed> cate: everything
[19:12:41] <indiebio> open weekend is weekend and should be easy, people can't get visitor bays anyway, so it's open
[19:12:42] <tumbleweed> indiebio: but yes, it's also fine
[19:13:09] <indiebio> I think UCT expects 250 cars, with our single-occupancy habit,which definitely won't be the case
[19:13:30] <tumbleweed> ginggs: I'd keep pushing for some P3 bays. And some of us orga people are going to need to drive up to buildings a bit. But I guess we just use visitor passes
[19:13:31] <indiebio> So I think we can adjust during debcamp
[19:13:40] <tumbleweed> yeah, 50 cars would be a lot
[19:14:05] <cate> One of the orga need to have a car for orga stuffs! (and a near parking)
[19:14:17] <olasd> I'm not shipping any cars to ZA BTW :p
[19:14:31] <tumbleweed> olasd: stop being lazy
[19:14:40] <nattie> olasd: what do you mean, you're not going to stay with the car the whole time?
[19:14:41] <cate> olasd: do you forget to put it into tha carnet?
[19:14:51] <tumbleweed> cate: with visitor passes, I can usually park wherever I want
[19:15:00] <tumbleweed> cate: but they are technically limited to visitor bays, and 2hrs
[19:15:28] <cate> we needs more cakes for the guards!
[19:15:28] <indiebio> it's also vacation. it'll be fine. move on, please
[19:15:29] <tamo> olasd: haha
[19:15:35] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic network meeting
[19:15:35] <tibid> Current Topic: network meeting
[19:15:38] <tumbleweed> Any network/infrastructure questions for ICTS meeting at 11:00 SAST tomorrow? Please ask your questions on #debconf-infra (ginggs)
[19:15:47] <tumbleweed> I think that's that
[19:15:53] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic Stickers - do we have a plan? (Or general: Merchandise?) (indiebio)
[19:15:53] <tibid> Current Topic: Stickers - do we have a plan? (Or general: Merchandise?) (indiebio)
[19:16:19] <cate> indiebio: what do you mean for stikers?
[19:16:23] <indiebio> I made a page for stickers, and sent it to debconf-discuss. I would really love to have stickers to stick everywhere (mostly my laptop)
[19:16:30] <indiebio> if anyone has ideas, please add
[19:16:44] <cate> I think front desk should sell debian TO merchandise, but not all agreeded on dc15.
[19:16:45] <indiebio> cate: like the debconf swirl stickers that was sold at DC15
[19:16:47] <tamo> indiebio: do you wnat with DebConf branding
[19:16:59] <nattie> so the way merchandise was handled at DC13 was that it was co-located with FD but only available at certain times
[19:17:01] <indiebio> but we need the stickers produced or brought in to sell
[19:17:12] <indiebio> I don't mind taking care of the selling
[19:17:13] <nattie> and the people doing merchandise were dedicated merchandise volunteers
[19:17:52] <indiebio> ok, anyhow, consider yourselved notified that there will be stickers. I still need image files for the swirls though.
[19:18:00] <cate> so we should do the same?
[19:18:17] <indiebio> ah, this link got lost:
[19:18:26] <cate> indiebio: talk with h01ger, he has a huge pile of stickers
[19:18:29] <indiebio> cate: what do you mean?
[19:18:31] <indiebio> cool thanks
[19:18:37] <highvoltage> indiebio: source files are available here:
[19:18:42] <indiebio> 'K
[19:18:58] <DLange> indiebio: for the even more official source
[19:19:09] <indiebio> thanks
[19:19:25] <tumbleweed> and our swiss friends have some experience at debian merchandise
[19:19:27] <highvoltage> yeah the wiki page just has some extra info on fonts and colours which may be useful
[19:19:58] <indiebio> so my plan is, if people put stuff up there, I will try to get them printed, else I'll just print a few swirls because I want them.
[19:20:11] <indiebio> but we can move on now, thanks
[19:20:38] <tumbleweed> anyone volunteering to help here?
[19:20:43] <olasd> Debian France did some cutout swirls a while back but there's no way we can get them done in time
[19:20:44] <tamo> I sent nkukard a budget for badges and stickers if that hlpes
[19:20:48] <tumbleweed> I think it's going to take more than just an empty wiki page
[19:21:07] <tumbleweed> olasd: but you have some idea of what materials and sizes work
[19:21:26] <tumbleweed> tamo: surely badges and stickers would be sold to attendees?
[19:21:29] <indiebio> I'm not expecting a huge project, huge excitement or anything (I've been here long enough not to), I'm just saying, if there is interest, I will help, if not, I'm printing myself some swirls.
[19:21:30] <tumbleweed> so they wouldn't cost us anything
[19:21:59] <indiebio> olasd: is there a link, pics somewhere?
[19:22:08] <olasd> tumbleweed: I can fish that out of git, yeah
[19:22:13] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic Swag bag (contents) - do we have a plan? (Is this info confidential?)
[19:22:13] <tibid> Current Topic: Swag bag (contents) - do we have a plan? (Is this info confidential?)
[19:22:15] <tamo> tumbleweed: Yup but we's need to get them made up? so they can be sold.
[19:22:29] <indiebio> LAst year populating swag bags was a mission.
[19:22:35] <tumbleweed> tamo: right, but that's money that would be recouped, so we don't have to think too much abouut approving it :P
[19:22:36] <cate> I think swag content is confidential
[19:22:39] <tamo> tumbleweed: no sending it this evening for Swag
[19:22:45] <nattie> indiebio: it was fine. we are always fine for assembling the bags
[19:22:45] <indiebio> I'd like to have a list what goes in the swag bags, so we know.
[19:22:50] <tamo> tumbleweed: ah ok I see
[19:22:54] <indiebio> ok, fine
[19:23:14] <indiebio> I didn't create the swag wiki page though, it was a redlink, but it existed. So maybe we should delete it then?
[19:23:17] <cate> indiebio: you will find that after the bags are full.
[19:23:24] <indiebio> cate: grf.
[19:23:29] <cate> indiebio: also our sponsors are not so... carefull
[19:23:30] <tumbleweed> indiebio: it sounds like there's nothing to delete
[19:23:33] <tumbleweed> I have a quick question about swag
[19:23:35] <indiebio> Then I'm not involved in that department.
[19:23:38] <tumbleweed> how is swag funded?
[19:23:44] <olasd> indiebio: are 8x10 cm
[19:23:49] <indiebio> thanks olasd
[19:23:53] <nattie> tumbleweed: sponsors bring it, generally
[19:24:01] <nattie> or that was the case last year, mostly
[19:24:12] <tumbleweed> OK, then I'm not so worried :)
[19:24:13] <nattie> if we're doing extras for pro/corp, that's another matter
[19:24:23] <tumbleweed> I see budget items, but that's just for gifts bags etc
[19:24:41] <nattie> but to some extent those can be things from sponsors that have arrived in smaller quantity or whatever
[19:24:56] <indiebio> so can we at least remove the swag from the wiki page then, highvoltage?
[19:25:02] <highvoltage> sure
[19:25:04] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic any other business
[19:25:04] <tibid> Current Topic: any other business
[19:25:15] <cate> We need a tankyou letter for corporate, one for professional and one for sponsors. tamo: could you prepare some nice design?
[19:25:44] <tamo> tumbleweed: I got prices on swag which I will put up, but after this chat not sure if it is relevant
[19:26:12] <tamo> cate: sure can you send me, what you would like to say
[19:26:14] <nattie> tamo: swag or stash? (and we'll talk about it after the meeting)
[19:26:18] <highvoltage> I was also wondering about nice meeting room signs and perhaps a venue map, but neither are all that important right now I suppose
[19:26:26] <tumbleweed> tamo: send it to the sponsors team, a sponsor may be interested in the options you lay out
[19:26:30] <tamo> nattie: okioke I'll send it in the menatime
[19:27:08] <tamo> highvoltage: yup that is def part of the plan
[19:27:28] <tamo> highvoltage: maybe a Programme with the events, a Map and some Sa words
[19:27:42] <tumbleweed> tamo: I think the program is too dynamic to be put on paper
[19:27:54] <tamo> tumbleweed: ok not sure I have thier email
[19:27:56] <tumbleweed> and really, those things tend to just get thrown away
[19:28:23] <nattie> maybe for the open weekend
[19:28:30] <tumbleweed> yeah, actually
[19:28:32] <tamo> tumbleweed: true, but are handy when you are lost :)
[19:28:35] <highvoltage> tumbleweed: I liked some of the UDS name tags with the maps and some important dates/numbers/events printed inside
[19:28:38] <cate> we put the daily program on talkrooms and some strategic places, but too much changes to put on paper
[19:28:44] <tumbleweed> highvoltage: yep, those were great
[19:28:45] <cate> [people than will not check updates]
[19:29:11] <tumbleweed> hopefully we can have a big screen with now and next talks in the main hallway
[19:29:21] <tumbleweed> ginggs: if we can use that Menzies monitor...
[19:29:25] <tamo> cate: what about a chalk board or white board
[19:29:52] <cate> tamo: do we have a place where all attendee should pass every day?
[19:30:12] <tamo> cate: not sure? tumbleweed but Fuller maybe
[19:30:20] <tumbleweed> cate: we should be centralized around this corridor
[19:30:25] <ginggs> tumbleweed: please action me to find out who it belongs to, etc.
[19:30:26] <gwolf> we can set a board either by the hacklabs, by the lunch places, whatever
[19:30:28] <tumbleweed> 8 & 10 are the main talk rooms
[19:30:29] <indiebio> maps I'm sorting out - with the orienteering ice breaker :D
[19:30:37] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed ginggs to find out who controls the menzies monitor
[19:30:37] <tibid> Agreed: ginggs to find out who controls the menzies monitor
[19:30:45] <gwolf> but we have in the (distant) past also used notifications via the "what's next" webpage IIRC
[19:30:57] <gwolf> people pass by virtual spaces more often than by physical ones :)
[19:30:58] <cate> if there is no centralize place, paper attached on strategic place is better than whiteboard
[19:30:59] <tumbleweed> and the front desk would be one of those little rooms oppposite them
[19:31:14] <highvoltage> if screens go unused for something useful, they might end up playing hackers instead
[19:31:14] <nattie> we've also used DCSchedule
[19:31:56] <tamo> tumbleweed: would we work out all thses logistics at the Camp?
[19:32:09] <tumbleweed> tamo: yes
[19:32:17] <tamo> tumbleweed: ok great
[19:32:23] <tumbleweed> I don't think everyone can visualise it until they've seen the space
[19:32:28] <tumbleweed> at least, they're struggling to now :P
[19:32:32] <tamo> tumbleweed: very true!
[19:33:10] <tumbleweed> are we done?
[19:33:11] <olasd> highvoltage: itym will
[19:33:27] - zlatan online
[19:34:09] <tumbleweed> tibid: end meeting