Meeting about DC16-CPT - Venue scouting planning

Convened at 2014-10-04 13:08:30.050745 by tumbleweed in #debconf16-capetown on oftc


[13:08:30] STARTED (tumbleweed)
[13:57:07] AGREED: (sorta) indiebio will prod belmont square (tumbleweed)
[14:29:22] AGREED: venue priority list: (tumbleweed)
[14:29:40] AGREED: meet at 9am at praekelt on monday (tumbleweed)
[14:30:24] ENDED (tumbleweed)


Raw Log

[13:08:30] <tumbleweed> tibid: start meeting about DC16-CPT - Venue scouting planning
[13:08:30] * tibid gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[13:09:07] <indiebio> But I can list the links too when I next have time
[13:08:56] <indiebio> Nattie was so kind as to put most of the numbers on the wiki,
[13:10:06] <tumbleweed> shall we work from the top?
[13:10:12] <nattie> sure
[13:10:24] <tumbleweed> so, UCT we want to visit
[13:10:29] <tumbleweed> both upper campus and breakwater
[13:11:18] <indiebio> yup. I've made contact with the UCT people, there's like, 50 to ask for.
[13:11:29] <nattie> 50 of what?
[13:11:32] <tumbleweed> sounds like UCT
[13:11:38] <indiebio> ginggs will submit the application form when we're ready (I've filled in most of the bits)
[13:11:45] <indiebio> 50 people, departments, application forms.
[13:11:52] <indiebio> the forms need to be approved by senate...
[13:11:54] <nattie> oh dear!
[13:12:08] <indiebio> but I've madea start and after the initial groveling it seems pretty straightforward.
[13:12:17] <wendar> well, we don't need approval by Dec 1, just general feasibility
[13:12:23] <indiebio> Breakwater doesn't have an email, only a phone number, and I haven't had time to phone yet.
[13:12:37] <indiebio> But their reception desk is pretty on the ball, so I think we should just pitch up
[13:12:45] <wendar> sounds good
[13:12:54] <indiebio> yeah, I don't foresee problems, I see UCT as the failsafe back up plan
[13:12:57] <tumbleweed> (we now have cake)
[13:13:23] <tumbleweed> indiebio: you mean upper campus?
[13:13:37] <indiebio> Ok, upper campus as the failsafe, yes
[13:13:58] <tumbleweed> any idea where on upper / middle campus we'd try to be?
[13:14:04] <indiebio> apparently LEslie Social, and Kramer are the best sites, but I think the new Engineering buildings are pretty cool too - a plenary might need another building
[13:14:26] <indiebio> side track: If we want to have it at Stellenbosch proper, I'm going to need help from an insider...
[13:14:30] * Hodgestar catches up.
[13:14:48] <indiebio> and then Breakwater I don't have an email, but their reception desk is on the ball, so we can just pitch up
[13:14:56] <indiebio> UCT Upper we can jsut go wander around anyways
[13:15:29] <indiebio> I don't know Kramer that well, Leslie social (LS) is pretty standard issue for stuff
[13:16:01] <wendar> Techno Park and Lord Charles looked promising in terms of venue and lodging
[13:16:18] <nattie> hotels have a tendency to do that ;)
[13:16:46] <Hodgestar> Kramer is much nicer than Leslie Social, IMO.
[13:17:27] <drnlm> Option we discussed at lunch - AIMS does has the option of using the city hall as an extra venue
[13:17:28] <indiebio> yeah, so Techno and Lord Charles I got from the stias lady. She thinks they're more suitable than stias
[13:17:28] <Hodgestar> (UCT's roleplaying convention is in Kramer in August every year).
[13:17:50] <wendar> yeah, stias just didn't have the space
[13:18:08] <Hodgestar> Another lunch idea was to find a large guest house a small way up the west coast.
[13:18:08] <nattie> it was the extra rooms at stias that were the problem, right?
[13:18:21] <indiebio> well, we also asked for 300, nattie thought if we asked for fewer, say 220, then it could have worked, but I think it's the extra rooms too, yes
[13:18:43] <indiebio> might be worth a site visit, but from what I remember and from what people have been discussing, I genuinely think it's too small
[13:19:04] <Hodgestar> The Black River Office park has also been suggested.
[13:19:04] <nattie> so, site visit if and only if there's time to spare after other venues?
[13:20:11] <highvoltage> where are these lists?
[13:20:14] <indiebio> yeah. Blackriver Park, all my contacts there said it won't be suitable, the one lady, Karen, suggested the Cape Town stadium in greenpoint instead
[13:20:36] <indiebio> I think it could be special, idealogically I might object, as it's a huge, useless, white elephant waste of money
[13:20:37] <nattie> highvoltage:
[13:20:43] <highvoltage> nattie: thanks
[13:20:57] <nattie> it's two lists in quick succession each with different details, so do scroll down all the way
[13:21:03] <tumbleweed> you think cape town stadium would be in our price range? I'm doubtful
[13:21:12] <indiebio> sorry, that page doesn't look pretty yet :)
[13:21:34] <indiebio> not sure, they're dying to make it work, so I don't know if that means high prices or super discounts...
[13:21:46] <indiebio> talk on the street is it's cheaper to demolish than to maintain...
[13:21:52] <indiebio> but it was an option so I listed it...
[13:21:59] <tumbleweed> that migth mean discounts, yeah
[13:22:17] <indiebio> ok, backtrack, the schoenstatt guy, Ryan said "Thank you very much for your enquiry, we would love to be able to assist you, but I am not sure the size of our venue will be adequate, according to the details below."
[13:22:50] <nattie> i think we did initially pitch for too many people. i'm sorry, i should have caught that :-/
[13:22:53] <indiebio> bandwidth barn doesn't have a contact email on their site which I think is bloody ridiculous
[13:22:53] <tumbleweed> ok. it was a bit ouf an out-there option
[13:23:03] <tumbleweed> (I mean schoenstatt)
[13:23:22] <nattie> but yeah, schoenstatt looked like it would be just slightly too small, also in terms of accommodation
[13:23:25] <indiebio> and I've heard that they're not too pleasant to work with. The accommodation and parking is also a huge issue... so I don't think that's an option
[13:23:56] <indiebio> well, if we're thinking wine farms and dedicated conference venues there's a huge range. I just feel it's a bit too posh and poncey. misses the vibe.
[13:24:18] <nattie> indiebio: but debconf is the poshest conference i know ;)
[13:24:25] <indiebio> by the way, bandwidth barn the not too pleasant. schoenstatt seemed very friendly
[13:24:30] <nattie> (shows what class of conference i go to...)
[13:24:47] <indiebio> posh as in huge intellectual credits and high morals etc etc etc, not fake tans and stuff
[13:24:49] * indiebio shudders
[13:25:02] <nattie> i was teasing, anyway
[13:25:06] <indiebio> :)
[13:25:35] <indiebio> I think the river club could be very interesting, actually
[13:25:43] <nattie> that's the golfy one?
[13:25:46] <indiebio> it's close to the blackriver park and the UCT Obs residences...
[13:26:01] <indiebio> very scenic, and close to the Fig restaurant, one of my favourite hangouts
[13:26:06] <indiebio> yes
[13:26:31] <indiebio> might need some graft for the breakways, but I think they're easy going. Think we need to definitely check them out
[13:26:52] <indiebio> what's the opinions on Chrysalis and AIMS?
[13:27:09] <indiebio> And apparently Mark's farm not to be considered as a conf venue, more as a day trip, correct?
[13:27:29] <nattie> debcamp-time outing, i suspect, much like the cheese monastery in BL
[13:27:34] <highvoltage> indiebio: AIMS is too small
[13:27:55] <indiebio> Spier, TechnoPark and Lord Charles, all rather suitable, but likely rather pricey...
[13:27:58] <indiebio> my opinion...
[13:28:08] <nattie> those are the hotel options?
[13:28:17] <indiebio> Sortof yes
[13:28:26] <nattie> can i make a quick interjection?
[13:28:27] <indiebio> They're close together if we want to site visit them all quickly.
[13:28:35] <indiebio> sure :)
[13:28:37] <nattie> how important is it to us to have the entirety of a venue?
[13:28:39] <tumbleweed> indiebio: what we remembered today is that muzineburg pavillion is just by AIMS
[13:28:48] <indiebio> oh ya!
[13:28:50] <tumbleweed> and pipedream had originally suggested having that as the plenary venue
[13:28:55] <nattie> should i save that interjection for later?
[13:29:15] <indiebio> well, I was there for TEDxAIMS and then for a boxing match... both were cool :)
[13:29:25] <indiebio> nono, what's the interjection?
[13:29:39] <nattie> that was it: how important is it for us to have a complete venue to ourselves?
[13:30:00] <tumbleweed> for a university, that can be impossible
[13:30:07] <nattie> well, *yeah*
[13:30:17] <nattie> i'm not *that* much of a megalomaniac
[13:30:17] <wendar> it wasn't disruptive to share the venue this year
[13:30:17] <indiebio> oh :) I don't think crucial, but we do need a *space* for ourselves.
[13:30:17] <tumbleweed> having debconf in the middle of PDX, and nicaragua, really wasn't an issue
[13:30:30] <wendar> I don't think we need to be exclusive
[13:30:55] <nattie> but a certain space to ourselves is important
[13:31:00] <nattie> in case of foot-nudists ;)
[13:31:15] <wendar> aye, and enough separation so as not to scare the locals
[13:31:37] <indiebio> hahaha, well, we'll fit right in in Muizenberg :P
[13:32:04] <indiebio> And my house is right ther, and *touch wood* will be completed by 2016 and have lots of space for people bunking down
[13:32:21] <nattie> debcamp at indiebio's house! ;)
[13:32:30] <indiebio> yeah!
[13:32:49] <indiebio> mmm, I *could* accommodate 300 at a stretch. The neighbours might complain
[13:32:59] * nattie bagsies the couch
[13:33:20] <nattie> some people are welcome to join me there, but i'm not saying who
[13:33:59] <nattie> oh, debcamp will only be about 50, so you'll be fine!
[13:34:09] <tumbleweed> drnlm is just giving us his verbal opinion on the somerset west hotels, and that he doesn't have high hopes for them
[13:34:14] <tumbleweed> (like the rest of us, it sounds)
[13:34:22] <nattie> tumbleweed: which ones are those?
[13:34:35] <tumbleweed> nattie: lord charles, technopark, etc
[13:34:44] * nattie apologises for being geographically disadvantages
[13:34:55] <nattie> so, lack of high hopes due to being too expensive etc?
[13:35:28] <indiebio> yah, not too be Cape Town biased, but I'm also not super hopeful
[13:35:46] <indiebio> Technopark may be interesting, Spier is for sure going to be pricey, they're in high demand. I think Lord Charles is too poncey
[13:36:03] <drnlm> Lord Charles is problematic because there isn't really alternative accomdation nearby, and we may be not be able to secure enough rooms, since I don't know how empty they are in the off season
[13:36:26] <indiebio> I don
[13:36:35] <indiebio> I don't think Stellies ever has an off season
[13:36:38] <drnlm> The Techno Park option could probably work, although I don't know that venue at all
[13:36:43] <nattie> so, worth a look but not top priority?
[13:36:56] <indiebio> they have a partnership with Protea hotels, but again, it seems to lock us to one venue
[13:38:40] <indiebio> In terms of keeping our options open, and a technopark is sortof in the right geek-space, yeah, perhaps
[13:38:49] <drnlm> Spier is likely to be too expensive, and as it's one of the better known places in the area, might be hard to get space for long enough
[13:39:11] <tumbleweed> I'm assuming it doesn't have enough nearby accom, too
[13:39:18] <drnlm> That is also true
[13:39:34] <nattie> is anyone keeping track?
[13:39:55] <drnlm> Hodgestar is updating the wiki page, I believe
[13:39:56] <tumbleweed> Hodgestar is busy setting up a vote for ranking venues
[13:40:07] <tumbleweed> crazy idea: city hall?
[13:40:08] <nattie> ooh, ok
[13:40:16] <nattie> tumbleweed: a la Banski Dvor?
[13:40:20] <tumbleweed> yeah
[13:40:22] <tumbleweed> it's very similar
[13:40:30] <nattie> crazy enough it could work. but where would we sleep?
[13:40:43] <tumbleweed> and has a bunch of big empty rooms on the top floor
[13:40:54] <indiebio> could do. I have an allergy to the city though...
[13:40:59] <tumbleweed> there are hotels around, but yeah, city centre
[13:41:09] <Hodgestar> Done updating wiki page for now. Creating poll ...
[13:41:13] <indiebio> TEDxCapeTown 2014 (which I was not involved in) was held at the city hall. I can ask my peeps the ins and outs
[13:41:16] <nattie> that would make it *very* townie
[13:41:33] <indiebio> there's hotels and backpackers scattered around town. But operative word being scattered
[13:41:42] <nattie> which actually i suspect people would like, because not everybody is a self-contained freak like me
[13:42:11] * nattie admits she has a fairly strong preference for the self-contained thing, but knows she's in the minority for this as a general rule
[13:42:18] <indiebio> I think town is dodge. I don't like it. Just my two cents
[13:42:27] <tumbleweed> yeah, security would be a nightmare
[13:42:38] <indiebio> I think in terms of townie, Breakwater is our best bet
[13:42:47] <tumbleweed> yep
[13:42:52] <nattie> Breakwater looked really nice from the website
[13:43:17] <indiebio> it IS, I really like conferences there. I just don't know the admin, but having ginggs as UCT staff helps lots
[13:43:31] <indiebio> they *might* be pricey
[13:43:44] <indiebio> it's an old prison, hehehe
[13:43:45] <nattie> hurrah for proxies
[13:43:48] <nattie> heh
[13:44:00] <nattie> you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!
[13:44:03] <wendar> yeah, they didn't have price lists for venue. lodging was in our price range
[13:44:08] <indiebio> yup...
[13:44:25] <indiebio> oh cool. I suspect if we get the right contacts we maaaayyyy be able to get at least some stuff for free
[13:44:37] <nattie> much batting of eyelashes?
[13:44:44] <indiebio> especially if we tag on a development project like I'm wont to do
[13:45:04] <indiebio> they're all about social entrepreneurship at the moment...
[13:45:20] <wendar> that's a good link with debian
[13:45:42] <wendar> maybe a theme for for Debian Day
[13:45:56] <indiebio> there's also backpackers and other stuff all round, very central, hippie side of town. Seriously, as much as I despise hipsters and poncey, that side is friggin beautiful
[13:46:10] <indiebio> yup, I'll harass you about that later :)
[13:46:24] <indiebio> not so much social entrepreneurship, but something along those lines. :D
[13:47:03] <indiebio> ok, so venue poll, hodgestar?
[13:47:01] <Hodgestar> Poll:
[13:47:07] <indiebio> too quick! :)
[13:47:12] <nattie> way ahead of ya! :)
[13:47:17] <wendar> he has a time machine ;)
[13:47:32] <nattie> does he also have a soda machine? that would be really useful
[13:47:33] <Hodgestar> Can everyone look at the poll and shout if they see any options missing or having any questions?
[13:47:40] <indiebio> so is this poll for doing now in terms of preference for site vists, or what?
[13:47:40] <Hodgestar> s/having/have/
[13:48:00] <indiebio> oooh, I need a soda machine. bubbles....
[13:48:02] <tumbleweed> indiebio: yes
[13:48:07] <indiebio> cool, thanks
[13:48:10] <Hodgestar> If people like it, maybe we can vote quickly and get a rough ranking of "importance of visiting venue"?
[13:48:19] <Hodgestar> indiebio: Yep.
[13:48:44] <wendar> yeah, visit the top 4-6 (something like that, depending on time)
[13:48:47] <indiebio> I wanna go to tokia. Like Tokyo with Nokia. Or something :P
[13:49:21] * nattie just read that as "Little Tokyo with Nokia" and started craving japanese food
[13:49:30] <nattie> dammit, Bernelle!
[13:49:36] <indiebio> hahaha
[13:49:44] <nattie> *g*
[13:49:58] <indiebio> I've got strawberries and cream in the fridge, ready for a backyard picnic. Y'all better finish up soon...
[13:50:12] <nattie> yeah, my lift to rehearsal will be here in less than 2 hours
[13:50:49] * tumbleweed has voted
[13:51:17] <nattie> did we discuss the science centre? it looked too small, i think
[13:51:43] * indiebio is done
[13:51:49] <wendar> yeah, venue was too small
[13:51:53] <indiebio> No response yet from sciencentre
[13:52:10] * madduck waves vaguely from playground
[13:52:30] <indiebio> I suspect they may be too small. I was wondering if we could do debian day there? but they also have a mobile unit which is EPIC
[13:53:18] <nattie> madduck: we'll inform you when we have something more concrete. go watch your daughter play.
[13:53:38] <indiebio> is there conference stuffs at Belmont square, Rondebosch?
[13:53:44] <tumbleweed> indiebio: I think we want to stay in the same venue, if we possible can
[13:53:57] <tumbleweed> spreading out too much makes network and video coverage reaaaaly hard
[13:53:58] <indiebio> cool, mobile unit it is :)
[13:54:10] <madduck> alioth approvals made
[13:54:12] <tumbleweed> indiebio: we had 2013 there
[13:54:15] <indiebio> thanks :)
[13:54:25] <tumbleweed> indiebio: so, Hodgestar knows them
[13:54:30] <drnlm> belmont square is quite a nice conference venue - the issue is nearby accomodation
[13:54:43] <nattie> belmont square is a new introduction?
[13:54:45] <indiebio> oh ya, I remember now. mmm. naaaah
[13:54:53] <nattie> (i don't remember sticking it on the thing)
[13:54:53] <indiebio> IT's so ... suburban
[13:55:05] <nattie> what's wrong with suburban?
[13:55:13] <indiebio> vomiy
[13:55:15] <indiebio> vomit
[13:55:17] <nattie> in practical terms, i mean
[13:55:21] <indiebio> yuck
[13:55:31] <indiebio> we have *clears throat*
[13:55:33] <indiebio> the mountain
[13:55:34] <indiebio> the sea
[13:55:38] <indiebio> all sorts of other stuff.
[13:55:42] <indiebio> and you want to go
[13:55:44] <indiebio> vomits again
[13:55:47] <indiebio> suburban???
[13:56:02] <nattie> i didn't say i *wanted* to go, i just wanted to know if there was something wrong with it apart from the vibe
[13:56:08] <indiebio> it's great for, like, medical rep conferences
[13:56:17] * Hodgestar votes.
[13:56:18] <indiebio> well. grunt.
[13:56:30] <tumbleweed> up to 7 votes \o/
[13:56:33] <wendar> the sizes are right (belmont park), so it's worth listing prices
[13:56:51] <nattie> is it easy enough to get away from?
[13:56:53] <indiebio> sigh. fine. I'll contact them. tumbleweed, please action it on tibit
[13:57:07] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed (sorta) indiebio will prod belmont square
[13:57:07] <tibid> Agreed: (sorta) indiebio will prod belmont square
[13:57:23] <indiebio> it's in the middle of the rondebosch mob. sure, you can get away from it. but why. whyyyyyy
[13:57:41] <nattie> ooh, it has a dance floor
[13:56:54] <Hodgestar> indiebio: (PyConZA 2013 was there)
[13:57:51] <indiebio> really.
[13:58:06] <wendar> our first barrier of proof is that Cape Town is a good city, with good options for venue (more than one)
[13:58:14] <nattie> i'm being mildly factiously frivolous
[13:58:16] <wendar> then we pick the best one :)
[13:58:27] <nattie> facetiously
[13:58:43] <indiebio> you're totally being factually frivolous
[13:59:02] <nattie> fractiously frivolous!
[13:59:08] <indiebio> sigh. my life will suffer for it if we do a conference in the rondebosch mud. just saying.
[13:59:14] <wendar> :)
[13:59:20] <indiebio> fractally frivolous
[13:59:56] <nattie> anyway.
[14:00:25] <tumbleweed> indiebio: we can do better, yes :)
[14:00:48] <nattie> but we may as well get a quotation for completeness of coverage
[14:01:06] <nattie> i think the obvious favourite is breakwater, but if they're unavailable/too expensive/whatever, then we might as well have some other options
[14:01:08] <indiebio> I will do so. I don't have to like it. :)
[14:01:11] <nattie> :)
[14:01:19] <indiebio> the river club and AIMS are both growing on me.
[14:01:41] <indiebio> We might need to take a bit more time for AIMS. It might not be all at the same venue, but everything there is pretty much walking distance
[14:01:43] <Hodgestar> indiebio: Belmont Square is really a surprisingly nice venue. :)
[14:02:04] <indiebio> it's nice, and then you walk outside and the bloody averageness of it all hits you
[14:02:23] <indiebio> and then, oh, and then you have to deal with those uppity ladies in the shopping places, the restaurants!
[14:02:25] <indiebio> vomits again
[14:02:31] <indiebio> I'm scarred for life
[14:03:02] <nattie> so it's a second- or third-string backup venue
[14:03:33] <wendar> looks like breakwater, main UCT, and Cape Town Stadium are definite visits
[14:03:39] <wendar> (and close together)
[14:04:49] <indiebio> main UCT and the river club are closer together. Do we have the results of the poll yet? We can then make a roadmap of sorts :)
[14:04:56] <indiebio> where is praekelt for lunch?
[14:05:02] <indiebio> :)
[14:05:05] <wendar> yeah, I'm looking at poll results
[14:05:07] <wendar>
[14:05:21] <nattie> oh, we're doing site visits as a whole group, rather than dividing venues up? cool
[14:05:35] <wendar> "Instant Runoff Normalized Ratings" seem to be most useful
[14:05:34] <highvoltage> hmm @
[14:05:47] <wendar> nattie: yes, it'll be better to go together and compare notes
[14:05:54] <nattie> wendar: absolutely
[14:06:49] <nattie> what's a double u shape in terms of seating? is that two rows of u-shape, or what?
[14:08:08] <indiebio> no idea...
[14:08:13] <Hodgestar> indiebio: Lol. :P
[14:08:28] <indiebio> what? why you lollinh?
[14:08:45] <nattie> maybe you just give him the giggles?
[14:09:00] <indiebio> it would be good to go all together, to hear and discuss the issues, and then if others come up I don't mind going to check it out based on what I've heard you all say
[14:09:04] <Hodgestar> indiebio: Are your description of Rondebosch. :)
[14:09:07] <Hodgestar> s/Are/At/
[14:09:23] <indiebio> lol, it's true though
[14:09:27] <nattie> oh, yeah, if someone can keep me in the loop via sms that would be grand...
[14:09:44] <nattie> since i don't have a teleporter
[14:10:09] <indiebio> and, for what it's worth. ATKV gives me the heebyjeebies. My brother won a 'young buffalo' award at one of them once. *shudders* they would have patricia lewis as entertainment acts. you know the type
[14:10:22] <nattie> ?
[14:10:29] <indiebio> we'll have an irc running, surely?
[14:10:35] <Hodgestar> indiebio: Cape Town Praekelt office is in Woodstock, just below the Upper Eastside hotel.
[14:10:51] <indiebio> think, overweight, white trash. But I fear I'm heading into very un-PC territory here
[14:10:57] <nattie> indiebio: yeah, but i'm not about on monday afternoons but happy to be disturbed by text messages
[14:11:34] <indiebio> cool. So we can do Breakwater, CT Stadium, and then head through to the river club and depending on how we're doing for time, UCT or lunch.
[14:12:02] <indiebio> hmmm a tibit meeting as we go? then it all gets recorded
[14:12:27] <highvoltage> indiebio: heh, it's been 20 years since I've been there, but I totally understand thate heebyjeebies
[14:12:28] <indiebio> then AIMS and if we have time head through to Stellies on Baden Powell drive, it's sooo pretty :)
[14:12:33] <wendar> indiebio: sounds like a good plan for Monday
[14:13:11] <wendar> after lunch we can do whatever Cape Town locations we didn't manage before lunch
[14:13:37] <indiebio> we just need to finish the towney spots before traffic hits.
[14:13:55] <Hodgestar> I'm going to order the possible venues on the wiki page according to the normalized runoff ranking.
[14:14:01] <tumbleweed> indiebio: praekelt invited us for lunch on monday
[14:14:06] <Hodgestar> (unless there are objections)
[14:14:14] <nattie> tumbleweed: she mentioned that
[14:14:15] <indiebio> cool, thanks. That page needs a firm hand :)
[14:14:35] <tumbleweed> nattie: yeah, I'm skimming too much
[14:14:44] <Hodgestar> If someone can let me know how many of us are pitching up for lunch at Praekelt, I'll email someone and ask them to bump the catering numbers accordingly.
[14:14:52] <tumbleweed> o/
[14:14:58] <indiebio> o/
[14:15:22] <wendar> o/
[14:16:59] <tumbleweed> ok, and sounds like it's likely to me just indiebio, wendar, and me looking at venues
[14:17:17] <indiebio> ginggs is writing exams, so he can't come, sadly
[14:17:24] <highvoltage> (possibly me too if I can get off from work)
[14:18:04] <nattie> "Dear Boss, please exuse Jonathan from work today, he has to look at conference venues. If this works, his life will be eaten up for the next two years. Best regards, Auntie Nattie"
[14:18:18] <tumbleweed> "also can haz sponsorship?"
[14:19:00] <indiebio> So logistics, meet at Breakwater at 9:00, or what?
[14:19:15] <indiebio> oh, is this Monday or Tuesday?
[14:19:19] <nattie> monday, i think
[14:19:23] <wendar> Monday for cape town
[14:19:28] <highvoltage> nattie: heh, they won't have trouble with the 'two years' part, I'm leaving them the end of the month to make more time for my side-projects / hobbies that already require the amount of time of two full time jobs :)
[14:19:29] <wendar> tuesday for more remote options
[14:19:41] <indiebio> tumbleweed, please action tibit the arrangements?
[14:19:42] <nattie> highvoltage: well, i've written you a note then :)
[14:19:52] <tumbleweed> breakwater at 9 from southern suburbs, will probably suck, traffic wise
[14:19:59] <wendar> I'm coming from woodstock
[14:20:15] <nattie> is 9:30 better? will it have cleared by then? 10?
[14:20:16] <tumbleweed> or has traffic died by then?
[14:21:07] <indiebio> Ihmm. Should we maybe then start in woodstock/rondebosch and work into town? If we start too late we're going to struggle fitting it all in
[14:21:21] <indiebio> regardless of traffic, what's the earliest peeps can do comfortably?
[14:21:28] <Hodgestar> Lunch numbers incremented by 3.
[14:21:46] <indiebio> or even start at AIMS, Muizenberg?
[14:22:09] <tumbleweed> indiebio: I can do 9am
[14:22:30] <wendar> 9am works for me
[14:22:51] <wendar> (we're checking on cars, just a second)
[14:23:21] <indiebio> I've got a bakkie, so not very conducive to lift sharing, sorry
[14:23:34] <wendar> I've got a rental, should be reasonable for 3
[14:23:47] <wendar> we're just checking whether I need to pick tumbleweed up in the am
[14:23:48] <tumbleweed> I haven't got confirmation that I've got a car, but almost certain I do
[14:23:55] <tumbleweed> and I'm probably the furthest out
[14:24:15] <indiebio> where are you, tumbleweed?
[14:24:21] <tumbleweed> constantia
[14:24:37] <tumbleweed> and it'll be a car that can comfortably seat 4
[14:24:53] <nattie> tumbleweed taxi service it is, then?
[14:26:14] <indiebio> 'K peeps, my strawberries are calling, we can sort out the logistics post-meeting, yes? What else needs to be discussed?
[14:26:26] <wendar> all we need is the meeting spot for Monday morning
[14:26:28] <tumbleweed> yeah, I think we've had about enough meeting
[14:26:35] <wendar> someplace with parking, so we can leave extra cars
[14:26:47] <indiebio> The river club in Obs?
[14:27:02] <nattie> they do have breakfast there
[14:27:06] <indiebio> UCT Rondebosch is NOT a good place, parking is a premuim
[14:27:21] <tumbleweed> indiebio: maybe by wendar's hotel / praekelt (which are practically next door)
[14:27:36] <highvoltage> +1
[14:27:38] <tumbleweed> that is street parking, though
[14:27:51] <tumbleweed> ah, they have a parking lot (they = praekelt)
[14:27:59] <nattie> think they'll mind?
[14:28:08] <tumbleweed> nattie: half of praekelt is here :)
[14:28:14] <highvoltage> parking spaces 27 to 38 are ok
[14:28:21] <highvoltage> (it belongs to praekelt)
[14:28:26] <indiebio> sweet
[14:28:33] <tumbleweed> ok
[14:28:40] <tumbleweed> we have an ordered list
[14:28:42] <tumbleweed> a meeting plan
[14:28:44] <highvoltage> the gate to the parking should be open, if it's not, sms/call/whatsapp me on +27730570742 and I'll open it
[14:28:46] <tumbleweed> anything else?
[14:29:01] <indiebio> tumbleweed, can you tibit these for posterity though? the ordered list, in particular.
[14:29:22] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed venue priority list:
[14:29:22] <tibid> Agreed: venue priority list:
[14:29:40] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed meet at 9am at praekelt on monday
[14:29:40] <tibid> Agreed: meet at 9am at praekelt on monday
[14:30:24] <tumbleweed> tibid: end meeting