Meeting about DebConf 16 Cape Town planning

Convened at 2014-11-19 19:32:57.614898 by tumbleweed in #debconf16-capetown on oftc


[19:32:57] STARTED (tumbleweed)
[19:55:40] AGREED: ginggs to inquire about connectivity (nattie)
[20:02:05] AGREED: indiebio to contact accommodation people about accessibility again (nattie)
[20:29:18] ENDED (tumbleweed)


Raw Log

[19:32:57] <tumbleweed> tibid: start meeting about DebConf 16 Cape Town planning
[19:32:57] * tibid gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[19:33:15] <superfly> tibid: I am Raoul Snyman
[19:33:15] <tibid> superfly: Done
[19:33:21] <superfly> ooo, it works!
[19:33:26] <tumbleweed> tibid: I am Stefano Rivera
[19:33:26] <tibid> tumbleweed: Righto
[19:33:36] <nattie> tibid: i am Nattie Mayer-Hutchings
[19:33:36] <tibid> nattie: Yessir
[19:33:42] <tumbleweed> (for people who haven't seen that before, it'll include real names in the minutes, as well as allow everyone to introduce themselves)
[19:33:43] <nkukard> tibid: I am Nigel Kukard
[19:33:43] <tibid> nkukard: Alrighty
[19:33:44] <nattie> oi! i iz a girl
[19:33:50] <nkukard> would so much like to say "Your mom" but yea
[19:34:15] <tumbleweed> err agenda
[19:34:14] <tumbleweed> so, minutes:
[19:34:47] <tumbleweed> I've done approximately nothing in the last week, but indiebio and ginggs have been a little more active, I think?
[19:34:57] <indiebio> there's soooo much space for fooling around with that introducing thing.
[19:35:12] <indiebio> yeah, I'm still busy with the report, I've lost Clare's prices.
[19:35:27] <superfly> :-(\
[19:35:30] <indiebio> I mean, the agenda, but it's starting to look like a report
[19:36:28] <indiebio> wendar, do you have clare bock, apetite catering's prices in shorthand nearby please?
[19:39:02] <indiebio> argh. I know we're all open source and all, but libre office sucks. my humble opinion.
[19:40:17] <indiebio> helloooo?
[19:40:19] <tumbleweed> as do all other office suites I've ever gone near
[19:40:25] <indiebio> true
[19:40:35] <indiebio> but I can't open clare's quote.
[19:41:37] <indiebio> how do you force quit something in ubuntu?
[19:42:16] <tumbleweed> killall soffice.bin
[19:42:51] <indiebio> thanks
[19:45:05] <ginggs> shall i report back so long?
[19:45:07] <superfly> oh yeah, office suites suck
[19:46:18] <indiebio> please do ginggs, I'm almost up to speed :)
[19:46:46] <ginggs> tibid: i am Graham Inggs
[19:46:46] <tibid> ginggs: Alrighty
[19:47:30] <ginggs> ok, we have received the signed applications back from the DVC's office
[19:47:53] <tumbleweed> nice
[19:48:02] <ginggs> provisional booking for the venues for 2016 only opens around march 2015
[19:48:27] <tumbleweed> ok, we should note that in the bid
[19:49:33] <ginggs> i have been in contact with three of the film caterers and exhanged a few emails answering questions, but no actual pricing received yet
[19:49:33] <indiebio> and we navigated the black hole of finding someone who actually responds in the venues@uct realm!!
[19:49:34] <nattie> i think that's shortly after the decision meeting
[19:50:14] <ginggs> i think that was all from me
[19:50:14] <tumbleweed> do we need to decide which areas we want floor plans of?
[19:50:30] <indiebio> ok, my agenda/report for catering is as far as it's going to get.
[19:50:56] <indiebio> well, tumbleweed, are we still considering Leslie Social or kramer for the entire conference?
[19:51:09] <indiebio> If I ask for one building only we can probably get more detail.
[19:51:26] <indiebio> wendar probably can also give advice here
[19:51:29] <tumbleweed> that's a good question
[19:52:11] <tumbleweed> kramer is closer to main road
[19:52:28] <tumbleweed> leslie has big venues
[19:52:40] <tumbleweed> but I do like the feel of chem eng (and the pull we have, there)
[19:52:57] <tumbleweed> I think they're all perfectly viable
[19:53:27] <indiebio> My preference is 1. Engineering, 2. Kramer, 3. Leslie
[19:53:42] <ginggs> tumbleweed: any idea of the connectivity in kramer?
[19:53:47] <indiebio> But I think I'll ask for basic sizes, and location of plugs
[19:53:58] <tumbleweed> ginggs: well, it wouldn't be any worse than anywhere else, right?
[19:54:15] <tumbleweed> all these buildings have fibre
[19:54:17] <indiebio> no idea, but guess it's the same campus wide. ginggs, does engineering have anything special that the rest of campus wont have?
[19:54:43] <ginggs> i think upper campus is all the same, i have no idea about middle campus
[19:55:01] <ginggs> but i can find out
[19:55:28] <ginggs> tumbleweed: please make your bot note that
[19:55:40] <tumbleweed> ginggs: can you remember teh URL of the site with uct network layout?
[19:55:40] <nattie> tibid: agreed ginggs to inquire about connectivity
[19:55:40] <tibid> Agreed: ginggs to inquire about connectivity
[19:56:01] <nattie> oops, i should have added "on middle campus"
[19:56:57] <wendar> (sorry, distracted) indiebio: I added apetite to the spreadsheet
[19:57:27] <indiebio> thanks :) I finally found it and managed to open it, eventually. I put all the stuff on the agenda page too
[19:57:29] <wendar> and, agreed on preference for Engineering
[19:57:08] <tumbleweed> ?
[19:57:46] <wendar> We may want one room from other building for opening and closing keynotes
[19:57:52] <indiebio> wendar, how strong is that preference, should we even still investigate others?
[19:57:52] <wendar> but, I think not for the whole event
[19:58:05] <indiebio> I will definitely book Leslie Social 2A for the plenaries.
[19:58:06] <nattie> what would we do for accommodation? halls?
[19:58:23] <nattie> is the break long enough for that?
[19:58:27] <tumbleweed> for the video team, moving between venues is horrible esp, between buildings
[19:58:30] <indiebio> Accommodation I have not had any replies, will be looing at Fuller Hall. It's within walking distance,
[19:58:31] <nattie> (sorry for daftish questions)
[19:58:50] <tumbleweed> nattie: that's the plan,yes
[19:59:00] <nattie> tumbleweed: ok :)
[19:59:01] <wendar> indiebio: Snape LT! or Menzies 9 or 10 were also options for plenaries on smaller attendence
[19:59:07] <wendar> er, LT1
[19:59:11] <indiebio> BUT ginggs and I couldn;t quite figure out how a wheelchair will make it up without very fit uphill and long winding roads
[19:59:23] <indiebio> yes, I'll book those anyways too.
[19:59:26] <tumbleweed> nattie:
[19:59:32] <wendar> moving between venues is horrible, yes, but it would only be for 2 half-days
[20:00:02] <indiebio> The way I see it, I expect tehse venues to be free (I asked but that question went unanswered, and I expect UCT to back this which would add support), and it will be holidays, so these won't be used either way.
[20:00:05] <wendar> indiebio: would a small campus cart be an option for wheelchair transport?
[20:00:10] <nattie> indiebio: the two main wheelchair users i can think of who might attend - one's actually very fit apart from the whole not-walking thing, and the other has a very snazzy powered chair
[20:00:13] <wendar> (just a couple of trips?)
[20:00:28] <nattie> wendar: like an airport cart thingie?
[20:00:33] - superfly_ online
[20:00:39] <tumbleweed> wendar: they exist (wheelchair transport)
[20:00:41] <indiebio> wendar, Jammie shuttles have a wheelchair dedicated mini-bus, that we could rent, yes.
[20:00:45] <wendar> nattie: yah, sort of grounds-keeper carts
[20:00:50] <wendar> or the bus, yeah
[20:01:10] <indiebio> I see it at the station, there's a blind academic that uses it too.
[20:01:45] <indiebio> can you please note that I should bug the accommodation people again? I think they were busy with people vacating last time
[20:01:55] <wendar> we'll likely be arranging Jammie shuttles or similar for evening dinner outings, so we can ask about it at the same time
[20:02:05] <nattie> tibid: agreed indiebio to contact accommodation people about accessibility again
[20:02:05] <tibid> Agreed: indiebio to contact accommodation people about accessibility again
[20:02:54] <indiebio> wendar, we can ask about Jammies now, but I'm a bit worried they might not exist in 2016 or something. They've been rather tumultous financially, I think,
[20:02:57] <tumbleweed> indiebio: thanks so much for all this running around. I'm feeling rather guilty now :)
[20:03:25] <tumbleweed> we should probably find out about jammies either way, and a private transport company, too
[20:03:50] <indiebio> it's a great procrastination tool :)
[20:03:55] <indiebio> and only a few emails, not a big deal
[20:04:25] <indiebio> ok, I can do Jammie, but I think someone else must volunteer for the private transport quotes
[20:04:39] <nattie> perhaps superfly?
[20:04:47] <nattie> or nkukard?
[20:05:37] <nkukard> not something I have any expertise in at all :(
[20:05:43] <indiebio> oh ya, nattie, thanks for reminding. if we use UCT Upper and their accommodation, the dates are likely to be 6 - 16 July.
[20:06:38] <tumbleweed> ginggs: - Kramer houses one of the distribution switches
[20:06:51] <tumbleweed> so it is as well connected as Leslie
[20:07:48] <superfly_> I'm sorry, I don't have the time :-( I'm just a fly on the wall
[20:07:56] <indiebio> nkukard, doubt anybody has, we just need a bit of grafting
[20:08:16] <nattie> nkukard: i can help you formulate an inquiry mail if you like
[20:08:22] <tumbleweed> I don't think the private transport thing is urgent. I don't expect transport to be a huge expense
[20:08:29] <tumbleweed> but it'd be useful
[20:08:53] <superfly_> I imagine a lot of people would probably want to try their luck with our minibus taxis :-P
[20:09:51] <nkukard> indiebio, if my PA didn't quit cause she got cancer it would of been no problem at all :) , I fly out next week around europe giving advanced cloud infrastructure seminars and lectures :(, after that mid dec I"m 100% available
[20:10:10] <wendar> I wonder if we could arrange an Uber discount for the week? They are all Ubuntu-based.
[20:10:25] <nkukard> nattie, indiebio , mid Dec I'm all yours :)
[20:10:34] <indiebio> probably, Uber was sponsoring some TEDx events
[20:10:47] <tumbleweed> ok, so what else do we need to cover?
[20:10:50] <indiebio> they're also a bit controversial... but probably less so in SA
[20:10:56] <tumbleweed> yeah
[20:11:05] <tumbleweed> indiebio: you mentioned a 10% breakwater discount? Is that all they had to offer?
[20:11:12] <indiebio> Breakwater - is 10% discount enough, wendar?
[20:11:23] <indiebio> It looks like it. business types. ptsh.
[20:11:24] <tumbleweed> I don't think that makes any difference to us
[20:11:42] <indiebio> yeah, that's what I thought, that and the small restaurant killed breakwater for me. :/
[20:11:44] <wendar> indiebio: the room prices for non-university were nearly double the university rate
[20:11:58] <wendar> so, 10% is something, but not enough to put it in our range
[20:12:02] <indiebio> 'K, so scratch that then
[20:12:14] <wendar> so, I guess we go with the bid as UCT Main, with a backup of...
[20:12:21] <wendar> hmmm... TechnoPark?
[20:12:45] <wendar> this may simplify the bid drafting
[20:13:04] <nattie> if TechnoPark, then back to August?
[20:13:34] <tumbleweed> technopark is approaching R1m, without accom
[20:13:54] <tumbleweed> it's not cheap, but probably within range?
[20:14:02] <nattie> egads. i've never budgeted a million of anything for anything
[20:14:13] <indiebio> and river club?
[20:14:31] <nattie> indiebio: you just want to play golf ;-)
[20:14:47] <tumbleweed> indiebio: we don't have any kind of accom prices for that
[20:14:59] <tumbleweed> but I assume they'll be similarish?
[20:15:08] <indiebio> nope, their pub was just very inviting. and it's pretty and near water
[20:15:18] <tumbleweed> (rather black water)
[20:15:19] <nattie> but aren't they rebranding shortly?
[20:15:31] <wendar> indiebio: we could plan a pub night at river club :)
[20:15:34] <indiebio> hmmm, we could try uct acc? or is that putting all eggs in one basket?
[20:15:46] <indiebio> with regards to the bid it's flying blind what with all the renovations...
[20:16:19] <tumbleweed> I think I'm ok with technopark as a backup, with the understanding that that means significantly less money for travel sponsorship
[20:16:26] <wendar> nod
[20:16:34] <tumbleweed> it's a safer backup bet than river club, because there are less unknowns
[20:16:39] <nattie> *nods*
[20:16:50] <nattie> though people might throw a strop at reduced travel sponsorship
[20:17:07] <nattie> but it's only a backup venue, anyway
[20:17:11] <indiebio> agreeed
[20:17:14] <indiebio> eeee
[20:17:16] <indiebio> :)
[20:17:21] <tumbleweed> yeah, we could always fundrais extra-hard to make up :P
[20:17:29] <nattie> we could have a bake sale :)
[20:17:34] <nattie> anyone good at cakes here?
[20:17:40] <indiebio> not me.
[20:18:11] <tumbleweed> OK. Anything else we need to talk about?
[20:18:17] <tumbleweed> my stomach wants to discuss lunch
[20:18:33] <indiebio> well, yes, catering.
[20:18:34] <tumbleweed> (away from here)
[20:18:40] <indiebio> I put the numbers on the agenda.
[20:19:14] <indiebio> I contacted some hotel schools, only TTBISA came back (well, one or two others came back with no)
[20:19:16] <tumbleweed> those numbers look fine. They are restuarant-level prices, so I'd like to think we could get cheaper. But we can budget with this
[20:19:20] <indiebio> They sound really enthusiastic
[20:19:30] <tumbleweed> that's nice
[20:19:49] <indiebio> Yeah. Clare Bock also emailed again today to check back, she sounds very very professional.
[20:20:05] <tumbleweed> I don't have experience with this. Are restuarant-level prices what we should expect from large scale catering like this?
[20:20:06] <indiebio> I told her about the bid, but also said I'll keep her updated. Any comments to relay to her?
[20:20:52] <madduck> hello, i am sorry i missed the meeting
[20:20:57] <indiebio> I have NO idea. I don't even know who to ask. But can give it a think. For now we have quotes for the bid...
[20:20:58] <tumbleweed> not entirely
[20:20:59] <wendar> her numbers looked good, and flexibility for alternate diets looked good too
[20:21:04] <indiebio> hi madduck!
[20:21:15] <madduck> i am in instanbul and while I thought I could be back at the hotel in time, traffic here is of another dimension.
[20:21:23] <tumbleweed> :)
[20:21:23] <indiebio> I'm curious to see what the movie caterers quote
[20:21:35] <nattie> madduck: it's fine. you can catch up later. we're just on catering now.
[20:21:46] * tumbleweed could also contact our old office lunch caterers. They used to be really cheap
[20:22:02] <tumbleweed> (R40 for lunch, IIRC)
[20:22:19] <indiebio> this is also Cape Town. I am not enthusiastic on getting bargain prices... back on that old horse. but the movie caterers might do something different?
[20:22:19] <tumbleweed> but this would be a big scale for them
[20:22:37] <indiebio> anyways, we can refine that in due time.
[20:22:41] <ginggs> Food Lab said they had a range of options
[20:22:48] <tumbleweed> yeah, there's a long time to nail all of this down
[20:22:52] <tumbleweed> we just need a budget for the bid
[20:23:23] <ginggs> so it can be tailored to the budget, i asked them just to quote on the middle of the road
[20:23:34] <tumbleweed> ginggs: sounds good
[20:23:59] <ginggs> they said they had recently catered for Navy Week, and would base our quote on that
[20:24:10] <madduck> yeah, flexibility will be good, what sort of advance notice do they need?
[20:25:31] <ginggs> madduck: i have no idea
[20:25:47] <tumbleweed> OK, we're at 55 mins. Any other business?
[20:25:55] <indiebio> not from me
[20:26:02] <madduck> ginggs: this is something to check so we know it early and might be able to negotiate as well.
[20:26:20] <madduck> i.e. in heidelberg, we have *rough* numbers 4 weeks ahead, final numbers one week notice
[20:26:33] <madduck> which is rather long but I bit into a rock trying to get shorter times
[20:27:39] <tumbleweed> after the reconfirmation, I don't know how much more detail we have on attendee numbers. Do people e-mail saying they aren't coming?
[20:27:52] <wendar> rarely
[20:28:40] <wendar> in Portland, we told the caterers to anticipate roughly 80% of confirmed attendees would actually eat
[20:28:40] <tumbleweed> ok, I want to call this, and go get lunch
[20:28:53] <tumbleweed> and that turned out to be pretty accurat, IIRC
[20:29:00] <wendar> it did, yes
[20:29:15] <wendar> lunch sounds good
[20:29:16] <wendar> thanks!
[20:29:18] <tumbleweed> tibid: end meeting