Meeting about DebConf 16 Cape Town bid

Convened at 2014-11-26 19:45:43.974548 by tumbleweed in #debconf16-capetown on oftc


[19:45:43] STARTED (tumbleweed)
[20:21:27] ENDED (tumbleweed)


Raw Log

[19:45:43] <tumbleweed> tibid: start meeting about DebConf 16 Cape Town bid
[19:45:43] * tibid gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[19:46:25] <tumbleweed> so, we have less than a week to submit the bid
[19:46:39] <superfly> tibid: I'm Raoul Snyman
[19:46:39] <tibid> superfly: Sorry...
[19:46:49] <superfly> tibid: I am Raoul Snyman
[19:46:49] <tibid> superfly: Righto
[19:46:50] <tumbleweed> tibid: I'm Stefano Rivera
[19:46:50] <tibid> tumbleweed: Sorry...
[19:46:54] <tumbleweed> tibid: I am Stefano Rivera
[19:46:54] <tibid> tumbleweed: Righto
[19:47:00] <tumbleweed> that'll teach me to copy people
[19:47:04] <superfly> hehehe
[19:47:19] <madduck> how formal
[19:47:25] <madduck> tibid: I am Martin Krafft
[19:47:25] <tibid> madduck: Righto
[19:47:38] <hvhaugwitz> tibid: I'm Hannes von Haugwitz
[19:47:38] <tibid> hvhaugwitz: What?
[19:47:46] <hvhaugwitz> ?
[19:47:47] <ginggs> I am Graham Inggs
[19:48:05] <tumbleweed> ginggs: address the bot
[19:48:13] <tumbleweed> hvhaugwitz: syntax: "I am ..."
[19:48:26] <hvhaugwitz> tibid: I am Hannes von Haugwitz
[19:48:26] <tibid> hvhaugwitz: Okay
[19:48:33] <ginggs> tibid: I am Graham Inggs
[19:48:33] <tibid> ginggs: Righto
[19:50:12] <superfly> Daddy duty calls, be back in a bit
[19:50:31] <tumbleweed> ok
[19:50:42] <tumbleweed> is there anything new from the last week?
[19:50:46] <tumbleweed> I've been as lazy as ever :/
[19:51:10] <tumbleweed> but there's a thanksgiving long weekend coming up, so I guess I'll be making up for that :)
[19:51:23] <indiebio> I did nothing this week, had some rather big meetings, but they're done now, so I should get some stuff done tomorrow
[19:52:10] <indiebio> all to report back is that Breakwater came back and is wiling to negotiate, but I haven't had a reply to our response to cut their prices in half...
[19:52:38] <ginggs> Last week tumbleweed found the network diagrams for middle campus (Kramer) and it is as well connected as any building in upper campus
[19:53:38] <tumbleweed> any idea about adding ourselves as an eduroam realm?
[19:53:08] <ginggs> I've found out that it has full Eduroam (wifi) coverage as well ( )
[19:54:42] <ginggs> tumbleweed: no idea. I thought we could just get temporary user accounts for each delegate (T numbers)
[19:54:49] <tumbleweed> ginggs: o_O looks like icts' website articles are stored in LDAP. Mind blown. from
[19:53:54] <ginggs> For reference, wireless coverage maps for the entire campus:
[19:55:26] <tumbleweed> those wireless maps double as floor plans. nice
[19:55:28] <tumbleweed> (if ugly ones)
[19:55:34] <indiebio> oooh, nice
[19:55:50] <indiebio> what do you mean, ugly?? they just need a scale
[19:56:01] <tumbleweed> no scale, low res
[19:56:02] * superfly is back
[19:56:40] <indiebio> I can just ask where they come from and if we can get the higher-res,
[19:57:25] <tumbleweed> I'm sure P&S has plans for all buildings
[19:57:43] <tumbleweed> but they may not want to share them
[19:57:57] <indiebio> yeah, but responding to emails seems a bit tricky for them.
[19:58:30] <tumbleweed> ok back to our non-existent agenda
[19:58:38] <tumbleweed> indiebio: any idea how much breakwater would negotiate?
[19:58:40] <ginggs> Still no firm quotations from any of the film caterers, even after I received a call back from Byron @ She-Sha yesterday :( Hopefully we get at least one before the deadline to get some idea of pricing. I'll chase them up again.
[19:58:47] <tumbleweed> indiebio: would it be enough for us to seriously consider them?
[19:58:55] <superfly> tumbleweed: I don't think the articles are stored in LDAP, it's probably just the site that uses LDAP for auth&auth
[19:59:15] <tumbleweed> superfly: that sounds more likely
[20:00:05] <indiebio> tumbleweed: I don't know. I also suspect, from a TEDx event that was held there, they're not entirely good on their word, but I guess we will have more clout than a 'for-free' student driven event?
[20:00:30] <tumbleweed> indiebio: hard to say, TEDx has a far stronger brand than Debian
[20:00:41] <indiebio> I do think the response was good enough to list as an option, even a distant one?
[20:01:29] <tumbleweed> that sounds sane. We bid with what we have. We don't have to have a locked-down venue
[20:01:32] <indiebio> but they didn't pay anything to GSB, I think. anyways.
[20:03:34] <highvoltage> o/
[20:04:04] <tumbleweed> indiebio: you had an action to contact accom people about accessibility? any joy?
[20:04:47] <indiebio> did nothing, really, sorry. made a note to do so tomorrow.
[20:04:58] <tumbleweed> np
[20:05:13] <tumbleweed> anything else we need to discuss?
[20:05:27] <tumbleweed> I guess how we get from here to a bid, in a few days
[20:05:46] <madduck> yay! bid!
[20:06:13] <tumbleweed> I'd strongly encourage everyone to hang out here when you can, and make a noise. We need to get this rolling, somehow, and maintain the momentum
[20:06:43] <tumbleweed> I should have some time this afternoon, to start working at it
[20:06:59] <madduck> you could subscribe the mailing list to the wiki diff bot
[20:07:10] <tumbleweed> that sounds like a good idea
[20:07:23] <highvoltage> I wouldn't even know where to start to be honest. would it be useful to maintain some kind of todo list / tracker?
[20:07:29] <indiebio> I got the idea we just put the bid page onto the official bid page or something like that
[20:07:49] <tumbleweed> indiebio: sure, but we need to polish it into shape, first
[20:07:58] <madduck> so what is your bid going to be like? one venue?
[20:08:05] <madduck> with a backup that's already developed?
[20:08:14] <tumbleweed> madduck: I think a main, and 2 backups
[20:08:18] <tumbleweed> breakwater is still on the cards
[20:08:24] <tumbleweed> technopark is a good non-UCT backup
[20:08:30] <madduck> okay, would the backups be strong enough to be listed next to the main in a table, like dc15?
[20:08:40] <tumbleweed> breakwater is
[20:08:47] <tumbleweed> technopark isn't developed enough, I think?
[20:08:50] <tumbleweed> indiebio, wendar?
[20:09:19] <indiebio> not to my knowledge, no
[20:09:44] <madduck> well, main+strong backup+backup backup sounds like you could make it a table and subpages like dc15
[20:09:58] <madduck> i just feel that's a better way to present than an all-in-one page
[20:10:00] <tumbleweed> yeah, that'd probably make sense
[20:10:04] <indiebio> so that would be a good thing to do, focus on technopark and use that location checklist to refresh our memory on anything else venue related...
[20:10:27] <madduck> so what you could do is copy the dc15 pages and simply revamp it all to suit dc16
[20:10:38] <tumbleweed> highvoltage: we need to address the content of LocationCheckList in the bid. So it's our todo list
[20:10:45] <madduck> and when you are done, then read through the checklist and make sure you've included all peculiarities
[20:10:52] <madduck> all details, if relevant.
[20:10:53] <highvoltage> tumbleweed: righto
[20:10:57] <tumbleweed> if someone could transform that into a more approachable todo list, that'd be a good first task
[20:11:18] <tumbleweed> I mean, look at what we have, and figure out what we're missing
[20:11:26] <tumbleweed> and then there's just polish polish polish
[20:12:04] <indiebio> tunbleweed, I think that could be done as we do technopark, because there
[20:12:22] <indiebio> there's nothing on technopark yet, so that will be a way, for me at least, to get used to the list
[20:12:24] <madduck> tumbleweed: I would use the final bid to figure out what's missing, rather than to do another level of indirection at this point
[20:12:28] <madduck> there is not much time left.
[20:13:14] <tumbleweed> madduck: yeah. But one needs to do the comparison other bids / checklist, to see what we're missing, and find a good starting point
[20:13:31] <tumbleweed> sure, don't waste too much time, drawing up a list of what to do, rather do it :)
[20:13:43] <madduck> we put a lot of time into dc15 to make sure it was a complete bid
[20:13:50] <madduck> just saying, there's your framework
[20:13:53] <tumbleweed> yeah
[20:14:12] <indiebio> ah, OK, I confused location checklist with the bigger checklist.
[20:14:19] <madduck> about comparison with other bids: you need not compare yourself to other dc16 bids yet.
[20:14:19] <tumbleweed> although that was later in the cycle than this. we can expect to be a little less confused
[20:14:37] <madduck> tumbleweed: later in what cycle?
[20:14:49] <tumbleweed> the bid was in jan last year, wasn't it?
[20:15:02] <madduck> yeah sure, but we were done in december too ;)
[20:15:07] <tumbleweed> err a little less complete, not confused
[20:15:16] <madduck> yes you need not be complete
[20:15:52] <madduck> it's just my suggestion to use a framework, but ymmv
[20:16:57] <tumbleweed> any other business?
[20:17:44] <madduck> I would be very happy to critically "proof-read" the bid once its done
[20:17:56] <madduck> but I can only realistically do this Sunday morning.
[20:18:47] <tumbleweed> that'll be useful
[20:18:55] <indiebio> So if I'm reading this right, we all have an ACTION point to fill this in (on a new copy, obviously):
[20:19:08] <indiebio> and we should try to have something for madduck on sunday morning.
[20:19:15] <tumbleweed> that's the plan
[20:19:20] <indiebio> that's doable
[20:19:40] <tumbleweed> indiebio: not really a new copy, but into our bid
[20:20:34] <tumbleweed> e.g. the venue pages I started contain a chunk of it
[20:20:36] <indiebio> ah, well, even more doable. I don't see a problem, TBH
[20:20:47] <tumbleweed> yeah
[20:20:55] <tumbleweed> ok, I think we're pretty much wound up
[20:20:59] * tumbleweed can go try to get lunch
[20:21:27] <tumbleweed> tibid: end meeting