Meeting about DebConf16

Convened at 2015-06-24 19:06:14.857352 by tumbleweed in #debconf16-capetown on oftc


[19:06:14] STARTED (tumbleweed)
[19:11:21] TOPIC: dates (tumbleweed)
[19:16:18] TOPIC: Accommodation (tumbleweed)
[19:26:23] AGREED: indiebio to book the whole of Fuller (tumbleweed)
[19:41:01] AGREED: tumbleweed to look into starting a company, further (tumbleweed)
[19:42:07] TOPIC: Venues (tumbleweed)
[19:47:06] AGREED: indiebio to find the venue floorplans and plugpoints for LSS (tumbleweed)
[19:48:29] AGREED: highvoltage to add a local teamrole for disabled assistance (tumbleweed)
[19:49:25] TOPIC: Design (tumbleweed)
[19:56:24] TOPIC: Sponsor Brochure (tumbleweed)
[20:02:22] TOPIC: Prospective sponsors list (tumbleweed)
[20:06:16] TOPIC: next meeting (tumbleweed)
[20:10:17] ENDED (tumbleweed)


Raw Log

[19:06:14] <tumbleweed> tibid: start meeting about DebConf16
[19:06:14] * tibid gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[19:06:15] <indiebio> ok
[19:06:29] <highvoltage> ah good old tibid \o/
[19:06:29] <indiebio> roll call for the record please?
[19:06:32] <madduck> .
[19:06:46] <wendar> o/
[19:06:51] <highvoltage>
[19:06:51] <tumbleweed> tibid: I am Stefano Rivera
[19:06:51] <tibid> tumbleweed: Done
[19:06:54] <cate> indiebio: could you write "#endmeeting" ?
[19:06:59] <cate> o/
[19:07:08] <indiebio> #endmeeting
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[19:07:13] <tumbleweed> aah, there we go
[19:07:14] <highvoltage> tibid: I am highvoltage
[19:07:14] <tibid> highvoltage: Done
[19:07:30] <tumbleweed> a one month long meeting :)
[19:07:34] <indiebio> tibid: I am Bernelle Verster
[19:07:34] <tibid> indiebio: Done
[19:07:50] <indiebio> we ended that meeting, but with my registration enslave stuff that must have broken
[19:08:19] <madduck> let's go
[19:09:15] <indiebio> ok. Preamble:
[19:09:45] <indiebio> I tried to make the whiteboard stuff as complete as possible, feel free to read ahead and add stuff/questions
[19:09:49] <indiebio> 1. Budget
[19:10:11] <madduck> nkukard seems absent
[19:10:29] <madduck> I don't think we should spend time on this now. Next meeting, please…
[19:10:29] <indiebio> yeas, he apologised.
[19:10:39] <indiebio> ok.
[19:11:03] <ginggs> o/
[19:11:05] <indiebio> 2. DebConf dates
[19:11:08] - tamo online
[19:11:21] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic dates
[19:11:21] <tibid> Current Topic: dates
[19:11:30] <indiebio> the dates are a bit firmer, in the vicinity of the first two weeks in July.
[19:11:39] <indiebio> And I think we're all in agreement this is OK?
[19:11:49] <madduck> yes
[19:11:50] <tumbleweed> yeah, no objection
[19:11:55] <tamo> Hi everyone better late than never!
[19:12:09] <indiebio> hi tamo!
[19:12:15] <highvoltage> new dates look good
[19:12:18] <superfly> hi tamo!
[19:12:19] <indiebio> brilliant.
[19:12:20] <tumbleweed> is still empty
[19:12:41] <tumbleweed> (that generally tracks the kind of conferences that affect our attendees)
[19:12:51] <indiebio> excellent
[19:12:57] <cate> other major event or holodays in SA during such dates?
[19:12:58] <highvoltage> I never even knew about that one, thanks
[19:13:17] <highvoltage>
[19:13:23] <indiebio> no, July's quiet
[19:13:45] <highvoltage> Jul 18 | Monday | Nelson Mandela Day | Observance
[19:14:02] <superfly> It's not an actual public holiday
[19:14:06] <indiebio> so that's all great.
[19:14:11] <highvoltage> *nod*
[19:14:19] <superfly> June 16 is a public holiday, but I don't think DebConf is going to be that early?
[19:14:20] <indiebio> do we want to chat about this more or move on?
[19:14:20] <madduck> fix the dates as soon as you can. that'll benefit everyone.
[19:14:39] <indiebio> yes, madduck. Will follow up in first week in July.
[19:14:51] <tumbleweed> move on?
[19:14:55] <tamo> Hi superfly glad to see you back in action.
[19:15:04] <indiebio> Next ACTION is to commit DebCamp, DebConf to actual proprosed dates and see how that works.
[19:15:08] <superfly> tamo: thanks :-)
[19:15:21] <indiebio> How do people feel about following the exact same structure as for DC15?
[19:15:38] <cate> indiebio: it is fine. it is also the usual structure
[19:15:43] <highvoltage> indiebio: awesome that makes everything just feel so much more real (I'm getting excited all over again)
[19:15:47] <cate> I really like to have long DebCamp
[19:15:53] <indiebio> excellent. ok. moving on.
[19:16:01] <indiebio> highvoltage +1!
[19:16:11] <indiebio> 3. Accommodation
[19:16:18] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic Accommodation
[19:16:18] <tibid> Current Topic: Accommodation
[19:16:35] <indiebio> This availability is what fixes the dates, by the way.
[19:17:11] <indiebio> The short of it is we now have approval. We need to fill the booking form, then we pay the deposit, then it's ours
[19:17:34] <indiebio> The booking form is on git: Commercial Groups Booking Form_15.pdf in accommodation folder
[19:17:58] <indiebio> The good news is alcohol in that contract is not a solid not allowed.
[19:18:15] <indiebio> we also have 2016 prices for the budget.
[19:18:16] <cate> no-smoking is ok. Is there a place nearby to party (with alcools) [is also fine so]?
[19:18:39] <indiebio> Yes cate
[19:19:02] <tumbleweed> so, deposit = 50% of total accom cost?
[19:19:02] <indiebio> So on the whiteboard I tried to indicate the distances, referencing the map
[19:19:06] <tamo> Yes lots of places in the area, and close to town too
[19:19:08] <madduck> we might be able to negotiate a designated area where alcohol may be consumed by attendees
[19:19:17] <indiebio> I suggest we take a few minutes reading through section 3, if you haven't already
[19:19:31] <indiebio> yes tumbleweed, if I remember correctly
[19:20:25] <madduck> i already replied in
[19:20:35] * madduck migrates to whiteboard
[19:20:59] <indiebio> I like the references idea, madduck
[19:21:22] <indiebio> madduck I've already copied your comments from the email
[19:21:36] <madduck> i saw, thanks!
[19:21:46] <tumbleweed> FYI, I can probably loan DebConf the money for the deposit. I have lots of Rands sitting around doing nothing
[19:21:46] <cate> residence is opnly the building, inside the campus, right?
[19:22:06] <madduck> indiebio: I am sure we can get those references. cate, could you try to get a statement from the dc13 guy?
[19:22:16] <madduck> i can get you one for dc15, I am sure.
[19:22:35] <indiebio> cate, there are a few residences. Fuller is on campus, about, I don't know, 200m or so from the lecture venue?
[19:23:16] <indiebio> then there are guest houses a bit away. I have not followed up on family and more fancy accommodation yet, as I see the university residence as the critical thing to focus on first, as that decides the dates
[19:23:28] <tumbleweed> yep
[19:23:29] <cate> indiebio: so it is a lot better then dc10. teh entire campus were alcool-free (in principle)
[19:23:37] <cate> madduck: I can try
[19:24:01] <madduck> cate: it can't hurt, even beyond dc16… so don't just make it about alcohol, but do make sure that they mention how behaved we were.
[19:24:04] <indiebio> no, there is a pub on campus as well
[19:24:27] <madduck> crawling distance from residences? ;)
[19:24:31] <tumbleweed> :P
[19:24:31] <indiebio> in South Africa you cannot consume alcohol in public though
[19:24:34] <tumbleweed> madduck: yep
[19:24:37] <indiebio> yes madduck :)
[19:24:40] <tumbleweed> madduck: over the road from one of them
[19:24:42] <madduck> phew
[19:24:45] <tamo> :)
[19:25:10] <tumbleweed> indiebio: this isn't really enforced, though. And the university is private property
[19:25:24] <indiebio> yeah, as long as you behave
[19:25:29] <tumbleweed> yeah, there are security...
[19:25:49] <highvoltage> It's usually fine if you give the security a beer
[19:25:58] <highvoltage> (wait this is logged right?)
[19:26:00] <tumbleweed> I think we're getting distracted :)
[19:26:06] <indiebio> ok, so ACTION from accommodaiton: I'm going to go ahead and book the whole of Fuller residence (229), base the contract and deposit on that
[19:26:21] <cate> just the deposit seems high. But when we should pay (end year or earlier)?
[19:26:23] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed indiebio to book the whole of Fuller
[19:26:23] <tibid> Agreed: indiebio to book the whole of Fuller
[19:26:33] <tumbleweed> cate: I assume when we sign
[19:26:36] <indiebio> and then keep a arrangement to have rooms in Smuts for overflow, to be decided on a later stage
[19:26:42] <tumbleweed> but as I said, I think that shouldn't be an issue
[19:26:52] <tumbleweed> indiebio: given their cancellation policy
[19:26:58] <tumbleweed> I'd be tempted to over-book
[19:27:00] <madduck> which is?
[19:27:05] <highvoltage> tumbleweed: +1
[19:27:10] <indiebio> book out both Fuller and Smuts?
[19:27:23] <tumbleweed> highvoltage: cancellations/reductions before 45 days in advance look like they get a full refund
[19:27:27] <tumbleweed> err madduck
[19:27:33] <madduck> well then by all means
[19:27:37] <madduck> book it all
[19:27:45] <madduck> when is the downpayment due?
[19:28:00] <tumbleweed> section 4.1
[19:28:05] <indiebio> on page 3 of booking form:
[19:28:06] <tumbleweed> says No contract for accommodation shall come into existence unless
[19:28:07] <tumbleweed> and until the University has accepted and confirmed a booking and the Client has paid the relevant deposit
[19:28:09] <indiebio> per day X no. of guests X no. of nights X 50% = Deposit payable (For detailed information on payment period: see
[19:28:09] <indiebio> "1. A deposit calculated according to the following formula is required in order to secure your booking: Rate per person
[19:28:09] <indiebio> section – Clause: Deposit.)"
[19:28:31] <tumbleweed> a) 50% of the total amount is due with return of completed booking form and signed copy of UCT’s Terms & Conditions
[19:28:32] <indiebio> I can try to arrange less, but doubt they would fall for it
[19:28:45] <madduck> not unlikely they will
[19:28:54] <tumbleweed> seriously, I don't think that's an issue
[19:29:03] <indiebio> ok, so anyways, I will book and find out the details and get back to you
[19:29:06] <madduck> anyway, what happens if we cancel part of the booking? do we get surplus downpayment back?
[19:29:17] <tumbleweed> madduck: section 3
[19:29:25] <madduck> ok, sorry
[19:29:28] <cate> we need to convince DPL to release the funds (which should not be difficult), but we need some numbers for the debian revisors
[19:29:31] <highvoltage> tumbleweed: from me, -1 on using personal funds for deposits though (unless it's a last resort, I'm not sure what the precedent is for that)
[19:29:33] <tumbleweed> oooh
[19:29:35] <tumbleweed> b) A further 25% is payable 30 days after date of first payment.
[19:30:50] <madduck> huh?
[19:31:21] <tumbleweed> highvoltage: yeah, let's not discuss this here. I'm just saying I have the cash, and trust DebConf and the university. Not necessarily other parties we contract with, though...
[19:31:33] <highvoltage> ack
[19:31:46] <madduck> so the downpayment situation seems a bit unclear
[19:32:07] <indiebio> they do have a clause "unless the University agrees in
[19:32:07] <indiebio> writing to other payment terms." so this sounds like we can reach some agreement.
[19:32:10] <madduck> I think the best thing to do is to be frank with them and tell them that we are booking it all because it's not unlikely we'll need it
[19:32:25] <indiebio> I will find out more, and then bring it back.
[19:32:27] <madduck> but to also ask them to spell out what happens if we reduce the numbers >45 days beforehand.
[19:32:36] <indiebio> to you for discussion
[19:32:58] <tumbleweed> +1 to that
[19:33:02] <madduck> if we book 200% and downpay 50% of that, then we effectively paid it all already. So now if only 80% show up, do we get money back?
[19:33:09] <cate> madduck: it is explained in page 5. anu cancellation or reduction within 45-30 days
[19:33:09] <madduck> yes, more discussion with more details
[19:33:20] <madduck> cate: not the interaction with downpayment.
[19:33:48] <madduck> and specifically whether we get downpayment fully credited or refunded if needed
[19:34:40] <indiebio> so, R283*460*7*0.5 = R455 630. this now only for DebConf, as DebCamp is less, and we should deal with that separately, no?
[19:35:00] <indiebio> That's about 33 500 EUR
[19:35:11] <tumbleweed> so, 460 is probably too high
[19:35:21] <indiebio> So 460 is max residence capacity, and 7 days
[19:35:26] <indiebio> yeah
[19:35:30] <indiebio> 350?
[19:35:30] <tumbleweed> is that one residence?
[19:35:39] <indiebio> 229 in Fuller, and 230 in Smuts
[19:35:48] <tumbleweed> madduck: what size did you initially book for for dc15?
[19:36:05] <madduck> i booked the whole venue but had to agree on a minimum occupancy of 350
[19:36:08] <indiebio> how many DebCamp people does DC15 have so far?
[19:36:25] <indiebio> We can just start with Fuller only.
[19:36:42] <madduck> indiebio: if there is no downside starting big, it's better to keep the options as long as possible
[19:36:51] <indiebio> ok
[19:37:05] <madduck> and if the downpayment is refunded if we cancel >45 days in advance, then there is no reason to not just go for it
[19:37:06] <wendar> madduck: the downside to starting big seems to be the deposit, maybe we can negotiate on that
[19:37:20] <madduck> we have the money, as long as we can be sure that we're not sinking it
[19:37:23] <tumbleweed> presumably whatever deposit we make doesn't receive interest, so it's just the cost of that money
[19:37:28] <wendar> madduck: nod
[19:37:47] <madduck> tumbleweed: interest is 0 over here anyway ;)
[19:37:52] <tumbleweed> not in ZA :)
[19:37:54] <wendar> madduck: who do we need approval from on the DebConf side to make the deposit?
[19:37:59] <madduck> well, debian never collected interest.
[19:38:12] <madduck> wendar: cate can help you with that, as DebConf chair.
[19:38:24] <indiebio> and, am I the person whose details go on the contract, or someone more official?
[19:38:44] <tumbleweed> ideally a company, I think
[19:38:47] <madduck> well, that's a liability question
[19:38:49] <tumbleweed> I had a contact about that, and never followed up
[19:38:51] <cate> wendar: DPL is responsible for Debian funds, and we chairs we are the interface to DPL
[19:39:19] <madduck> indiebio: I would not sign anything personally, but we have to figure out what legal entity to use
[19:39:49] <madduck> tumbleweed: can you followup?
[19:39:55] <indiebio> ok, who can I ACTION on that?
[19:39:58] <highvoltage> DC15 founded an organisation (DebConf e. V.), wouldn't we do the same thing in SA?
[19:40:00] <madduck> How hard is it to create a throw-away non-profit in ZA?
[19:40:10] <highvoltage> (or am I misunderstanding?)
[19:40:15] <madduck> highvoltage: no, spot on…
[19:40:25] <tumbleweed> madduck: yeah, will do
[19:40:34] <tumbleweed> indiebio: +1 about not signing anything as you
[19:40:39] <indiebio> becoming more difficult... I need someone who can action on finding this out please - tumbleweed?
[19:40:54] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed, tumbleweed to look into starting a company, further
[19:40:54] <tibid> tumbleweed: *blink*
[19:41:01] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed tumbleweed to look into starting a company, further
[19:41:01] <tibid> Agreed: tumbleweed to look into starting a company, further
[19:41:07] * tumbleweed really must get him to support a comma, there
[19:41:11] <highvoltage> non-profit, afaik not that tough, if you don't want to pay tax... that's another story
[19:41:11] <tumbleweed> indiebio: me
[19:41:19] <tumbleweed> indiebio: nkukard was also going to look into that
[19:41:19] <indiebio> thanks
[19:41:30] <indiebio> can you do it please?
[19:41:37] <madduck> highvoltage: well, depends on the sponsoring situation and the tax rate. Generally, we don't want to pay tax.
[19:41:37] <tumbleweed> I will
[19:41:46] <indiebio> ok, cna we move on please?
[19:41:57] <tumbleweed> yeah
[19:42:01] <indiebio> 4. Actual conference venue
[19:42:07] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic Venues
[19:42:07] <tibid> Current Topic: Venues
[19:42:11] <indiebio> I now have Leslie Social Sciences confirmed.
[19:42:21] <indiebio> I can't remember if wendar had a look at this venue?
[19:42:30] <wendar> I did, I loved the open central area.
[19:42:31] <tumbleweed> yep, she saw it
[19:42:38] <wendar> Not so sure about small meeting rooms?
[19:42:42] <indiebio> tumbleweed and ginggs know it, and I think the infrastructure is good as well (internet etc)
[19:42:44] <wendar> They seemed to all be enormous.
[19:42:51] <indiebio> there's lots of small ones on the lower level
[19:42:53] <wendar> Perfect for opening and closing
[19:43:01] <wendar> Also, not sure about wheelchair access?
[19:43:09] <tumbleweed> there is good wheelchair access
[19:43:12] <indiebio> there's lots of ramps everywhere
[19:43:13] <tumbleweed> the building has elevators
[19:43:14] <wendar> They were tiered with stairs
[19:43:16] <tumbleweed> and ramps
[19:43:19] <wendar> great!
[19:43:29] <tumbleweed> yeah, wheelchairs would have to come in at ground level, where the presenter is
[19:43:29] <indiebio> there is also a canteen, coffee shop, ATM's, so I think it's good
[19:43:35] <wendar> Overall, I'm pleased with the switch.
[19:43:47] <wendar> Not as modern or pretty, but a whole lot more flexible for our needs.
[19:44:06] <tumbleweed> does it have hack-lab type spaces?
[19:44:15] <wendar> We need to make sure we've got plenty of tables, chairs, and power in the main area.
[19:44:15] <tumbleweed> indiebio: I don't think I know the classrooms in it
[19:44:20] <indiebio> as in boardroom type seating or what?
[19:44:38] <tumbleweed> no, just flat room with tables
[19:44:43] <indiebio> not as many plugpoints
[19:44:55] <wendar> tumbleweed: I suspect we might just cordon off part of the enormous main area for hack-lab space.
[19:45:00] <tumbleweed> we'd put out multiplugs on tables
[19:45:05] <cate> are all hacklabs/talkrooms in the same building?
[19:45:08] <tumbleweed> wendar: downside of that is that it's kind of public
[19:45:09] <wendar> tumbleweed: though, I don't know about noise
[19:45:13] <tumbleweed> yeah
[19:45:15] <wendar> tumbleweed: nod
[19:45:26] <indiebio> I see now, the EBE_Faculty_23-06-2015_12h50_venue_confirmation.pdf form in the accommodation folder in git lists snape venues
[19:45:29] <cate> opening hours?
[19:45:37] <tumbleweed> I know Leslie commerce has lots of flat rooms
[19:45:41] <wendar> cate: talkrooms and enormous open spaces are all in the same building, not sure about quiet hacklabs
[19:45:40] <highvoltage> should we have a team on for special assistance for any kind of disabled people who can help them in areas where access/hills/etc might be a problem?
[19:45:44] <tumbleweed> ah snape works
[19:45:59] <tumbleweed> or, no, those flat rooms were knocked down to build the new amphithere type lecture halls
[19:46:04] <indiebio> cate: we will try for swipe card access for 24 hour access.
[19:46:17] <indiebio> I did not get confirmation from venues, but normal students with student cards have that access
[19:46:32] <indiebio> the new snape has plugpoints everywhere :)
[19:46:39] <wendar> indiebio: if we get 24 hour access, and Leslie allows alcohol, that may solve the problem on that front :)
[19:46:47] <indiebio> ok, ACTION here: find the venue floorplans and plugpoints like we did for NEB
[19:47:06] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed indiebio to find the venue floorplans and plugpoints for LSS
[19:47:06] <tibid> Agreed: indiebio to find the venue floorplans and plugpoints for LSS
[19:47:14] <indiebio> ACTION: highvoltage to add a local teamrole for disabled assistance
[19:47:24] <wendar> I wonder if we could rent a bunch of couches to fill one corner of the Leslie open area?
[19:47:38] <indiebio> so this all looks agreeable and starting to move, which is good :)
[19:47:55] <indiebio> oh yeah, totally, wendar. but let's look at that later.
[19:48:00] <wendar> nod
[19:48:09] <tumbleweed> floor plans (ish):
[19:48:14] <indiebio> tumbleweed, please ACTION: highvoltage to add a local teamrole for disabled assistance
[19:48:27] <indiebio> can we move on?
[19:48:29] <tumbleweed> tibid: agreed highvoltage to add a local teamrole for disabled assistance
[19:48:29] <tibid> Agreed: highvoltage to add a local teamrole for disabled assistance
[19:48:33] <tumbleweed> move on
[19:48:37] <cate> blueprint are needed for network and video planing. We need only later, but probably it is simpler to ask them from the beginning
[19:49:11] <indiebio> we didn't have a problem getting it for NEB - that link has them
[19:49:20] <indiebio> 5. Design
[19:49:25] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic Design
[19:49:25] <tibid> Current Topic: Design
[19:49:38] <indiebio> tamo, I've joined dropbox, haven't added to git, talk us through it while I do that please?
[19:50:16] <tamo> Hi yes I have opened a Dropbox folder with subfolders called Logo's, website and marketing
[19:50:49] <madduck> link?
[19:51:15] <tamo> I have done revised logo's as per our last meeting changing all to Deconf, and then worked on some website designed that I am tweaking and will send
[19:51:35] <highvoltage> oooh!
[19:51:38] <indiebio> it's on dropbox currently. Do you want me to add stuff to git or are you willing to go to dropbox, madduck? and if so, please give me an email
[19:51:50] <tumbleweed> indiebio: you can share folders on dropbox publically
[19:51:58] <tumbleweed> you just need to get a sharing URL
[19:51:58] <tamo> mad duck if I invite everyone with the group email that would work right?
[19:52:05] <indiebio> tamo, the dropbox folders are all empty, will you add stuff later?
[19:52:18] <tamo> Yes!!!!!
[19:52:33] <indiebio> tamo, how do you feel about these files being in a public folder on dropbox?
[19:52:38] <tamo> I have been a bit slow but getting my aact together
[19:52:52] <indiebio> I almost want to say no to public, there's weird people out there who steal designs
[19:52:55] <wendar> I took a look at the bits indiebio added to git this week, really loving it!
[19:53:02] <indiebio> yeah, me too!
[19:53:10] <tamo> I have a window from now until the 23rd July so can start sending website concepts
[19:53:15] <indiebio> but tamo is firm that that is not final!
[19:53:20] <tamo> GREAT!!!
[19:53:21] <highvoltage> yeah that logo in git is pretty nice
[19:53:29] <indiebio> wanted me to take it off, but I didn't :P
[19:53:45] <highvoltage> (although I think the font could be a bit better just my opinion)
[19:53:46] <wendar> we're used to seeing works in progress, we're developers :)
[19:54:03] <tamo> Those are the revised versions of the logo, and have done one or two more buts as happy with how they are forming so glad that there is positive feedback
[19:54:05] <indiebio> ok, so tamo, when you've put stuff in the folders we can chat more about it, yes?
[19:54:09] <superfly> I'm not with git, is there a web-accessible link, or a public-accessible repo to clone?
[19:54:34] <tamo> wendar great!
[19:54:42] <indiebio> erm. superfly, ask madduck
[19:54:48] <tamo> oops not figuring out the tab thing
[19:54:57] <highvoltage> superfly: are you on alioth?
[19:54:55] <tumbleweed> superfly:
[19:55:03] <superfly> highvoltage: negative
[19:55:13] <tamo> Yes definitely I would like to have stuff in by tomorrow
[19:55:30] <tumbleweed> superfly: some day you'll have to sign up :)
[19:55:38] <indiebio> can I move on to sponsor brochure while you sort out git, superfly?
[19:55:40] <madduck> superfly: let me know your alioth login and then I add you.
[19:55:43] <tamo> Which logo highvoltage
[19:55:57] <superfly> indiebio: carry on
[19:56:11] <superfly> madduck: uh, how do I get an alioth login?
[19:55:59] <highvoltage> tamo:
[19:56:12] <tumbleweed> there are multiple logos on the page
[19:56:17] <indiebio> 6. Sponsor Brochure
[19:56:24] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic Sponsor Brochure
[19:56:24] <tibid> Current Topic: Sponsor Brochure
[19:56:28] <madduck> superfly:
[19:56:33] <tamo> ok there are 3 pages so was wondering which one you were looking at
[19:56:34] <superfly> ta
[19:56:41] <indiebio> madduck, I'm a bit confused about what you still need done on the brochure.
[19:57:08] <indiebio> you seem to sometimes have issues that need to be improved - perks in particular
[19:57:22] <indiebio> but then whenever I try something you say that what has been done worked perfectly. so I'm confused
[19:57:39] <madduck> yeah, at some point in time the fundraising team will need to discuss this stuff
[19:57:48] <madduck> and if only to say "let's do the same thing again"
[19:58:02] <wendar> indiebio: mainly, we need to get design on the brochure
[19:58:05] <madduck> I just thought we should have done this already
[19:58:13] <wendar> madduck: but we *did* discuss that in sponsors-team
[19:58:21] <wendar> madduck: we had two meetings with them on it
[19:58:26] <madduck> hm
[19:58:32] <indiebio> yes, so wendar, I feel that's the only thing left to do
[19:58:37] <madduck> wendar, indiebio: and the text probably needs to be dc16-ified, no?
[19:58:44] <wendar> madduck: already done
[19:58:46] <indiebio> with small tweaks like spelling mistakes and correct years as we go along
[19:59:13] <indiebio> I'm having trouble with git and the debian-sponsors folder.
[19:59:28] <wendar> madduck: it needs final review and fix, and it needs photos and design (color, backround)
[19:59:36] <madduck> ffs, I was looking at an old file.
[19:59:40] <madduck> SORRY
[19:59:47] <wendar> madduck: no prob :)
[19:59:57] <indiebio> I also have trouble with finding the most up to date one...
[20:00:08] <indiebio> can you tell me where it is and the filename, wendar, please?
[20:00:27] <indiebio> (and can you please email it to me? )
[20:00:46] <indiebio> so this feels ok then. moving on?
[20:00:47] <wendar> indiebio: debconf-data/dc16/fundraising/brochure
[20:00:58] <wendar> brochure.en.tex
[20:01:07] <wendar> I can generate a fresh PDF for you
[20:01:20] <indiebio> yes please
[20:01:55] <indiebio> so for the next meeting, I'm going to move design and brochure to be the first items.
[20:02:01] <indiebio> then, last item for this meeting:
[20:02:02] <indiebio> 7. Prospective sponsors list
[20:02:09] <tamo> Perfect!
[20:02:10] <indiebio> tumbleweed, is tibit getting this?
[20:02:22] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic Prospective sponsors list
[20:02:22] <tibid> Current Topic: Prospective sponsors list
[20:02:25] <tumbleweed> tibid: minutes so far
[20:02:25] <tibid> Minutes available at
[20:02:28] <tumbleweed> indiebio: ^^
[20:02:30] <indiebio> wendar, (and nkukard), any progress here?
[20:02:35] <indiebio> thanks tumbleweed
[20:03:08] <wendar> indiebio: I haven't added any more to the list we have
[20:03:16] <indiebio> ok
[20:03:26] <indiebio> anything that needs to be done here apart from just adding more?
[20:03:40] <wendar> maybe plan a brainstorming session?
[20:03:48] <indiebio> Can you talk us through the procedure if we want to add more? as each sponsor potential has their own file, yes?
[20:04:11] <wendar> indiebio: aye, just create a file, or if you just want to email me a list of names, that's a good start
[20:04:18] <wendar> (I'm happy to do formatting work)
[20:04:22] <indiebio> is there a, e.g. .odt file with an overview? I think last time we spoke I requested that and someone saif that's doable?
[20:04:36] <indiebio> what folder, file name etc?
[20:04:45] <wendar> indiebio: it's doable, not done yet (.odt file)
[20:05:04] <indiebio> can you do that please? (just humour my noob ness please, I'll get there :) )
[20:05:26] <wendar> debian-sponsors/dc16/sponsors-list
[20:05:31] <indiebio> thanks
[20:05:43] <wendar> yes, I'll make a tool to build a spreadsheet overview
[20:05:53] <tumbleweed> does that mean we're done?
[20:05:56] <indiebio> excellent, that folder alreadty gives a high level overview
[20:06:03] <indiebio> pretty much tumbleweed.
[20:06:11] <indiebio> next meeting in a month or sooner?
[20:06:16] <tumbleweed> tibid: topic next meeting
[20:06:16] <tibid> Current Topic: next meeting
[20:06:42] <indiebio> 22 July?
[20:06:52] <tumbleweed> that's a month before debconf
[20:07:01] <indiebio> yes
[20:07:06] <tumbleweed> we have to prepare a presentation for debconf
[20:07:13] <indiebio> urgh.
[20:07:15] <tumbleweed> which also means locking down some things, like dates
[20:07:22] <tumbleweed> well, I guess we just present where we are
[20:07:27] <madduck> you may. and we did it at dc14 in 30 minutes ;)
[20:07:32] <indiebio> OK, meeting 8 July, focus mainly on design, brochure, presentation
[20:08:07] <madduck> and 22 July for contracts, budget etc?
[20:08:13] <tumbleweed> I'll try to make progress on a legal entity in the next week
[20:08:15] <indiebio> yes.
[20:08:17] <madduck> also, 1830 UTC or 1900 UTC like today?
[20:08:24] <indiebio> I'm easy either way.
[20:08:30] <cate> dates are not so important for the presentation, but a feel about the venue, about how to get there and visa/travel/etc. would be nice
[20:08:34] <indiebio> 18:30 UTC
[20:08:43] <indiebio> cate, all of that is on the bid page already
[20:08:55] <tumbleweed> although we need pictures of the venues we want in LSS
[20:08:57] <cate> indiebio: you need to present them
[20:09:06] <indiebio> yup.
[20:09:23] <tumbleweed> and the pub, for that matter :P
[20:09:25] <indiebio> noob question, what's the best ppt format for you geeks? I'm guessing a powerpoint won't go down well
[20:09:28] <cate> people are more worried about that, then beer and meals
[20:09:31] <superfly> 18:30 UTC is fine, but no earlier
[20:09:32] <tumbleweed> indiebio: PDF :)
[20:09:35] <superfly> (for me)
[20:10:00] <madduck> end the meeting before we get into powerpoint-related topics please.
[20:10:01] <madduck> ;)
[20:10:08] <tumbleweed> yeah, and I want to go get lunch
[20:10:14] <highvoltage> cool, thanks everyone
[20:10:17] <tumbleweed> tibid: end meeting