Meeting about CS4HS

Convened at 2010-04-13 14:39:18.036398 by marcog in #algorithm on shadowfire


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Raw Log

[14:39:18] <marcog> tibid: start meeting about CS4HS
[14:39:18] * tibid gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[14:39:36] <marcog> i see no reason why not to associate with Google
[14:39:52] <ShadowMaster> I agree
[14:39:59] <bob> marcog: I think most of us would agree.
[14:40:11] <marcog> it gives us credability
[14:40:13] <bob> Also note that none of the projects mentioned have google in their names
[14:40:15] <tumbleweed> what possible cons would there be?
[14:40:18] * tumbleweed can't think of any
[14:40:18] <ShadowMaster> unless you're running a search engine :P
[14:40:44] <bob> So I'm not entirely convinced that they would neccesarily want to be explicitly named
[14:41:00] <marcog> just to make it clear
[14:41:08] <marcog> they will not be funding Algorithm Circle
[14:41:18] <marcog> but rather event(s) we run
[14:41:25] <marcog> specific ones that follow their criteria
[14:41:34] <marcog> those can be named after them
[14:41:36] <tumbleweed> (anyone phoned ben yet?)
[14:41:42] <marcog> tumbleweed: yes, i did
[14:41:49] <bob> OKay. marcog do you not think that this might require us to reapply for funding for each individual event.
[14:41:58] <Michiel> marcog: as far as I can tell those are the ones where you teach the teachers
[14:42:06] <ShadowMaster> bob we could apply for a series of events
[14:42:06] <gwylim> what sort of events are these?
[14:42:23] <marcog> bob, no we have to apply for everything we want to fall under this funding grant *now*
[14:42:25] <tumbleweed> marcog: oh, that's different to what we thought?
[14:42:47] <marcog> Michiel: no, that is just one of their criteria
[14:42:50] <bob> okay well lets move onto the next topic of discussion then which is what will we actually want to fund
[14:42:51] <marcog> tumbleweed: how so?
[14:43:01] <marcog> bob wait a sec
[14:43:08] <tumbleweed> I thought we were clear that they'd fund alg circle because you run these events
[14:43:10] <bob> I know, I mean its related.
[14:43:12] <tumbleweed> not funding per event
[14:43:35] <bob> funding algorithm circle would make admin a lot easier...
[14:43:48] <marcog> tumbleweed: it seems like you apply for a group of specific events run by an existing organisation that's already getting stuff done
[14:44:08] <marcog> it can still be AC getting the funds and running it
[14:44:22] <tumbleweed> marcog: ok, thanks for clarifying
[14:44:34] <marcog> this is my understanding at least
[14:44:46] <marcog> it's crucial that we get this spot on though
[14:45:14] <marcog> General cs4hs info: CS4HS (Computer Science for High School) is a workshop sponsored by Google to promote Computer Science in high school curriculum. With a grant from Google's Education Group, colleges develop a 2 day program for local high school CS teachers that incorporates informational talks by industry leaders, and discussions on new and emerging CS curricula at the high school level.
[14:45:35] <marcog> but then past EMEA events:
[14:46:02] <Michiel> marcog: seems you are correct
[14:46:13] <bob> marcog: it does seem that Google does different things in America and in the EMEA
[14:46:16] <tumbleweed> marcog: look at the cs4fn one
[14:46:20] <tumbleweed> they cover quite a few costs
[14:46:34] <tumbleweed> but it dosent'say that they just fund the organisers, yes
[14:46:38] <tumbleweed> so I think you're about right
[14:46:40] <marcog> tumbleweed: ?
[14:46:51] <marcog> cs4fn?
[14:46:58] <marcog> oh there
[14:47:00] <tumbleweed> marcog: past event
[14:47:05] <marcog> yeah i see now
[14:47:18] <bob> Yes, cs4fn does seem very similar to what we do
[14:47:21] <marcog> ok, so we have to decide *what* type of event we can get them to cover
[14:47:39] <bob> So onto next topic?
[14:47:50] <marcog> this is a rough idea i have been thinking of:
[14:47:59] <Sigh> yo oy yo
[14:48:02] <marcog> to summarise
[14:48:02] <Sigh> You said 5?
[14:48:05] <marcog> hey Sigh
[14:48:23] <marcog> Sigh: read email, it was changed last minute thanks to ShadowMaster
[14:48:30] <bob> Sorry Sigh, we had to start early cause of tests. But get the minutes from tibid
[14:48:31] <marcog> anyways, to summarise
[14:48:51] <marcog> with the python course, we've been trying to gradually expand to other cities in SA
[14:48:56] <tumbleweed> tibid: minutes so far
[14:48:56] <tibid> Minutes available at
[14:48:59] <marcog> if we bring in teachers to UCT
[14:49:10] <marcog> we teach them how to run the course
[14:49:24] <marcog> then we run the course cross-country later in the year
[14:49:35] <marcog> and have a crap-load of people coming to UCT
[14:49:47] <marcog> we can hire PC's and use sports center
[14:49:58] <bob> marcog: where will we bring the teachers in from?
[14:50:03] <marcog> and then even possibly link in a competition at the end
[14:50:12] <marcog> to link all the locations together
[14:50:19] <marcog> bob: all across the country
[14:50:23] <marcog> we fly them in
[14:51:04] <ShadowMaster> marcog: though this is terribly close to the saco
[14:51:09] <bob> marcog: so how many teachers and how do you choose them?
[14:51:19] <ShadowMaster> or atleast the style of contest I'm seeing
[14:51:27] <bob> ShadowMaster: except that you teach them how to program during the course
[14:51:32] <marcog> ShadowMaster: no
[14:51:34] <kieren> /msg tibid hi
[14:51:34] <bob> whereas SACO requires you to know beforehand
[14:51:44] <marcog> bob: that has to be decided
[14:51:51] <ShadowMaster> yeah
[14:52:00] <marcog> we have to budget how much it would cost per teacher
[14:52:08] <marcog> and work out how we will get teachers
[14:52:14] <Sigh> That kind of budgetting is near impossible.
[14:52:14] <marcog> that is all part of the proposal
[14:52:18] <tumbleweed> is there any point in running a competition if you've just taught them how to program? (does it really give any benefit?)
[14:52:34] <marcog> tumbleweed: you make it really simple
[14:52:34] <ShadowMaster> also we need to think of how we can make this is a continuous process if we lose google funding after the first year
[14:52:42] <tumbleweed> marcog: that's not my question
[14:52:48] <tumbleweed> would they gain anything?
[14:53:14] <marcog> tumbleweed: they would get a sense of how well they did compared to the rest
[14:53:25] <marcog> think of it like any exam at the end of a course
[14:53:25] <tumbleweed> ShadowMaster: as the funding google could offer is so much more than could be scrounged locally, chances are what you do without this funding will be very different
[14:53:41] <ShadowMaster> tumbleweed: yes
[14:53:55] <marcog> Sigh: please expand?
[14:53:58] <Sigh> Like.
[14:54:05] <Sigh> This is the first time you are doing an event.
[14:54:10] <Hamdulay> marcog: wouldn't an actual exam be better?
[14:54:16] <tumbleweed> marcog: ok, I'm just worried that AlgCircle is so geared to competitions that you see everything as a nail
[14:54:17] <Sigh> Working out a complex budget per teacher is just disasterous.
[14:54:31] <marcog> Hamdulay, tumbleweed: true true
[14:54:45] <marcog> Sigh: doesn't have to be per teacher
[14:54:53] <tumbleweed> Sigh: but you need to have a pretty good budget to attract this funding, yeah what marcog is saying
[14:55:02] <Sigh> I know.
[14:55:08] <marcog> Sigh: we estimate 2k per flight, 400 per night of accommodation, etc.
[14:55:12] <Sigh> I'm just saying the budgeting-dude will have to be INSANE.
[14:55:45] <marcog> we will def need to try wrap in some guys who've done this sort of funding proposal before
[14:56:05] <Sigh> Yeah, thats what I am saying.
[14:56:16] <Sigh> I knew 1 person who was very good at event planning.
[14:56:24] <Sigh> Not sure if he still alive/around but I can check.
[14:57:27] <marcog> tumbleweed, Hamdulay: although it doesn't have to follow competition-style like we currently do (i'm intending on manual marking of code anyways), we could possibly have a follow-on workshop for the top attendees
[14:57:28] <Sigh> Urgh.
[14:57:33] <Sigh> Ok, cancel that. He left the country.
[14:57:37] <Nomad010> ok
[14:57:39] <marcog> Sigh: :(
[14:57:49] <Sigh> Gone to Ukraine
[14:57:53] <Sigh> Of all goddam places.
[14:57:58] <marcog> hehe
[14:58:05] <tumbleweed> still, presumably we can find people who've done funding proposals before who can help
[14:58:09] <bob> Yes marcog I agree, as I don't think Google would be AS keen on competitions as on courses
[14:58:17] <Sigh> Yeah.
[14:58:28] <Sigh> Competitions compete somewhat with them.
[14:58:38] <Nomad010> ok
[14:58:39] <marcog> it can be coined as an exam or whatever
[14:58:40] <bob> However, I must point out...
[14:58:52] <marcog> but still, we get their marks
[14:59:01] <dougx> hello world
[14:59:01] <marcog> we can have such a follow-up course for the top ones
[14:59:21] <tumbleweed> on the whole, you want to be inclusive
[14:59:28] <tumbleweed> but yes you want to get the top ones into algcircle :)
[14:59:35] <bob> one of the requirements is "identify talent. help universities and, ultimately, employers identify and nurture talent at a young age."
[14:59:39] <marcog> tumbleweed: that's not the primary aim
[14:59:58] <marcog> tumbleweed: i want to take those who do well, and give them an incentive do do well
[14:59:59] <Nomad010> free and open source
[15:00:13] <ShadowMaster> Nomad010: we basically do this already
[15:00:21] <bob> Yes, because nothing makes you work harder than prizes...
[15:00:22] <marcog> tumbleweed: if we fly down say the top 30-40 we'll be making more of an impact across the country
[15:00:28] <tumbleweed> marcog: true
[15:00:32] <marcog> tumbleweed: that's a pretty cool incentive
[15:00:54] <marcog> and perhaps try get some big dude such as shuttlewortjh to come give a talk at that
[15:01:02] <marcog> make it *wow* i must do well
[15:01:10] <Nomad010> guys
[15:01:11] <Sigh> You should also try promote 1) Women and 2) Previously disadvantaged.
[15:01:13] <Nomad010> it's 17:00
[15:01:18] <Sigh> Google would like that.
[15:01:20] <Nomad010> ok it's 17:01
[15:01:23] <Nomad010> meeting
[15:01:29] <marcog> Sigh: yes, we pretty much do 1) already
[15:01:38] <Sigh> Just saying.
[15:01:38] <marcog> Sigh: we had 50% girls at last course
[15:01:45] <Nomad010> so wait are we discussing crap already
[15:01:46] <bob> The other possibility in order to promote 2) is to award prizes that enable them
[15:01:48] <marcog> we shoudl state this in proposal
[15:01:48] <bob> such as netbooks
[15:01:57] <marcog> bob: expensive
[15:02:00] <Sigh> marcog: That's what I am saying.
[15:02:05] <marcog> Sigh: kk
[15:02:28] <marcog> ok, so i can i just take a step back here
[15:02:34] <marcog> we could ramble on for ages here
[15:02:38] <Nomad010> pl
[15:02:39] <Nomad010> ok
[15:02:41] <Nomad010> um guys
[15:02:44] <marcog> does anyone not likle the general gist of my idea?
[15:02:45] <graham> Nomad010: yes
[15:02:46] <Nomad010> can you rewind to step one
[15:03:01] <bob> marcog: yes I do, tibid vote?
[15:03:05] <ShadowMaster> marcog: I like it
[15:03:07] <Michiel> I do
[15:03:06] <marcog> Nomad010:
[15:03:21] <marcog> bob do or don't like?
[15:03:22] <tumbleweed> marcog: can we go point by point?
[15:03:32] <marcog> tumbleweed: on the proposed idea?
[15:03:38] <tumbleweed> yeah
[15:03:40] <marcog> sure
[15:03:51] <tumbleweed> 8: is that achievable?
[15:04:08] <marcog> tricky
[15:04:10] <marcog> i dunno
[15:04:15] <Hamdulay> teaching people computer literacy is gonna be...dull
[15:04:29] <tumbleweed> it's also out of your scope, isn't it?
[15:04:31] <Hamdulay> do we really want to do that?
[15:04:42] <marcog> anyoen want to keep that?
[15:04:47] <marcog> or else we can just rm
[15:04:54] <Sigh> No.
[15:04:58] <bob> I must agree with Hamdulay.
[15:04:58] <dougx> No
[15:05:06] <Sigh> Computer literacy -> Go do a goddam ICT exam online.
[15:05:10] <tumbleweed> heh
[15:05:10] <marcog> it's gone
[15:05:21] <Sigh> There is so many computer literacy courses.
[15:05:27] <Sigh> *are
[15:05:29] <ShadowMaster> cool
[15:05:31] <dougx> Sigh: +1
[15:05:39] <Hamdulay> isn't there licensing and stuff teachers have to go through to become IT teachers?
[15:05:40] <marcog> ok, any other points to be raised about teach the teachers?
[15:05:47] <tumbleweed> yeah
[15:05:54] <dougx> Introduce them to Python not Delphi
[15:06:05] <graham> Why would the teachers want to go on the course?
[15:06:08] <bob> Yes marcog which teachers?
[15:06:12] <tumbleweed> my thinking was that you'll teach more effectively if they are helpers in a course too. or is that being silly?
[15:06:14] <bob> How do you choose them/they choose us?
[15:06:26] <marcog> tumbleweed: i agree fully
[15:06:28] <Sigh> Make sure they are either: 1) Keen to be there or 2) Youngish or 3) Maths teachers who are youngish.
[15:06:33] <bob> dougx: yeah, I think the idea is to do this all in python
[15:06:40] <Michiel> Hamdulay: i dont think so
[15:06:53] <marcog> graham: we need incetives for them
[15:07:02] <tumbleweed> Sigh: yeah, that gets tricky when there's effectivly a junket involved
[15:07:05] <bob> marcog: I don't think so
[15:07:07] <tumbleweed> marcog: you don't want too much incentive
[15:07:18] <marcog> how do you attract teachers?
[15:07:22] <bob> marcog: I think the incentive should be that they want to do it more than they want to get something out of it
[15:07:25] <marcog> tumbleweed: i do agree
[15:07:46] <Nomad010> marcog: where are we in the list?
[15:07:48] <Sigh> tumbleweed: often if you speak to a school, they will just send any teacher.
[15:07:48] <ShadowMaster> otherwise they might cheat to get in for the incentive
[15:08:04] <tumbleweed> Sigh: yeah
[15:08:04] <marcog> Nomad010: only about halfway through first part teaching teachers
[15:08:08] <Sigh> marcog: Would you like any previously disadvantaged teachers from KZN?
[15:08:09] <Nomad010> ok
[15:08:20] <bob> Believe it or not but some teachers genuinely want to help students learn...
[15:08:21] <marcog> Sigh: i think so
[15:08:23] <Sigh> Our old school had a "vula" outreach program for teachers and students.
[15:08:28] <ShadowMaster> Sigh: if they're computer literate yes
[15:08:39] <marcog> how many teachers would actually want to come?
[15:08:42] <Sigh> They basically did computer literacy courses
[15:08:50] <Sigh> Like, whole year round.
[15:08:52] <tumbleweed> re 9: how many computer literate teachers can't get their hands on computers?
[15:08:53] <Sigh> Did projects, etc.
[15:09:07] <bob> Guys we're getting bogged down again
[15:09:19] <ShadowMaster> yar I have to leave in 10 :(
[15:09:20] <Sigh> Bob, I think my question is valid.
[15:09:25] <Sigh> :/
[15:09:25] <Sigh> Oh, times.
[15:09:33] <marcog> bob there's a lot to get through
[15:09:41] <marcog> tumbleweed: good point, i don't know
[15:10:02] <marcog> can i make a suggestion
[15:10:10] <tumbleweed> marcog: I think that could be out of scopee, too. Although obviously you'd help anyone who asked
[15:10:14] <bob> I think what we need to do is actually talk to some teachers? Yes/no?
[15:10:42] <ShadowMaster> bob yes
[15:10:42] <marcog> can we rather ask everyone to add their comments/suggestions to the etherpad
[15:10:48] <tumbleweed> bob: tough to find the right ones to talk to, but yes
[15:10:52] <marcog> and then we move onto the rest of the agenda
[15:11:00] <tumbleweed> marcog: cool
[15:11:04] <bob> good idea
[15:11:05] <marcog> otherwise we could be here forever
[15:11:09] <Nomad010> so can i just add one thing
[15:11:09] <marcog> and then along that line
[15:11:19] * dougx is a teacher, I could talk to some teachers around the country and find out
[15:11:20] <Nomad010> reddam private schools are lazy buggers
[15:11:21] <marcog> if anyone has any other ideas, please write them up
[15:11:24] <marcog> and send them in
[15:11:29] <Nomad010> we need to give them an incentive
[15:11:34] <marcog> bob: can you make a mailing list for this?
[15:11:43] <Sigh> dougx: where you located?
[15:11:46] <marcog> Nomad010: that's what i was trying to say
[15:11:47] <bob> Will do.
[15:11:48] <dougx> Sigh: jhb
[15:12:02] <marcog> dougx: could you rope in some teachers? ;)
[15:12:05] <Nomad010> so i dunno, but it may be useful approaching via maths teachers as well as it teachers
[15:12:10] <dougx> marcog: sure!
[15:12:17] <Nomad010> ok end of my point
[15:12:18] <marcog> Nomad010: yes, i like doing that
[15:12:20] <Sigh> Marco, surely we have the R2 mailing list?
[15:12:26] <Sigh> To teachers.
[15:12:41] <marcog> Sigh: ya, but approaching teachers directly helps
[15:12:57] <marcog> makes them feel "special" :P
[15:13:06] <Sigh> Yeah.
[15:13:10] <bob> marcog: I can also try talking to Mr. Brock, he's at WCED now
[15:13:13] <marcog> ok so this is related
[15:13:18] <marcog> bob yes definitely
[15:13:21] <Sigh> I mean, get from peter the emails that the teachers reply
[15:13:23] <marcog> next point
[15:13:28] <marcog> is working with other universities
[15:13:31] <Sigh> (with the r2 scores)
[15:13:35] <marcog> Sigh: yes
[15:13:37] <Sigh> UKZN is useless.
[15:13:45] <Sigh> I have tried to make contact with all their maths dudes.
[15:13:52] <Sigh> Just don't reply to emails.
[15:13:59] <marcog> i think we should work totgether with stellenbosch and run a joint thing at UCT
[15:14:11] <marcog> if we can hitre PC's we can get enough to work at one site
[15:14:20] <bob> Unfortunately Steve isn't here at the moment
[15:14:23] <Sigh> Why hire!?
[15:14:25] <marcog> i know
[15:14:29] <Sigh> UCT has SO many pc's.
[15:14:34] <Sigh> It's actually a goddam joke.
[15:14:36] <bob> drubin: you know the guys who organised the OC?
[15:14:53] <Sigh> If this is a conference/training course, don't mind splitting up some people.
[15:14:56] <Sigh> bob: OC is a joke.
[15:15:00] <marcog> Sigh: non-science labs are difficult to get
[15:15:12] <Sigh> Frag Lan: Really good at organising.
[15:15:21] <marcog> Sigh: and they won't have what we require on them , and they will go ape-shit with us installing stuff
[15:15:21] <Sigh> marcog: Scilab A, B, C, D, Senior Lab.
[15:15:31] <marcog> Sigh: we want bigger
[15:15:36] <bob> marcog: live flash drives
[15:15:36] <Sigh> How many pc's?
[15:15:45] <marcog> Sigh: i'm thinking 500+
[15:15:47] <bob> there's also an incentive :P free flash drive...
[15:15:49] <Sigh> If you really are serious about renting like 500 pc/s
[15:16:02] <Sigh> For how many days?
[15:16:15] <Sigh> dazzle calc 500 * 200 * 1
[15:16:16] <marcog> for the main workshop, iv'e proposed a week
[15:16:18] <marcog> 5 days
[15:16:20] <Sigh> There goes your budget.
[15:16:26] <Sigh> tibid calc 500 * 200 * 5
[15:16:26] <tibid> Sigh: 500000
[15:16:37] <Sigh> You can pay that 1/2 bar.
[15:16:45] <marcog> first site i checked does 500 a pc a week
[15:16:48] <graham> ok. gtg. cheers
[15:16:52] <marcog> for a single pc
[15:16:56] <Sigh> tibid: calc 500 * 500
[15:16:56] <tibid> Sigh: 250000
[15:17:00] <bob> damn cheers graham
[15:17:01] <Sigh> 1/4 bar.
[15:17:04] <Sigh> bye.
[15:17:06] <marcog> we can surely get a much better rate
[15:17:13] <Sigh> Even if you get at 50% off.
[15:17:17] <Sigh> Thats still 125 000
[15:17:23] <Sigh> Logistically that makes no sense.
[15:17:29] <Sigh> and it's not just the actual pc's marco.
[15:17:31] <Sigh> It's power.
[15:17:37] <bob> Yes, I agree with Sigh
[15:17:42] <marcog> tumbleweed: your thoughts?
[15:17:47] <Sigh> You can only run like 10 PC's per 15A db board.
[15:17:48] <Nomad010> so are we onto section "Teach the kids" yet
[15:17:50] <ShadowMaster> ok I should go too
[15:17:54] <bob> it would be better to use the infrastructure that we already have
[15:17:57] <Sigh> I've been hosting lans for AGES.
[15:18:00] <Sigh> Power, networking
[15:18:03] <Sigh> huge problems.
[15:18:05] <bob> during the holidays, are any of the labs being used?
[15:18:10] <Nomad010> bob: yes
[15:18:15] <Sigh> Some are.
[15:18:18] <marcog> Sigh: i spoke to hussien, he says they can sort it out for us
[15:18:28] <Sigh> Hussein is being retarded.
[15:18:39] <Sigh> It costs Frag like 120k
[15:18:45] <Sigh> Just to do power and networking for a 500 man event.
[15:18:50] <Sigh> They have one every december.
[15:18:52] <dougx> guys I think hiring thing is just too expensive if you can book 3 uct labs that should be enough?
[15:18:54] <Nomad010> Sigh: 120k
[15:18:55] <bob> we still need to get to like who's going to write this proposal and stuff.
[15:18:55] <Sigh> And that is RAW cost.
[15:19:00] <Nomad010> not a chance
[15:19:14] <Sigh> Nomad010: I read the audit report.
[15:19:17] <Sigh> For frag.
[15:19:17] <Nomad010> pl
[15:19:18] <Nomad010> ok
[15:19:22] <Nomad010> enough of this
[15:19:32] <marcog> bob yes i agree
[15:19:44] <Sigh> Just note in the minutes that logistics need to be discussed.
[15:19:48] <Nomad010> so i have two problems with section "teach the kids"
[15:19:52] <marcog> we need 2 people at minimum to dedicate time to this
[15:20:10] <marcog> Nomad010|Masters: write them on the pad
[15:20:18] <bob> so we were still discussing collaboration with other universities...
[15:20:26] <Nomad010> marcog: 1 of them is a question
[15:20:33] <marcog> Nomad010: ya?
[15:20:34] <Nomad010> is this for this year?
[15:20:38] <marcog> no
[15:20:40] <Nomad010> ok
[15:20:47] <Nomad010> cos the dates are like soccer'ed
[15:20:49] <bob> Are there enough universities out there with motivated people? And how do we get in contact with those motivated people?
[15:20:57] <marcog> ya Nomad010
[15:21:24] <marcog> bob we have to talk around on mailing lists and irc channels be proactive ask people
[15:21:38] <tumbleweed> marcog: sorry, had to run afk will read scrollback in a few minutes
[15:21:51] <bob> yes. okay.
[15:22:04] <marcog> we need people who are going to seriously take this forward
[15:22:08] <Nomad010> ok
[15:22:09] <marcog> who is going to do this?
[15:22:12] <Nomad010> ni
[15:22:13] <Nomad010> no
[15:22:20] <marcog> thanks Nomad010
[15:22:22] <Nomad010> they have both left already
[15:22:22] <marcog> one more?
[15:22:30] <bob> I will
[15:22:31] <Sigh> I don't mind helping with the actual event.
[15:22:31] <Nomad010> i said no
[15:22:44] <Michiel> dont mind with the event'
[15:22:49] <Sigh> Setting up rooms, projectors, etc.
[15:22:51] <marcog> Sigh: we need people to help now with proposal and shit
[15:22:53] <Nomad010> i can help with the event
[15:22:56] <Michiel> cant be dedicated though or ill fail
[15:22:59] <marcog> that is crucial
[15:23:01] <Nomad010> i am bogged down with masters crap
[15:23:02] <Sigh> But I generally avoid buerocratic bullshit.
[15:23:17] <Sigh> I am bogged down with non-academic things :)
[15:23:18] <Nomad010> Sigh: you generally avoid a lot
[15:23:21] <bob> Sigh: wise man
[15:23:26] <dougx> I can fly down to CT for the event (if gauteng is retarded)
[15:23:40] <bob> anyways I'll be willing to do the proposal and stuff
[15:23:43] <Sigh> I avoid lectures :)
[15:23:45] <Nomad010> lol
[15:23:49] <dougx> lol
[15:23:53] <marcog> dougx: we wanna try nationalise this, so would prefer it if you could stay in jhb :P
[15:24:03] <Sigh> K, can we hustle this? I have a certain lady friend to visit :)
[15:24:12] <marcog> bob: we need minimum one more dedicated person on this
[15:24:23] <Nomad010> i also wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky
[15:24:23] <marcog> otherwise this just won't happen
[15:24:25] <dougx> marcog: then we must use "in your face" advertising or invitation to get people involved
[15:24:34] <Nomad010> marcog: shadowmaster and graham have left
[15:24:36] <Nomad010> ask them
[15:25:04] <marcog> they have 0 experience with this stuff
[15:25:16] <Nomad010> i don't think either of us have
[15:25:18] <Nomad010> *any
[15:25:36] <bob> The only experience comes from December camp and Python course
[15:25:38] <marcog> well we need to get someone then
[15:25:40] <Sigh> Ok.
[15:25:41] <bob> who was involved in December camp?
[15:25:44] <Sigh> Fml, cancelled.
[15:25:56] <marcog> bob i pretty much did 95% of the organising myself
[15:26:05] <dougx> bad
[15:26:22] <dougx> marcog really needs some help, people
[15:26:35] <bob> dougx: marcog is leaving
[15:26:40] <Nomad010> marcog: when will this be happening
[15:26:41] <bob> thats the problem :P
[15:26:42] <marcog> dougx: i can't step myself in this time, i have a thesis to finish
[15:26:58] <bob> what time frame are we looking at?
[15:27:00] <marcog> Nomad010: that's part of the proposal we need to work on but some time next year
[15:27:09] <bob> We need to do the proposals and stuff now now now
[15:27:14] <marcog> yes
[15:27:23] <marcog> i can't emphasies that enough
[15:27:41] <marcog> like you need a solid draft of a plan by the end of the week
[15:27:41] <Nomad010> i have a ton of other crap to do now now now
[15:27:45] <dougx> any proposal template online?
[15:27:48] <Nomad010> omg
[15:27:51] <marcog> send it around to uct staff, steve, dougx , etc
[15:28:11] <Michiel> marcog: cant we perhaps look at Peter getting involved?
[15:28:12] <Nomad010> marcog: what does this person need to do
[15:28:06] <marcog> dougx: my idea
[15:28:16] <bob> is pretty much a proposal
[15:28:26] <Nomad010> bob: just the proposal
[15:28:28] <Nomad010> ?
[15:28:34] <marcog> Michiel: i'd really prefer not to
[15:28:38] <bob> marcog: if we getst funding would we organise secretary?
[15:28:43] <marcog> Michiel: there are other people out there
[15:28:51] <Michiel> he has the experience...
[15:28:54] <Nomad010> bob:
[15:28:57] <marcog> bob: we can budget it and see
[15:29:12] <marcog> Michiel: he also has his own way of doing things
[15:29:15] <Nomad010> if it is just the proposal then i am willing to help out
[15:29:16] <Michiel> true
[15:29:28] <marcog> Michiel: and honestly, he's not *that* great at what he does
[15:29:34] <marcog> Michiel: there are better people
[15:29:36] <Nomad010> get donald
[15:29:37] <bob> Cool Nomad010.
[15:30:00] <marcog> Nomad010: i'd honestly agree with that idea
[15:30:33] <marcog> also i'd like to point out for proposal: we have michelle, james, gary, hussein and steve that can help
[15:30:36] <marcog> who have experience
[15:30:36] <bob> Hmm... I don't really know donald that well. Who would approach him?
[15:30:52] <Nomad010> james will be away until next week
[15:30:55] <marcog> bob i can put you in contact with him
[15:30:58] <Nomad010> bob: ok i'll help on the proposal
[15:31:12] <bob> Sigh: you know donald pretty well don't you?
[15:31:19] <Nomad010> bob: nice
[15:31:21] <marcog> Nomad010: thanks
[15:31:56] <Nomad010> i hate all you humans
[15:31:59] <Nomad010> btw
[15:32:05] <Sigh> If you mean 'does he molest me'
[15:32:06] <Sigh> then no.
[15:32:08] <Sigh> ;p
[15:32:13] <marcog> bob: can you write up a summary of what we discussed now
[15:32:17] <bob> okay so now I want to know, is this proposal only going to be for this one huge course thingy
[15:32:22] <marcog> and what needs to be done *now*
[15:32:29] <Sigh> I know him pretty much as well as any other SACO coach.
[15:32:37] <marcog> bob: that needs to be worked on
[15:32:45] <marcog> people need to pass around ideas
[15:33:05] <bob> we're not going to ask them for funding for anything else like pizzas at competitions or video cameras or anything?
[15:33:12] <marcog> no
[15:33:18] <Sigh> Go for the big pot.
[15:33:26] <Sigh> After that, they might be like
[15:33:29] <Sigh> "here, have a camera"
[15:33:41] <marcog> is this possible...
[15:33:43] <bob> okay good idea. We need to do this so well...
[15:33:55] <marcog> we ask them for equipment for the event
[15:33:58] <marcog> and instead of hiring
[15:34:03] <marcog> we buy it for permanent use?
[15:34:09] <marcog> or bad idea?
[15:34:16] <dougx> marcog: good idea
[15:34:32] <dougx> but who's gonna be responsible for storing it and stuff
[15:34:43] <Nomad010> bob: if you need to contact me urgently then email me rather irc
[15:34:49] <marcog> uct societies get a locker
[15:34:49] <bob> But what do we do with it afterwards???
[15:34:51] <Nomad010> i'll probably get it faster
[15:34:55] <bob> Nomad010noted
[15:35:23] <marcog> bob, try rope graham into this as well
[15:35:35] <bob> marcog: I'm not so sure about that idea...
[15:35:37] <marcog> ShadowMaster: is rather busy
[15:35:42] <marcog> bob why?
[15:35:49] <bob> yeah graham is pretty good at this stuff
[15:36:10] <bob> computers are expensive and what do we do with them after the event?
[15:36:14] <marcog> and bob, also try get hayley after wed
[15:36:21] <marcog> no not that equipment
[15:36:26] <marcog> i mean like cameras and shit
[15:36:32] <tumbleweed> .
[15:36:43] <marcog> tumbleweed: ?
[15:36:49] * tumbleweed is back
[15:36:51] <bob> oh right
[15:36:56] <bob> yes good idea
[15:36:58] <marcog> tumbleweed: wb
[15:37:32] <marcog> tumbleweed: would you be keen to aid in getting the proposal out?
[15:37:41] <marcog> since you have a lot of technical expertise
[15:38:35] <tumbleweed> marcog: I can help
[15:38:48] <marcog> thanks
[15:39:08] <bob> thanks tumbleweed.
[15:40:35] <bob> meeting adjorned?
[15:40:50] <Nomad010> adjourned
[15:40:52] <marcog> so, we have bob and nomad010 in charge; tumbleweed and maybe hayley helping; and then try also get graham
[15:40:59] <Nomad010> for the proposal
[15:41:01] <marcog> tibid: end meeting