Meeting about August Python course

Convened at 2010-06-23 18:00:02.509457 by Michiel in #algorithm on shadowfire


[18:00:02] STARTED (Michiel)
[18:23:01] AGREED: Accept 110, to aim to get > 100 (Michiel)
[18:24:16] AGREED: tumbleweed will talk to ctpug for tutors (Michiel)
[18:24:42] AGREED: Michiel will book venues with Gerhard (Michiel)
[18:25:55] AGREED: marcog will send email about tutors (marcog)
[18:33:56] AGREED: bob to ask steve about stellies course a few weeks after uct course (marcog)
[18:38:16] AGREED: umonya money will NOT be used for August course (Michiel)
[18:38:47] AGREED: bob to ask for sponsorship (marcog)
[18:44:44] AGREED: problems from last time were great, though some may need to be slightly less ambiguous (marcog)
[18:51:17] AGREED: Currently we will get Bernie to do the food, this could be reevaluated when we have money (Michiel)
[18:57:39] AGREED: bob will design a poster for math digest (Michiel)
[19:00:27] AGREED: Deadline for submissions 13 august, announcement 17 august (Michiel)
[19:05:28] AGREED: Michiel will send email 19 July (Michiel)
[19:05:55] AGREED: Michiel will send email 19 July, and 13 July (Michiel)
[19:10:24] AGREED: ShadowMaster and Hamdulay to post letters (marcog)
[19:10:48] AGREED: ShadowMaster will handle postage 6 July, with Hamdulay asisting (Michiel)
[19:11:06] AGREED: Vaughan helping ShadowMaster and Hamdulay posting (marcog)
[19:12:08] AGREED: Michiel will handle prep of letter and lables (Michiel)
[19:19:24] AGREED: minor editing on course notes by lecturers supervised by bob (Michiel)
[19:23:17] AGREED: Michiel will fight with icts for accounts ASAP (Michiel)
[19:23:48] AGREED: will try wing IDE, from n:\saco\saco (Michiel)
[19:30:36] AGREED: use short aptitude question, to be discussed offline (Michiel)
[19:35:07] AGREED: target market g7-9 + 10-12 without IT (Michiel)
[19:40:54] AGREED: bon wil write email script (Michiel)
[19:42:06] AGREED: bernie will handle queries (Michiel)
[19:47:30] AGREED: lecturers are bob, poulter, zy and Michiel (Michiel)
[19:48:17] ENDED (marcog)


Raw Log

[18:00:02] <Michiel> tibid: start meeting about August Python course
[18:00:02] * tibid gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[18:00:03] <Vaughan> pahahaha
[18:00:05] <zy> which is why I left irc open
[18:00:11] <Michiel> Lol
[18:00:30] <Michiel> Ok so we are having another course in August
[18:00:44] <Michiel> agenda ^
[18:00:38] <Michiel>
[18:01:09] <Michiel> for those who dont have it
[18:01:31] <Michiel> Is everyone present?
[18:01:38] * marcog
[18:01:45] * ShadowMaster
[18:01:50] * Vaughan
[18:01:52] <ShadowMaster> tibid I am Kosie
[18:01:52] <tibid> ShadowMaster: Done
[18:02:03] * graham
[18:02:04] <Vaughan> tibid I am Vaughan
[18:02:04] <tibid> Vaughan: Done
[18:02:08] * UnUnOctium 
[18:02:08] <Michiel> HayleyM: ?
[18:02:09] <graham> tibid: I am Graham
[18:02:09] <tibid> graham: Done
[18:02:10] <zy> tibid I am Henk
[18:02:10] <tibid> zy: Done
[18:02:37] <marcog> Michiel: hayley said she'd be a little late
[18:02:44] <Hamdulay> tibid: I am Yaseen
[18:02:44] <tibid> Hamdulay: Done
[18:02:46] <Michiel> ok, First point is extending the duration of the course
[18:03:08] <Michiel> i think adding an extra day would be stupid
[18:03:16] <HayleyM> tibid I am Hayley
[18:03:16] <tibid> HayleyM: Sure
[18:03:23] <zy> I dont think its a good idea either
[18:03:35] <Vaughan> Michiel: is it only one day atm?
[18:03:38] <ShadowMaster> Michiel: we also have the problem that Friday is Mosque day
[18:03:45] <Michiel> but we might as suggested start later and go on further on Sunday
[18:04:05] <zy> ShadowMaster: but isnt that from 12 on friday?
[18:04:07] <Michiel> ShadowMaster: every friday?
[18:04:18] <zy> what time would we start?
[18:04:18] <BlaQ_PhoeniX> 1 PM on fridays
[18:04:28] <HayleyM> what time on sunday would you start (if you wanted to avoid church?)
[18:04:33] <marcog> ShadowMaster: we start after mosque
[18:04:39] <ShadowMaster> marcog: good
[18:04:50] <marcog> let me find the old schedule
[18:04:52] <Hamdulay> mosque usually ends at like 1:30
[18:04:53] <zy> last time we started at 4 iirc
[18:05:23] <Michiel> yeh friday and saturday i dont care much about those are good
[18:05:26] <zy> although there was stuff happening earlier that was not critical
[18:05:34] <Michiel> sunday is the problem
[18:05:46] <marcog> 14:30 optional, 16:00 real start
[18:05:53] <marcog> i think that went well enough
[18:06:08] <Michiel> marcog: second that
[18:06:09] <marcog> ended at 19:00
[18:06:15] <marcog> so i think friday was perfect
[18:06:25] <marcog> as was saturday, 9am-5pm
[18:06:35] <marcog> sunday is the problem, we had 9am-1pm
[18:06:57] <graham> surely people can go to church in the evening if they want?
[18:07:01] <ShadowMaster> church is around 9ish
[18:07:01] <Michiel> what if we hve 9am opt, 11 real?
[18:07:03] <HayleyM> I would suggest 10.30 start on sunday
[18:07:10] <zy> do we want to run later on sunday?
[18:07:11] <marcog> Hamdulay: church
[18:07:15] <HayleyM> Optional start at 9am
[18:07:26] <marcog> *hayleyM ^
[18:07:30] <zy> I am worried about the tutors that may have work to do over that weekend
[18:07:46] <HayleyM> or offer an extra session for those who need more help from 9-11am
[18:07:50] <Michiel> marcog: we get something minimal for the optional session
[18:07:51] <marcog> zy: optional time would have few tutors
[18:08:16] <Michiel> and what time do we propose ending? 14:00?
[18:08:17] <marcog> just remember if we do sunday through lunch, that means more food
[18:08:26] <marcog> we had 4 hours last time
[18:08:28] <zy> optional during church sounds good to me
[18:08:31] <Vaughan> i would be able to work on sunday
[18:08:39] <marcog> 11am-3pm then
[18:08:43] <zy> the problem is when everyone's church service is finished
[18:08:54] <Michiel> 3pm means more food
[18:09:01] <graham> as i say, surely they can just go at a different time?
[18:09:03] <marcog> zy: good point, then 11:30?
[18:09:14] <HayleyM> we normally have dance classes on sunday and the students all agreed to start by 11, church done by then
[18:09:24] <marcog> or 12pm-4pm and then those who come for optional slot bring their own food?
[18:09:25] <zy> graham makes a good point, most churches have evening services
[18:09:36] <marcog> HayleyM: ah good
[18:09:47] <marcog> so 11am-3pm then sounds good?
[18:09:52] <zy> so 11 to 3 sounds good
[18:09:54] <Michiel> yeah
[18:10:00] <Michiel> agreed
[18:10:01] <HayleyM> agree
[18:10:05] <marcog> graham: very often there is only a morning mass
[18:10:12] <graham> hmm ok
[18:10:18] <Michiel> ok lets move on to dates
[18:10:23] <marcog> graham: like the church i go to in sea point is only at 10am on sunday
[18:10:30] <zy> although I know people attend both sometimes
[18:10:32] <Michiel> 27 is suggested
[18:11:04] <marcog> Michiel: when you spoke to phil, was that the date we agreed on back then?
[18:11:14] <marcog> zy: yep
[18:11:18] <Michiel> phil or gerhard?
[18:11:39] <marcog> phil re: maths dates
[18:11:48] <Michiel> 20-22 August was what i discussed with Gerhard
[18:12:05] <Michiel> which is what i discussed with phile
[18:12:16] <zy> I like the 27th except that there might be tests after that weekend
[18:12:23] <Michiel> anyone have a problem with that?
[18:12:38] <Michiel> 20-22 is managabe
[18:12:44] <marcog> 20-22 might be better, if phil and gerhard agreed to it
[18:12:47] <Michiel> Managable
[18:13:18] <zy> no problem here
[18:13:21] <Michiel> we dont want it too close to exams and tests either will stop us getting help
[18:13:30] <graham> ShadowMaster and I have IOI
[18:13:43] <marcog> graham: when is that?
[18:13:44] <Michiel> graham: when is that>?
[18:13:46] <HayleyM> sounds like a good plan, its 2 weeks before end of term
[18:13:58] <graham> 12-23 i think
[18:14:12] <marcog> hmm, then we might want to hold it a week later
[18:14:26] <zy> anyone have a problem with 27?
[18:14:34] <Michiel> marcog: ill pull up that conversation with phile
[18:14:48] <Michiel> i think there was a problem thinking back
[18:14:57] <marcog> kk
[18:15:03] <marcog> also asking him now
[18:15:20] <HayleyM> Obviously I won't be there to help
[18:15:29] <marcog> nor will i
[18:15:34] <tumbleweed> tibid: I am Stefano Rivera
[18:15:34] <tibid> tumbleweed: Done
[18:15:39] <marcog> but i can do what i can from here
[18:16:02] <marcog> tibid: I am Marco Gallotta
[18:16:02] <tibid> marcog: Righto
[18:16:57] <Michiel> im having trouble finding it
[18:17:04] <Michiel> I am Michiel Baird
[18:17:04] <marcog> Michiel: phil says what was on that date isn't important
[18:17:07] <marcog> maths series
[18:17:26] <marcog> so 27th unless any objections?
[18:17:35] <zy> sounds good to me
[18:17:37] <Michiel> ok agreed
[18:17:41] <Hamdulay> agreed
[18:17:45] <ShadowMaster> agreed
[18:17:52] <marcog> Michiel: you need to check with gerhard asap then
[18:17:57] <marcog> and CC hussein
[18:18:11] <marcog> i'll get to the reason why when we get to the point
[18:18:17] <Michiel> if we cant get 27th can we go 20th?
[18:18:18] <ShadowMaster> tibid agreed 27th is date of august python course
[18:18:18] <tibid> ShadowMaster: One learns a new thing every day
[18:18:32] <marcog> Michiel: yup
[18:18:41] <ShadowMaster> tibid forget agreed 27th
[18:18:41] <tibid> ShadowMaster: Yessir
[18:18:52] <Michiel> of Venues we are doing both labs
[18:19:01] <dougx> sorry late
[18:19:12] <marcog> Michiel: lab A+B plus 302+303
[18:19:19] <marcog> hey dougx
[18:19:23] <Higure> hmm I should be on ubuntu but too lazy to restart ^.^
[18:19:23] <dougx> hey marcog
[18:19:24] <Higure> hey ppl btw
[18:19:30] <marcog> hey Higure
[18:19:39] <tumbleweed> tibid: minutes so far
[18:19:39] <tibid> Minutes available at
[18:19:43] <zy> lab A = how many people? same for B?
[18:19:45] <Michiel> Higure: meeting in progress
[18:19:55] <zy> hi Higure
[18:19:55] <Michiel> ok so 100 kids?
[18:19:58] <marcog> zy: A = 88 PCs, B = about 30
[18:20:13] <marcog> zy: but we want to test the split between labs for umonya
[18:20:28] <zy> I was jsut interested in the capacity
[18:20:31] <marcog> Michiel: i say select 115, with the aim of getting 110
[18:20:32] <Higure> Michiel: i know just checked my gmail now
[18:20:43] <Higure> zy: sup
[18:20:57] <Michiel> marcog ok but if a pc fails?
[18:21:07] <marcog> tibid: 88+30
[18:21:07] <tibid> marcog: 118
[18:21:17] <HayleyM> I wouldn't rely on all the PCs
[18:21:28] <marcog> Michiel: invite 110 then? to be safe
[18:21:34] <marcog> 110 won't come
[18:21:37] <marcog> we've seen this
[18:21:38] <zy> there's usually 1 or 2 not working
[18:21:47] <marcog> this leaves min 8 spare
[18:21:49] <Michiel> agreed we also want some admin pcs
[18:21:50] <HayleyM> I would say accept 110, get 105, leeway for tutors to use a few
[18:21:53] <zy> haven't had many pcs in the lab fail
[18:22:03] <marcog> HayleyM: yup, the aim is to get 100
[18:22:18] <Michiel> im fine with that
[18:22:28] <Michiel> objections?
[18:22:39] * Higure reads minutes
[18:22:41] <zy> wouldnt go less than 110
[18:22:45] <marcog> we should be able to get the increase in tutors
[18:22:47] <marcog> i think
[18:22:56] <tumbleweed> ctpug people for a start
[18:23:01] <Michiel> tibid: agreed Accept 110, to aim to get > 100
[18:23:01] <tibid> Agreed: Accept 110, to aim to get > 100
[18:23:06] <marcog> tumbleweed: you think they'd be keen?
[18:23:19] <HayleyM> i know a few who didn't know they could tutor last time
[18:23:19] <tumbleweed> marcog: I reckno you could get a couple of them
[18:23:24] <marcog> k cool
[18:23:26] <Michiel> tumbleweed: could you talk to them?
[18:23:46] <marcog> HayleyM: we didn't advertise widely because we knew we had plenty
[18:23:47] <tumbleweed> Michiel: sure, will do
[18:24:16] <Michiel> tibid: agreed tumbleweed will talk to ctpug for tutors
[18:24:16] <tibid> Agreed: tumbleweed will talk to ctpug for tutors
[18:24:39] <HayleyM> yeah, but they are available, shouldn't be a problem, i think its lecturers we need to look at
[18:24:41] <marcog> tumbleweed: just bump it through me, i'm managing tutors
[18:24:42] <Michiel> tibid: agreed Michiel will book venues with Gerhard
[18:24:42] <tibid> Agreed: Michiel will book venues with Gerhard
[18:25:14] <Michiel> Next point is co-hosting
[18:25:20] <Higure> Michiel: btw do you guys have enought tutors?
[18:25:41] <marcog> Higure: we should be fine, but i'll send around a msg about that shortly
[18:25:43] <zy> when we get to discussing tutors, discuss how many, how long we want each to tutor for?
[18:25:45] <Michiel> Higure: we will get enough
[18:25:55] <marcog> tibid: agreed marcog will send email about tutors
[18:25:55] <tibid> Agreed: marcog will send email about tutors
[18:26:11] <Michiel> ok Should we co-host for August?
[18:26:37] <marcog> Michiel: personally i think we should focus on getting stellies people to help us
[18:26:41] <HayleyM> did we skip the 'More practice time' point or now later in agenda?
[18:26:44] <marcog> to test out that model
[18:26:53] <Michiel> marcog: i agree
[18:26:55] <Hamdulay> last time didn't go that great witht the co-hosting thing
[18:27:06] <marcog> yeah
[18:27:07] <HayleyM> marcog: I agree
[18:27:20] <Michiel> HayleyM: i missed that thnk you
[18:27:22] <marcog> get them used to working with us for umonya
[18:27:32] <bob> sorry, I'm here now
[18:27:35] <zy> if we co-host I think we will want to record video before the course
[18:27:45] <Michiel> tibid: minutes so far
[18:27:45] <tibid> Minutes available at
[18:27:52] <zy> in case there is trouble with the streaming like last time
[18:28:04] <marcog> zy: we have a full recording from feb
[18:28:13] <zy> cool
[18:28:16] <Michiel> zy: i think we should skip the co-shost for this couse
[18:28:26] <marcog> dougx: do you think the folks in jhb would be able to put something on?
[18:28:37] <marcog> if we give them recordings of the feb course
[18:28:39] <zy> I think we should try for at least 1 other venue
[18:28:49] <dougx> nah, we'll have to ask at
[18:29:08] <marcog> how about the dude from bloem?
[18:29:22] <dougx> sixhourtennis: ?
[18:29:35] <marcog> dougx: he'll be in CT afaik
[18:29:43] <marcog> helping us i hope :P
[18:29:50] * dougx will be away as well
[18:29:57] <marcog> i know
[18:30:02] <marcog> that's why i asked
[18:30:12] <dougx> :-p
[18:30:21] <zy> what about the suggestion of having a course in stellies the following weekend?
[18:30:32] <marcog> that could work
[18:30:37] <marcog> bob: when are stellies vacs?
[18:30:46] <Michiel> i like that idea
[18:30:49] <bob> End 18 July
[18:30:56] <marcog> no next ones
[18:30:57] <bob> I'll check when the next start
[18:31:38] <bob> 4-12 Sept
[18:31:42] <HayleyM> that week is in the middle of stellenbosch exams
[18:31:50] <marcog> bob: maybe check this with steve, see what he thinks about sending a few tutors to the CT course then us sending a few the following week for a stellies course?
[18:31:52] <HayleyM> i mean weekend
[18:32:22] <Michiel> so we need to talk to steve about this
[18:32:33] <marcog> hmm, then maybe after they come back from that sep vac
[18:32:35] <Michiel> who is in kzn>
[18:32:47] <bob> It will be good for us to practice hosting at a different venue
[18:32:50] <marcog> Michiel: they not ready just yet, bob still needs to liase with then
[18:33:10] <Michiel> ok
[18:33:10] <marcog> and stellenbosch we can send people, kzn we can't atm
[18:33:18] <Michiel> true
[18:33:47] <Michiel> i think we should postpone this point until we talk to steve?
[18:33:50] <zy> so we'll need to discuss cohosting at stellenbosch at a later time then
[18:33:56] <marcog> tibid: agreed bob to ask steve about stellies course a few weeks after uct course
[18:33:56] <tibid> Agreed: bob to ask steve about stellies course a few weeks after uct course
[18:34:10] <Michiel> Next point sponsors
[18:34:19] <HayleyM> UCT starts term again 13 Sept, maybe a course 17-19 Sept?
[18:34:22] <Michiel> graham: this is where you comw ine
[18:34:36] <marcog> HayleyM: we can discuss that after bob talks to steve
[18:34:47] <marcog> Michiel: no this is you and bob
[18:34:52] <Michiel> fuuu
[18:34:52] <marcog> bob is handling sponsors
[18:34:53] <Michiel> :P
[18:35:03] <marcog> you need to give bob the stuff from last time
[18:35:08] <marcog> and he's gonna handle it
[18:35:13] <marcog> the proposals, etc.
[18:35:22] <Michiel> who will we send to>
[18:35:24] <Michiel> ?
[18:35:33] <marcog> for now, just BSG and S1
[18:35:36] <bob> marco: I have the proposal that was in SVN
[18:35:40] <Michiel> CHPC?
[18:35:41] <marcog> ah ok
[18:35:48] <bob> Marco, what about aims?
[18:35:50] <marcog> Michiel: i'd axe them, they're too fail
[18:36:00] <marcog> bob: interesting idea, you could try them
[18:36:02] <bob> I know they were mentioned last time, but I can't remember what we decided about them.
[18:36:15] <marcog> that was about hosting it there
[18:36:17] <bob> Okay, I'll try.
[18:36:21] <bob> Ah yes.
[18:36:40] <Michiel> do we know what google is saying about co-sponsors yet?
[18:36:48] <marcog> no response yet
[18:36:50] <bob> Michiel: no reply yet
[18:37:13] <Michiel> ok, if we can we should try do thi independently from that money
[18:37:15] <marcog> 47-47
[18:37:21] <Michiel> WOW
[18:37:36] <marcog> Michiel: yes, no ways we taking funds from umonya for this we have to draw the line
[18:37:49] <Michiel> I agree
[18:38:16] <Michiel> tibid: Agreed umonya money will NOT be used for August course
[18:38:16] <tibid> Agreed: umonya money will NOT be used for August course
[18:38:46] * Higure is tempted to tell tibid the money will be used for pizza
[18:38:47] <marcog> tibid: agreed bob to ask for sponsorship
[18:38:47] <tibid> Agreed: bob to ask for sponsorship
[18:39:03] <marcog> Higure: umonya money will be
[18:39:04] <marcog> :P
[18:39:08] <Michiel> Sponsors settled then can we backtract to practice time>
[18:39:11] <marcog> hey Taejo
[18:39:14] <Michiel> ?
[18:39:16] <marcog> tibid: minutes so far
[18:39:16] <tibid> Minutes available at
[18:39:26] <marcog> Michiel: yup
[18:39:47] <marcog> HayleyM: your thoughts?
[18:39:59] <Michiel> i think the course should be restructured to allow for this, and keep those ahead interested
[18:40:11] <Michiel> this will be hard though
[18:40:23] <zy> Michiel: I agree on both points
[18:40:33] <tumbleweed> um, talking sponsors. we need to start locking into sponsors for the other courses RSN
[18:40:35] <marcog> i think practical session were awesome
[18:40:42] <tumbleweed> and some money will have to be spent in august, on AV
[18:40:56] <HayleyM> I think we should introduce a topic and demo a simplish example on the board
[18:40:58] <marcog> tumbleweed: RSN?
[18:40:59] <bob> tumbleweed: we don't need AV in august
[18:41:04] <tumbleweed> marcog: real soon now
[18:41:05] <marcog> bob we do
[18:41:11] <HayleyM> then allow everyone practice time to get each topic
[18:41:13] <Michiel> marcog: think we should add more of those?
[18:41:19] <Nomad010> gar
[18:41:25] <marcog> tumbleweed: ok, that is for bob but we;ll discuss in the umonya meeting which follows
[18:41:26] <HayleyM> those ahead can work on harder examples
[18:41:39] <marcog> Michiel: no, i think we had the right amount
[18:41:45] <marcog> but within lecture slots
[18:41:51] <marcog> we need to increase prac time
[18:41:59] <marcog> and not drag on into too much detail
[18:42:07] <marcog> and what HayleyM says
[18:42:07] <Nomad010> i see you are discussing some stuff
[18:42:08] <bob> True dat
[18:42:09] <Michiel> yeah i agree, however to do this we need to cut some content
[18:42:28] <bob> Michiel: we just don't need to delve into aas much detail
[18:42:39] <marcog> agreed with bob
[18:42:39] <Michiel> ok i hear you
[18:42:41] <bob> leave the extra stuff for people to read..
[18:43:14] <Michiel> so reading is a prerequisit now ?:P
[18:43:16] <marcog> tibid: minutes so far
[18:43:16] <tibid> Minutes available at
[18:43:19] <marcog> Nomad010: ^
[18:43:30] <HayleyM> The practical sessions means we have more of a sense of progression
[18:43:37] <marcog> yes
[18:43:41] <Nomad010> ok
[18:43:43] <Michiel> so everyone agreeing?
[18:43:48] <HayleyM> if the lectures cover too many topics some get lost in the examples
[18:43:50] <marcog> and the problems we used last time were great
[18:44:02] <marcog> for prac sessions
[18:44:19] <bob> Question: would it be a good idea to have a fairly complicated program, that we build upon the whole way through?
[18:44:23] <marcog> Michiel: we'll have to spond some time on this though
[18:44:29] <HayleyM> problems from last time were great, though some may need to be slightly less ambiguous
[18:44:35] <Michiel> bob: i dont think so
[18:44:44] <marcog> tibid: agreed problems from last time were great, though some may need to be slightly less ambiguous
[18:44:44] <tibid> Agreed: problems from last time were great, though some may need to be slightly less ambiguous
[18:44:47] <Michiel> if people get lost then they are screwed
[18:44:54] <marcog> Michiel: agreed
[18:44:57] <bob> Michieltrue.
[18:45:12] <zy> bob I think that works better when you can work through it at your own pace/use it as a reference
[18:45:21] <Michiel> moving along
[18:45:26] <Michiel> Food
[18:45:41] <zy> I have a c++ book that builds on an accounting program every chapter to show example code
[18:45:50] <Michiel> if we get sponsorship we should ask Bernie to help again she was great
[18:45:57] <marcog> Michiel: i think that's an easy one
[18:46:03] <marcog> bernie was perfect
[18:46:04] <bob> Someone was supposed to fiind out if any of the pizza places will offer reduced prices
[18:46:11] <bob> not neccessarily for this course
[18:46:16] <marcog> just give her more notice, that's all she asked for
[18:46:16] <HayleyM> This may be complicated to do but is it possible to build examples (thinking for Umonye) that are small problems that can be joined together by the final day - code reuse taught early
[18:46:36] <marcog> HayleyM: that sounds like a great idea
[18:46:37] <bob> HayleyM: Yeah, that could work
[18:46:46] <Michiel> agreed
[18:46:48] <marcog> bob: for umonya
[18:47:17] <graham> that sounds cool
[18:47:26] <HayleyM> oops, wrong spelling again
[18:47:27] <bob> Still, I think the pizza should be looked into sooner rather than later...
[18:47:33] <Michiel> bob: would you rather have pizza?
[18:47:43] <zy> HayleyM sounds like a good idea to me
[18:47:53] <Michiel> i think its too expensive tbh
[18:47:59] <marcog> bob: we'll leave that for the next meeting
[18:48:04] <HayleyM> Butlers offers deals if you organise ahead of time - they are in some cases even willing to sponsor the full cost
[18:48:21] <bob> -_- Lets not get into a pizza discussion. Lets say if you get R5k sponsorship, what else would we use it for?
[18:48:41] <marcog> we have 2 meals this time
[18:48:47] <bob> True
[18:48:49] <HayleyM> How much does that work out to each?
[18:48:52] <marcog> 5k is barely enough to cover that
[18:48:57] <Michiel> bob postage, stationary
[18:49:07] <Michiel> small stuff adds up
[18:49:13] <marcog> tibid: (110+15)*2*20
[18:49:13] <tibid> marcog: 5000
[18:49:18] <marcog> HayleyM: ^ :P
[18:49:44] <marcog> i think last time we went for ~15 a person
[18:49:55] <HayleyM> ok, so low cost options then
[18:50:00] <Michiel> so i think we should say Bernie and reevaluate when we have money?
[18:50:34] <marcog> yup
[18:50:40] <HayleyM> yep
[18:50:53] <marcog> ask her for a quote then take it to the sponsors in the proposal
[18:51:08] <bob> Okay.
[18:51:17] <Michiel> tibid: agreed Currently we will get Bernie to do the food, this could be reevaluated when we have money
[18:51:17] <tibid> Agreed: Currently we will get Bernie to do the food, this could be reevaluated when we have money
[18:51:41] <Michiel> Moving along
[18:51:56] <HayleyM> bob: send me a reminder email and i'll send you some food options - we cater a lot for dance functions
[18:52:06] <bob> Cool
[18:52:15] <Michiel> the toughest part of organising the course is working with the schools
[18:52:40] <bob> Yes. Did sending general letters to Schools work out last time?
[18:52:48] <Michiel> bob: yes
[18:52:56] <bob> Or did we only get responses from schools where we contacted the teachers directly?
[18:52:58] <marcog> we must do that earlier this time
[18:53:09] <Michiel> I agree, I cant do it from here
[18:53:13] <marcog> and we should also try calling some schools perhaps?
[18:53:21] <Michiel> seems only ShadowMaster and bob is able
[18:53:23] <marcog> maybe ask bernie?
[18:53:29] <bob> marco: trouble is in choosing which schools to call
[18:53:42] <bob> I mean it could be biased
[18:53:50] <Michiel> marcog: i think we should be careful in abusing her
[18:54:00] <HayleyM> if course is 27 August, what would the application deadline be?
[18:54:16] <marcog> Michiel: ask sonia, she will probably be happy to allow it
[18:54:22] <Michiel> 15 days before?
[18:54:27] <bob> We also have the Comp-Studies mailing list now.
[18:54:52] <Michiel> bob: great idea
[18:54:55] <bob> Schools start around the 13th of July. So giving them a month from that date would be enough right?
[18:55:08] <marcog> HayleyM: we should announce 10 days before, so 12 days before sounds good
[18:55:09] <zy> mailing list sounds like a good idea
[18:55:22] <marcog> bob: we've always used that list though
[18:55:37] <zy> and if we get interest from there, maybe it will be useful for starting clubs at the schools?
[18:55:38] <Michiel> marcog: yes i like that
[18:55:43] <marcog> more important i believe is what i want to bring up
[18:55:50] <bob> Oh really? How about sending a poster to the schools that they can put up?
[18:55:59] <HayleyM> i think you should use the WCape schools list
[18:56:01] <marcog> prof webb has allwed us to send a slip in the maths digest package
[18:56:06] <marcog> which is sent to many schools
[18:56:15] <marcog> but that is being sent in 1 week
[18:56:31] <HayleyM> doesn't eSchools have those mailing lists divided by region?
[18:56:52] <marcog> if we want to do this, we need to design, print and get to webb within 1 week
[18:57:03] <marcog> HayleyM: we use the comp studies list already
[18:57:11] <bob> marcog: Okay... marcog: I'll do that
[18:57:14] <marcog> which is mostly WC
[18:57:20] <bob> Though, I can't do printing
[18:57:21] <HayleyM> ok
[18:57:28] <marcog> but Michiel, this is why we need dates urgent
[18:57:36] <marcog> date of course + deadline
[18:57:39] <Michiel> tibid: agreed bob will design a poster for math digest
[18:57:39] <tibid> Agreed: bob will design a poster for math digest
[18:57:40] <HayleyM> maybe ask Bertus
[18:57:42] <nine> dougx: ?
[18:57:58] <nine> 50 50!
[18:58:05] <bob> marcog: not Neccessarily. We can tell them to visit the website. But it would be better if we gave an indication of the dates.
[18:58:17] <marcog> yes date is better
[18:58:25] <Michiel> eveyone happy with 12 days before?
[18:58:29] <dougx> nine: wanted to find out if you'd be in jhb in august but I've already been told won't be
[18:58:45] <HayleyM> agreed on 12 days before
[18:58:47] <nine> dougx: yeah
[18:58:56] <bob> Yes. But will we have a dead-deadline or a soft deadline?
[18:59:18] <marcog> Michiel: make it the friday 2 weeks before, with announcement going out tuesday the week before?
[18:59:23] <bob> Last time I think I was still letting people in the day before :/ But only exceptional cases.
[18:59:31] <marcog> yes
[18:59:33] <Michiel> marcog: of
[18:59:40] <Michiel> ok
[19:00:27] <Michiel> tibid: agreed Deadline for submissions 13 august, announcement 17 august
[19:00:27] <tibid> Agreed: Deadline for submissions 13 august, announcement 17 august
[19:00:37] <bob> If we print posters, sponsors might want there logos on them
[19:01:10] <Michiel> bob: they cant blame us if we send it out before we know who thy are
[19:01:14] <marcog> bob they usually don't care enough, so don't worry about that until we get sponsors
[19:01:18] <Taejo> isn't that pretty much the definition of sponsor?
[19:01:20] <bob> kk
[19:01:33] <zy> when we get sponsors we can worry about putitng their logos on stuff
[19:01:39] <marcog> Taejo: last time s1 sponsored the lunch => they gave a talk
[19:01:44] <Taejo> ok
[19:01:47] <marcog> and were mentioned in the article
[19:01:53] <Taejo> fair enough
[19:02:05] <Michiel> Ok so who will send out the intial invatations via email?
[19:02:30] <bob> he he...
[19:03:08] <bob> wow, it got quite all of a sudden...
[19:03:09] <nine> I think the score just overflowed on the winbledon site...
[19:03:10] <Michiel> I have the list so ill set one up again
[19:03:11] <bob> *quiet
[19:03:26] <Michiel> nine: score atm?
[19:03:34] <marcog> 41-40
[19:03:54] <bob> I'll send whoever is sending the email a flier?
[19:03:57] <Michiel> when do you think that email should go out?
[19:04:13] <bob> Michiel: 3 days after term starts...
[19:04:15] <Michiel> as soon as we confirm the date?
[19:04:17] <HayleyM> week after school starts
[19:04:36] <marcog> schools start 13 july, send once when school starts another 1 week after
[19:04:47] <marcog> send postage 1 week before school starts
[19:04:52] <nine_> 50 51 - I think, but it says 0 1
[19:04:57] <graham> lol
[19:05:08] <marcog> nine: you sure it's in the 50's?
[19:05:13] <marcog> i believe it's 40's
[19:05:18] <Michiel> tibid: Michiel will send email 19 July
[19:05:18] <tibid> Michiel: Excuse me?
[19:05:20] <nine_> marcog: 50's
[19:05:28] <Michiel> tibid:Agreed Michiel will send email 19 July
[19:05:28] <tibid> Agreed: Michiel will send email 19 July
[19:05:33] <nine_> they played 100 games
[19:05:38] <marcog> Michiel: no 21:04 <&marcog> schools start 13 july, send once when school starts another 1 week after
[19:05:38] <nine_> fiwrst time ever
[19:05:55] <Michiel> tibid:Agreed Michiel will send email 19 July, and 13 July
[19:05:55] <tibid> Agreed: Michiel will send email 19 July, and 13 July
[19:06:22] <Michiel> who is going to handle the postage?
[19:06:33] <bob> You mean paying for it?
[19:06:36] <marcog> bob and ShadowMaster?
[19:06:47] <bob> Or actually putting letters in the mailbox?
[19:06:50] <marcog> bob: posting it
[19:06:57] <marcog> it's effort++, trust me
[19:06:57] <Michiel> bob: that too, it will be claimed back
[19:07:11] <Michiel> bob: dont underestimate the job
[19:07:30] <Michiel> marcog: send letters when school starts?
[19:07:32] <bob> graham should have money from last time to cover the cost. I'm not in CT so if I post it will be later
[19:07:47] <bob> ShadowMaster: ?
[19:07:48] <marcog> Michiel: 1 week before
[19:07:53] <Michiel> only ShadowMaster is in CT
[19:08:11] <graham> we have about 600 left
[19:08:21] <marcog> Hamdulay, Vaughan: can either of you help ShadowMaster posting?
[19:08:30] <Michiel> graham: after my processed claim? :P
[19:08:37] <bob> graham: really? Hmm.. remind me to ask you about that later.
[19:08:50] <Hamdulay> marcog: sure
[19:08:54] <graham> Michiel: what clain is this?
[19:08:59] <HayleyM> I think you are missing AC ppl who could help, possibly bertus
[19:09:01] <graham> *claim
[19:09:02] <Michiel> the spur claim
[19:09:02] <marcog> ShadowMaster: you there?
[19:09:11] <ShadowMaster> eek
[19:09:14] <ShadowMaster> posting
[19:09:16] <marcog> HayleyM: Hamdulay says he'll help
[19:09:27] <marcog> ShadowMaster: someone has to do it
[19:09:38] <graham> Michiel: checking
[19:09:45] <marcog> it can be done in 3 hours with 2 people
[19:09:45] <ShadowMaster> this is true but generally you try to make sure you're not that someone :P
[19:09:53] <Hamdulay> as long as it doesn't involve too much writing, my handwriting sucks
[19:09:59] <marcog> ShadowMaster: you're the only main AC person in CT
[19:10:02] <bob> -_-
[19:10:06] <ShadowMaster> I'll do it ;)
[19:10:09] <marcog> Hamdulay: it involves lots of folding and licking
[19:10:13] <ShadowMaster> I really just don't want to
[19:10:14] <Michiel> ok
[19:10:15] <ShadowMaster> fuuu
[19:10:22] <ShadowMaster> don't we have water rollers ?
[19:10:24] <marcog> tibid: agreed ShadowMaster and Hamdulay to post letters
[19:10:24] <tibid> Agreed: ShadowMaster and Hamdulay to post letters
[19:10:27] <marcog> ShadowMaster: clothe
[19:10:27] <bob> Great.
[19:10:40] <ShadowMaster> marcog: clothe?
[19:10:48] <Vaughan> marcog: i'll help post
[19:10:48] <Michiel> tibid: Agreed ShadowMaster will handle postage 6 July, with Hamdulay asisting
[19:10:48] <tibid> Agreed: ShadowMaster will handle postage 6 July, with Hamdulay asisting
[19:10:49] <graham> Michiel: yes. i'm being stupid. we didn't pay for that. James did
[19:11:06] <marcog> tibid: agreed Vaughan helping ShadowMaster and Hamdulay posting
[19:11:06] <tibid> Agreed: Vaughan helping ShadowMaster and Hamdulay posting
[19:11:07] <Michiel> graham: great
[19:11:18] <Vaughan> what where when?
[19:11:29] <marcog> Michiel: can you help prepare the postage stuff for them? the electronic labels i mean
[19:11:38] <Michiel> marcog: yeah
[19:11:43] <marcog> Vaughan: in about 2 weeks, ShadowMaster will tell you about it
[19:11:55] <ShadowMaster> soon as I find out the details
[19:11:56] <Michiel> tibid: Michiel will handle prep of letter and lables
[19:11:56] <tibid> Michiel: Huh?
[19:11:59] <Vaughan> ok
[19:12:07] <ShadowMaster> where will we meet to do it?
[19:12:08] <Michiel> tibid: agreed Michiel will handle prep of letter and lables
[19:12:08] <tibid> Agreed: Michiel will handle prep of letter and lables
[19:12:12] <bob> Speaking of labels. How much do those plastic name tag holder things cost?
[19:12:21] <graham> wait. i'm being even more stupid James paid for everything
[19:12:21] <Hamdulay> ShadowMaster: where can we?
[19:12:21] <Michiel> ShadowMaster: discuss ofline
[19:12:27] <ShadowMaster> ok
[19:12:29] <bob> I know they're always very stingy with them at R3
[19:12:31] <graham> so once we get repaid, we have > 2000
[19:12:57] <marcog> graham: that's a nice buffer
[19:13:03] <Michiel> Facebook event?
[19:13:14] <Michiel> who will handle this?
[19:13:37] <bob> The problem is that people can't say they're "attending" until after we've announced
[19:13:40] <marcog> i think focussing on website is more valueable
[19:13:53] <Michiel> true, so scract that idea?
[19:13:54] <bob> and then it kinda defeats the point, which was more for viral advertising
[19:14:06] <nine> 52 52!!
[19:14:09] <Michiel> scrath
[19:14:16] <zy> bob think you can set it so an admin must approve your 'attending' status?
[19:14:18] <marcog> Michiel: for now, yup...perhaps once we can do that when we send the invitations
[19:14:28] <graham> scract. scrath
[19:14:30] <Michiel> ok agreed
[19:14:52] <Michiel> ok now me move on to content
[19:15:04] <nine> just to confirm, the game counter wraps around 50 :P
[19:15:08] <Michiel> will we do videos again?
[19:15:18] <marcog> we have to
[19:15:25] <marcog> since we're doing two lbas
[19:15:26] <ShadowMaster> nine: link?
[19:15:27] <marcog> *labs
[19:15:35] <graham> same day or at another time?
[19:15:38] <marcog> i will discuss with Vaughan in next meeting, so move on
[19:15:42] <bob> marco: oh right. But will it be recorded?
[19:15:45] <ShadowMaster> we can though buy a good camera
[19:15:47] <HayleyM> bob: plastic names badges from Merrypak are R165 for 50
[19:15:51] <marcog> bob: next meeting
[19:15:53] <Michiel> tumbleweed: can you take charge of this?
[19:15:53] <ShadowMaster> since we can use the camera for umonya
[19:16:01] <marcog> Michiel: *next* meeting
[19:16:10] <bob> Thanks HayleyM. graham: is it possible?
[19:16:10] <Michiel> ok
[19:16:24] <graham> sounds fine
[19:16:27] <bob> I promise I'll do it properly this time
[19:16:51] <marcog> can we go a bit faster, i don't want to be here too late
[19:16:59] <Michiel> yeah ok
[19:17:01] <HayleyM> sorry
[19:17:05] <bob> yeah, my sister is nagging me to go out.
[19:17:07] <marcog> np
[19:17:13] <Michiel> course notes
[19:17:22] <Michiel> should they be editted?
[19:17:22] <marcog> bob: we have another meeting to follow :P
[19:17:22] <graham> if we are quick, we may catch the end of the tennis :P
[19:17:22] <nine> ShadowMaster:
[19:17:49] <bob> Michiel: yes, I think each lecturer should review his notes
[19:17:52] <HayleyM> course notes need to be edited
[19:17:53] <Michiel> graham: that ends tomorrow
[19:18:02] <bob> but we also need someone to go over the entire thing to make sure its consistant
[19:18:10] <bob> and there aren't unmet dependencies and stuff
[19:18:14] <Michiel> who will take charge of that?
[19:18:17] <bob> I don't mind doing that
[19:18:17] <marcog> we must remember, we're doing a major rewrite for umonya
[19:18:35] <bob> But I *will* delegate
[19:18:37] <marcog> so we don't want to waste too much effort now if we're just going to rewrite the stuff
[19:18:43] <bob> True
[19:18:44] <HayleyM> i think minor review by each lecturer for his section, major rewrite for umonya
[19:18:49] <Michiel> marcog: agreed
[19:18:49] <marcog> yes
[19:18:54] <bob> okay, maybe I should just go through and check for OBVIOUS flaws
[19:19:08] <marcog> and tidy up the exercises
[19:19:12] <marcog> those we can always reuse
[19:19:12] <Michiel> tibid: minor editing on course notes by lecturers supervised by bob
[19:19:12] <tibid> Michiel: What?
[19:19:21] <graham> iirc there was one exercise that required stuff we hadn't got to yet
[19:19:24] <Michiel> tibid:agreed minor editing on course notes by lecturers supervised by bob
[19:19:24] <tibid> Agreed: minor editing on course notes by lecturers supervised by bob
[19:19:35] <marcog> graham: yes! bad
[19:19:47] <marcog> and some sections didn't have enough simple exercises
[19:19:58] <marcog> plus the written exercises were silly in the environment
[19:20:06] <marcog> e.g. what is a bool?
[19:20:16] <Michiel> pace was covered
[19:20:17] <bob> Okay. Are we discussing Applications now?
[19:20:18] <HayleyM> bob: possibly ask Rory to help, he's very good at reading through python lit
[19:20:28] <Michiel> IDEs
[19:20:43] <bob> Ah. Okay, how hard is it to install something in those labs?
[19:21:06] <bob> HayleyM: not sure who that is, but I'll ask you later ;)
[19:21:07] <Michiel> will need to invetigate
[19:21:12] <zy> think you have to get it by ICTS
[19:21:18] <zy> and it involves reimaging
[19:21:18] <nine> 53,53
[19:21:31] <Michiel> what IDEs are being proposed
[19:21:33] <marcog> bob: very difficult
[19:21:38] <marcog> very very difficult
[19:21:51] <HayleyM> Wing IDE I think
[19:21:54] <zy> wing and komodo according to etherpad
[19:22:04] <bob> I think those IDE's can be installed without installing. By simply copying files
[19:22:05] <zy> I'm not familiar with either
[19:22:09] <marcog> HayleyM: +1
[19:22:15] <bob> In which case we just put it in everyone's home folder.
[19:22:23] <marcog> bob: yes, we can install in n:/ssaco/saco
[19:22:32] <Michiel> i think we should pass that and move on
[19:22:35] <marcog> which reminds me Michiel
[19:22:38] <Michiel> agreed?
[19:22:44] <marcog> you're going to have to fight with icts to get accounts
[19:22:45] <bob> no what?
[19:22:53] <Michiel> marcog: will do
[19:22:56] <bob> You mean we should get someone to test it later?
[19:23:03] <marcog> Michiel: start ASAP, seriously
[19:23:04] <bob> Or you want to use idle again?
[19:23:13] <marcog> Michiel: email craig, not gerhard about it
[19:23:17] <Michiel> tibid: agreed Michiel will fight with icts for accounts ASAP
[19:23:17] <tibid> Agreed: Michiel will fight with icts for accounts ASAP
[19:23:45] <marcog> bob: can you take a more serious look into wing ide 101?
[19:23:48] <Michiel> tibid: agreed will try wing IDE, from n:\saco\saco
[19:23:48] <tibid> Agreed: will try wing IDE, from n:\saco\saco
[19:23:52] <marcog> and give your verdict
[19:23:56] <bob> Who here has a windows pc? Its your duty to test if you can "install" wing by only copying it.
[19:24:07] <Michiel> zy:
[19:24:09] <marcog> bob ask ShadowMaster :P
[19:24:10] <Michiel> do that
[19:24:12] <marcog> or zy
[19:24:21] <zy> ok
[19:24:26] <Michiel> Guis?
[19:24:26] <zy> am in windows atm
[19:24:31] <marcog> next
[19:24:34] <bob> Then its your duty.
[19:24:42] <marcog> guis let's discuss another time?
[19:24:46] <Michiel> ok
[19:24:49] <marcog> i think not for this course
[19:24:52] <bob> tibid: agreed Zy will test Wingware 101 IDE to see if it can be installed
[19:24:52] <tibid> bob: One learns a new thing every day
[19:24:54] <Michiel> agreed
[19:24:55] <marcog> if we not rewriting notes
[19:24:59] <bob> :/ fail
[19:25:00] <marcog> but maybe umonya
[19:25:06] <Michiel> Aptitude test?
[19:25:18] <marcog> for what?
[19:25:22] <ShadowMaster> marcog: I haven't used windows in 2 months
[19:25:29] <Michiel> applicaations?
[19:25:30] <marcog> ShadowMaster: zy is doing it
[19:25:34] <ShadowMaster> kk
[19:25:36] <graham> Michiel: what happend to wesite
[19:25:38] <ShadowMaster> just saying
[19:25:40] <graham> *website
[19:25:45] <Michiel> fuuu
[19:25:46] <marcog> Michiel: what i said on the agenda
[19:25:48] <bob> Is Sigh here?
[19:25:51] <Michiel> website first
[19:25:51] <zy> I'll install on here, then copy files to laptop and see if it works
[19:25:56] <marcog> ask them to descibe how to make a sandwhich
[19:26:09] <marcog> bob no
[19:26:11] <graham> sudo make me a sandwich = in
[19:26:13] <zy> or... boot into my xp partition since that is what the lab pcs are running
[19:26:14] <bob> marco: the thing is the question might not be obvious
[19:26:45] <bob> How about a VERY simple robot programming question from R1?
[19:26:48] <zy> can we give them a simple maze and ask them to direct a robot out of it?
[19:27:01] <bob> zy: great minds...
[19:27:05] <marcog> bob: duncan has seen this work in the past
[19:27:12] <marcog> zy: too complicated
[19:27:23] <zy> :) or something like get a robot to walk in the shap of an H?
[19:27:35] <marcog> how does that test logic?
[19:27:37] <marcog> that's random
[19:27:44] <marcog> it's why i hate saco r1
[19:28:02] <bob> how about a maths problem?
[19:28:04] <zy> sigh
[19:28:09] <graham> it is very difficult to test. we need something
[19:28:20] <Michiel> i think we should use some short apptitude question we can discuss ofline
[19:28:34] <bob> Or boolean logic? We can ask a question like "these people tell the truth, these ones lie, something something, blah blahh"
[19:28:37] <Michiel> agredd?
[19:28:56] <marcog> I still say: You have made a friend from Mars, who has never seen a kitchen before. How would you describe to him how to make a sandwhich?
[19:29:00] <graham> ja, i'm thinking teach them something they don't know and ask them about it.
[19:29:05] <BlaQ_PhoeniX> lol bob, knights and knaves >.<
[19:29:11] <zy> I like marcogs idea
[19:29:24] <marcog> you can get a lot out of it
[19:29:35] <marcog> it tests logical thinking
[19:29:45] <ShadowMaster> I think marcog's idea is great
[19:29:45] <marcog> being able to lay out ones thoughts carefully
[19:29:49] <graham> srsly though. xkcd reference gets full marks
[19:29:53] <bob> Alright, I'll try it on my sister's friends and see how they respond. But we can move on.
[19:29:55] <graham> agreed
[19:29:57] <Michiel> can we discuss the question offline and continue
[19:30:02] <nine> 54,54
[19:30:08] * ShadowMaster wonders I wonder if we should change the question
[19:30:21] <marcog> but the idea is there
[19:30:31] <ShadowMaster> not everyone one may know about them sandwhiches
[19:30:36] <Michiel> tibid: agreed use short aptitude question, to be discussed offline
[19:30:36] <tibid> Agreed: use short aptitude question, to be discussed offline
[19:30:37] <marcog> it could be made simpler to boiling a kettel for example
[19:30:59] <Michiel> do we relly need subject choices?
[19:31:11] <bob> Michiel: yes.
[19:31:11] <graham> it can't harm
[19:31:20] <marcog> information overload
[19:31:25] <BlaQ_PhoeniX> boiling a kettle isnt simple
[19:31:25] <marcog> what do we do with it?
[19:31:28] <Michiel> marcog: i agree
[19:31:30] <bob> If someone does Maths lit and no Physical Science...
[19:31:34] <marcog> and do <= grade 9 even have choices?
[19:31:47] <zy> marcog no
[19:31:49] <bob> No, they don't. I suppose
[19:31:51] <Michiel> no they dont
[19:31:51] <graham> it could help to know what they are interested in
[19:32:02] <graham> they could say what the are planning on choosing
[19:32:04] <bob> but that brings me to another question, what grades are we aiming at?
[19:32:04] <marcog> chances are they wont apply if not interested
[19:32:05] <BlaQ_PhoeniX> they can only choose between art etc.
[19:32:11] <graham> ok true
[19:32:15] <zy> Michiel you can be interested in programming without taking IT
[19:32:15] <HayleyM> I put into subject choices for maybe arranging applications of CS talks
[19:32:24] <marcog> bob: for this course, i'd say grade 7-9
[19:32:35] <Michiel> zy: my point exactly
[19:32:38] <bob> Strictly?
[19:32:58] <bob> Another thing is people that are doing Java in Grade 10? Last time they were more of a distraction.
[19:32:58] <marcog> bob: i think those who have done programming at school are mostly a distraction
[19:33:02] <Michiel> bob: no
[19:33:09] <marcog> bob ^5
[19:33:16] <bob> But there might be some that are genuinely interested in learning more languages.
[19:33:34] <zy> it shouldnt count against them if they are doing IT
[19:33:36] <graham> i think this is not the course for that
[19:33:46] <graham> this is too introductory
[19:33:47] <marcog> zy: i think it should
[19:33:54] <marcog> we have a focus we should stick with it
[19:33:59] <zy> but if they are in gr 11 they might know too much already
[19:34:01] <Michiel> zy: I agree with marcog
[19:34:02] <graham> i agreed with marcog
[19:34:10] <graham> *agree
[19:34:13] <bob> graham: true. Perhaps we should have converting course LATER
[19:34:17] <marcog> i think g7-9 + g10-12 if the school does not offer IT
[19:34:28] <Michiel> marcog: agreed
[19:34:29] <zy> mean gr 11 IT
[19:34:32] <bob> Agreed
[19:34:36] <graham> agreed
[19:34:45] <zy> ok
[19:34:57] <Michiel> tibid: agree target market g7-9 + 10-12 without IT
[19:34:57] <tibid> Michiel: Excuse me?
[19:35:07] <Michiel> tibid: agreed target market g7-9 + 10-12 without IT
[19:35:07] <tibid> Agreed: target market g7-9 + 10-12 without IT
[19:35:08] <marcog> we can advertise as g 7-12's not *yet* taking IT
[19:35:20] <graham> maybe don
[19:35:22] <marcog> and then we can check with WCED what schools do offer IT
[19:35:29] <graham> maybe don't advertise up to grade 12
[19:35:36] <bob> thats easy to check, they have a website for that
[19:35:37] <marcog> hmm, why not?
[19:35:41] <graham> but if people are interested they can ask
[19:35:46] <graham> i dunno
[19:35:52] <zy> why not advertise to matrics?
[19:35:58] <marcog> people rarely ask if it's not advertised to them
[19:36:01] <graham> ok. do
[19:36:04] <bob> I also am not sure about the lower bound. Although that one grade 6 last time was fail
[19:36:26] <marcog> if we say not IT, we must be careful not to make those taking IT in g7 for e.g. think they aren't allowed
[19:36:42] <HayleyM> i think gr 7 up
[19:36:42] <graham> is there IT in g7?
[19:36:48] <marcog> bob: yeah, unless we're sure about them like a couple strong g5/6s have applied now
[19:36:49] <bob> But some of the Gr. 7's were really skilled
[19:37:03] <marcog> graham: well, not programming but word and such
[19:37:10] <bob> Okay, we don't advertise to them then
[19:37:13] <Hamdulay> and the CAT poeple?
[19:37:13] <marcog> schools call that IT sometimes
[19:37:26] <marcog> Hamdulay: they are welcome
[19:37:38] <Hamdulay> some of them think of it as IT
[19:37:45] <marcog> hmm
[19:37:47] <bob> How are the applicationns going to work? Google spreadsheet again? It becomes quite messy, but I'm not sure if there's a better way.
[19:37:51] <graham> well, they aren't the ones we are aiming at
[19:37:54] <marcog> we need to think of how to phrase this
[19:37:59] <marcog> graham: why not?
[19:38:00] <Michiel> i think we should just be careful on the exact wording
[19:38:08] <marcog> graham: if they want to maybe take CS?
[19:38:11] <graham> marcog: the ones who think CAT == IT
[19:38:16] <Michiel> but we all know what the target market
[19:38:20] <graham> no. CAT i agree
[19:38:32] <graham> but they need to know they are different
[19:38:36] <bob> OKay, if they thing CAT==IT, then they're not who we looking for?
[19:38:38] <marcog> graham: i see your point
[19:38:44] <marcog> we need to word it carefully
[19:38:52] <marcog> bob: no disagree
[19:38:59] <bob> :p
[19:39:04] <zy> also be careful of some peopel who think excel = programming
[19:39:09] <Michiel> marcog: you are good with such things
[19:39:10] <bob> :D
[19:39:13] <zy> have found that with CAT before
[19:39:14] <marcog> bob: we need a better way of taking applications
[19:39:23] <marcog> Michiel: i will think about how to word it
[19:39:29] <marcog> but let's continue next point
[19:39:48] <Michiel> Email queries
[19:39:56] <marcog> bernie
[19:39:57] <bob> Who's going to be in charge of acceptance letters and queries and rejection letters?
[19:40:03] <bob> It would be best if one person did this...
[19:40:07] <bob> Michiel?
[19:40:07] <marcog> bob: we need to write scripts
[19:40:11] <bob> Or that
[19:40:14] <Michiel> bob: scripts
[19:40:17] <bob> I can probably write scripts
[19:40:21] <marcog> ok good
[19:40:43] <bob> done a lot of that. Hmm.. I've been meaning to practice my django
[19:40:54] <marcog> next
[19:40:54] <Michiel> tibid: agreed bon wil write email script
[19:40:54] <tibid> Agreed: bon wil write email script
[19:41:01] <marcog> hello bon
[19:41:02] <Michiel> bob*
[19:41:04] <bob> lol
[19:41:11] <HayleyM> hehe
[19:41:17] <graham> hmm. should we send emails to those that applied last time but didn't get through?
[19:41:22] <Michiel> phone queries?
[19:41:22] <marcog> yes
[19:41:28] <marcog> Michiel: bernie
[19:41:42] <Michiel> ok i think thats it then
[19:41:46] <HayleyM> graham: yes
[19:41:53] <marcog> lecturers/tutors?
[19:42:06] <Michiel> tibid: agreed bernie will handle queries
[19:42:06] <tibid> Agreed: bernie will handle queries
[19:42:24] <marcog> i think we need to carefully select 4 lecturers
[19:42:31] <marcog> that will be able to lecture next year as well
[19:42:38] <Michiel> marcog: i agree
[19:42:38] <marcog> get them to practice now
[19:42:53] <marcog> but we can work out who later
[19:43:04] <marcog> as a quick stab, i'd say def poulter
[19:43:05] <Michiel> but i also think we should perhaps let other people lecture to practice for umonye
[19:43:09] <marcog> he had potential
[19:43:17] <HayleyM> marcog: make a list of topics, get lecturers to pick topics they would be happy doing
[19:43:23] <marcog> he struggled early on but i could see he worked
[19:43:27] <marcog> HayleyM: agreed
[19:43:30] <HayleyM> poulter probably won't get time off to fly around
[19:43:34] <Michiel> marcog: yeah definatly
[19:43:45] <marcog> HayleyM: it's mostly on weekends though
[19:43:51] <marcog> but i'll speak to him
[19:44:05] <HayleyM> who lectured last time?
[19:44:09] <marcog> then bob also looked good last time
[19:44:20] <marcog> i won't be there, so i'm out
[19:44:30] <bob> marcog: I always look good :P
[19:44:47] <bob> Yeah I'm keen to lecture though
[19:44:54] <Michiel> marcog: those that are practiced perhaps should NOT lecture this time
[19:44:59] <marcog> Michiel: to be honest you weren't stellar but you do a lot
[19:44:59] <Michiel> just assist
[19:45:03] <nine> 57,56
[19:45:07] <marcog> i disagree
[19:45:18] <bob> I also disagree
[19:45:20] <zy> I wouldn't mind lecturing a section
[19:45:34] <marcog> zy: we could try you out
[19:45:40] <bob> They should try out this time so that we know for imunye
[19:45:42] <marcog> but you'd lecture 1/4 of the stuff
[19:45:44] <zy> I would like some practice
[19:45:48] <HayleyM> i'd offer to lecture but not there
[19:45:51] <bob> I think zy: could lecture..
[19:45:52] <marcog> yeah
[19:45:53] <Michiel> i wouldnt mind not lecturing this time
[19:45:56] <bob> HayleyM: :(
[19:46:02] <graham> lol. this name is getting bent beyond recognition
[19:46:08] <marcog> HayleyM: you here next year?
[19:46:13] <HayleyM> yes
[19:46:16] <marcog> lol graham
[19:46:30] <marcog> HayleyM: ok, so maybe Michiel lecture now and you take his place?
[19:46:43] <marcog> then we have bob, Michiel, zy, poulter
[19:46:55] <Michiel> ok i agree
[19:46:58] <marcog> with HayleyM replacing someone for umonya i think you're great at lecturing
[19:47:08] <zy> I will need to read up on my python
[19:47:14] <marcog> yeah
[19:47:23] <marcog> we must have lecture meetings before
[19:47:25] <marcog> well before
[19:47:25] <HayleyM> i certainly have enough practice, i lecture every week :P
[19:47:25] <zy> which is a good thing
[19:47:30] <Michiel> tibid: agreed lecturers are bob, poulter, zy and Michiel
[19:47:30] <tibid> Agreed: lecturers are bob, poulter, zy and Michiel
[19:47:45] <marcog> tutors, i will send an email to some people
[19:47:54] <Michiel> marcog: great
[19:48:00] <Michiel> i think we are done
[19:48:00] <marcog> Michiel: can you send me a outline of the dates, etc. for that?
[19:48:09] <Michiel> marcog: sure
[19:48:13] <marcog> dates and times
[19:48:15] <marcog> ok, done
[19:48:17] <marcog> tibid: end meeting