Meeting about Umonya Progress 1

Convened at 2010-07-07 17:35:33.629935 by marcog in #algorithm on shadowfire


[17:35:33] STARTED (marcog)
[17:39:25] AGREED: bob to confirm with michiel if we have both lab A&B (marcog)
[17:40:34] AGREED: tumbleweed to ask craig about accounts when he returns in 1.5 weeks (marcog)
[17:45:11] AGREED: HayleyM to email female tutors (marcog)
[17:45:20] AGREED: TheKro to email stellies tutors (marcog)
[17:52:07] AGREED: ShadowMaster to talk to bernie about aug food (marcog)
[18:45:38] ENDED (tumbleweed)


Raw Log

[17:35:33] <marcog> tibid: start meeting about Umonya Progress 1
[17:35:33] * tibid gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[17:35:45] <marcog> ok, we all here?
[17:35:48] <marcog> tibid: i am Marco
[17:35:48] <tibid> marcog: Alrighty
[17:35:54] <tumbleweed> tibid: I am Stefano
[17:35:54] <tibid> tumbleweed: Done
[17:36:03] <graham> I am Graham Manuell
[17:36:05] <HayleyM> tibid: I am Hayley
[17:36:05] <tibid> HayleyM: Yessir
[17:36:06] <bob> tibid: I am Robert
[17:36:06] <tibid> bob: Righto
[17:36:10] <TheKro> tibid: I am Steve
[17:36:10] <tibid> TheKro: Alrighty
[17:36:13] <tumbleweed> graham: address the bot
[17:36:15] <graham> tibit: I am Graham Manuell
[17:36:25] <graham> fail
[17:36:27] <Hamdulay> tibid: I am Yaseen Hamdulay
[17:36:27] <tibid> Hamdulay: Done
[17:36:36] <graham> tibid: I am Graham Manuell
[17:36:36] <tibid> graham: Done
[17:36:43] <marcog> ok, we seem to be missing Michiel and ShadowMaster
[17:36:49] <TheKro> tibid: who is t3h 4w3sum?
[17:36:49] <tibid> TheKro: Erk, dunno
[17:36:50] <marcog> otherwise rest are alive
[17:37:13] <bob> Anyone got ShadowMaster's phone number? Give him a misscall....
[17:37:17] <marcog> first thing, can we settle on a progress meeting in 2 weeks?
[17:37:17] <Vaughan> aaah hang on
[17:37:22] <Vaughan> i don't have international
[17:37:32] <marcog> wed 21 june 20:00
[17:37:33] <ShadowMaster> tibid I am Kosie van der Merwe
[17:37:33] <tibid> ShadowMaster: Okay
[17:37:55] <bob> marcog: should be fine
[17:37:58] <TheKro> marcog: i'll miss, but that shouldn't be a problem
[17:38:01] <marcog> no disagreements
[17:38:07] <marcog> TheKro: ya that's fine
[17:38:12] <marcog> ok, so
[17:38:30] <marcog> michiel is unfortunately not here, but i believe we have a venue for august
[17:38:34] <marcog> for the planned weekend
[17:38:39] <marcog> no accounts afaik
[17:38:48] <bob> Venue being Sci Lab?
[17:38:53] <marcog> yes
[17:39:09] <marcog> i am not 100% sure if we have both, bob can you confirm with Michiel?
[17:39:10] <HayleyM> fine with me
[17:39:17] <bob> will do
[17:39:25] <marcog> tibid: agreed bob to confirm with michiel if we have both lab A&B
[17:39:25] <tibid> Agreed: bob to confirm with michiel if we have both lab A&B
[17:39:37] <marcog> tumbleweed: can you check with craig about accounts?
[17:39:39] <marcog> since i'm not there
[17:39:42] <tumbleweed> marcog: craig is on leave
[17:39:46] <marcog> ah crap
[17:39:50] <marcog> when is he back?
[17:40:01] <tumbleweed> in 1.5 weeks, IIRC
[17:40:15] <marcog> ok, can you ask him when he's back then?
[17:40:18] <tumbleweed> sure
[17:40:34] <marcog> tibid: agreed tumbleweed to ask craig about accounts when he returns in 1.5 weeks
[17:40:34] <tibid> Agreed: tumbleweed to ask craig about accounts when he returns in 1.5 weeks
[17:40:44] <marcog> ok, tutors
[17:40:53] <marcog> we seem to be going good with signups
[17:41:00] <marcog> but a few haven't filled in the form
[17:41:12] <marcog> Vaughan: you're one of them :P
[17:41:15] <bob> Form? Being doodle?
[17:41:17] <Vaughan> huh?
[17:41:19] <marcog> ya
[17:41:28] <marcog> tumbleweed: can you prod jason when he's in?
[17:41:29] <TheKro> my bad - i must still identify places to forward your mail to at stellies.
[17:41:32] <ShadowMaster> maybe we should put it in the topic
[17:41:39] <tumbleweed> marcog: will do, I think he's busy driving home
[17:41:51] <marcog> tumbleweed: kk
[17:41:58] <marcog> tumbleweed: can you also see if flora is still keen?
[17:42:11] <marcog> sorry, you're our man in the lab :)
[17:42:11] <tumbleweed> I guess I can
[17:42:14] <marcog> thanks
[17:42:25] <bob> TheKro: what do you want to forward?
[17:42:31] <marcog> then i dunno who can prod brent
[17:42:50] <marcog> HayleyM: can you email the girls i have down on the list?
[17:43:01] <HayleyM> I will email them
[17:43:04] <marcog> i don't know them but hussein recommended them
[17:43:06] <marcog> thanks
[17:43:07] <TheKro> bob: the link to the UCT tutoring schedule. I wanna set one up for Stellies, and then forward to all the possible tutors at stellies together
[17:43:14] <HayleyM> I only know one of them
[17:41:35] <marcog> Vaughan:
[17:43:34] <Vaughan> marcog: i can't do it now
[17:43:36] <marcog> HayleyM: i don't think any of us know them :/
[17:43:41] <bob> Alright TheKro. We haven't publicised it yet though have we? But we discuss later in the agenda...
[17:43:42] <marcog> Vaughan: np
[17:44:13] <marcog> TheKro: the item there is if you have any tutors you could send to the uct course
[17:44:23] <marcog> TheKro: to give them some exposure
[17:44:31] <marcog> /preparation
[17:44:45] <bob> Good idea
[17:44:54] <TheKro> yeah - but it makes more sense to email everyone once about tutoring (for both the stellies and UCT courses)
[17:44:54] <marcog> anyways overall i think we'll be fine numbers-wise
[17:45:01] <marcog> that is true
[17:45:02] <bob> Yeah.
[17:45:11] <marcog> tibid: agreed HayleyM to email female tutors
[17:45:11] <tibid> Agreed: HayleyM to email female tutors
[17:45:20] <marcog> tibid: agreed TheKro to email stellies tutors
[17:45:20] <tibid> Agreed: TheKro to email stellies tutors
[17:45:36] <marcog> ok, lecturers for august are confirmed
[17:45:46] <marcog> i've put up a draft schedule
[17:45:55] <marcog> if anyone has any comments, send them my way
[17:46:06] <bob> link?
[17:46:10] <bob> nevermind
[17:46:19] <marcog> bob is the only lecturer actually here, so no point going into detail
[17:46:25] <marcog> bob: on the agenda
[17:46:49] <marcog> course notes, HayleyM now that we have a draft schedule
[17:46:53] <bob> alrighty
[17:47:06] <marcog> can you arrange for the lecturers to tidy up their notes?
[17:47:07] <bob> HayleyM: I was originally set to do August notes, but if you want to thats fine by me :P
[17:47:26] <marcog> and then perhaps get people like ShadowMaster, Vaughan, Hamdulay, etc. to help write some better exercises
[17:47:38] <bob> But we can also set a time and go through it together if you want, (online)
[17:47:54] <marcog> probably better doing it together
[17:48:29] <marcog> ok, well bob just check with HayleyM afterwards
[17:48:40] <bob> kk
[17:48:41] <marcog> bob, we confirmed for wing ide?
[17:48:48] <bob> Yes
[17:48:49] <bob> Pretty much
[17:48:53] <marcog> kk
[17:49:07] <marcog> maybe try see if craig can get it installed
[17:49:09] <bob> but we need to do a test to see if it works in sci lab. ShadowMaster: you're in the area I believe?
[17:49:10] <marcog> even if on a network drive
[17:49:18] <marcog> would make life much simpler
[17:49:26] <bob> network drive should work according to our preliminary results
[17:49:40] <ShadowMaster> bob not atm but I'll have to go to uct for letters
[17:49:53] <TheKro> (note re exercises: some of the current exercises are a bit insane for beginners, with much easier ones later - good idea to make them incrementally more difficult, perhaps with challenge ratings - intro, medium, challenging)
[17:50:06] <bob> Alright, can you test Wing IDE on a flash drive when you go up there?
[17:50:09] <marcog> TheKro: exactly what we want to work on
[17:50:21] <ShadowMaster> TheKro: another problem is the content required but we'll tru to fix this
[17:50:25] <bob> TheKro: Good idea to include ratings
[17:50:44] <marcog> ShadowMaster: when you go to uct, can you speak to bernie about lunch?
[17:51:13] <ShadowMaster> gar
[17:51:23] <bob> HayleyM and I will try and grade them and make sure that all prerequisites are met and stuff.
[17:51:41] <marcog> ShadowMaster: you're food man and one of the few in the area
[17:51:45] <ShadowMaster> yes
[17:52:01] <HayleyM> Where are the current notes stored for editing?
[17:52:02] <ShadowMaster> unfortunately I haven't really had contact with bernie yet
[17:52:07] <marcog> tibid: agreed ShadowMaster to talk to bernie about aug food
[17:52:07] <tibid> Agreed: ShadowMaster to talk to bernie about aug food
[17:52:21] <marcog> ShadowMaster: there's a beginning to everything :)
[17:52:29] <ShadowMaster> lol
[17:52:29] <ShadowMaster> ok
[17:52:35] <marcog> she doesn't bite
[17:52:42] <marcog> she's very friendly, unlike jane
[17:52:47] <ShadowMaster> I can imagine
[17:52:52] <ShadowMaster> jane I'm not sure about
[17:52:54] <marcog> AV equipment
[17:52:58] <marcog> tumbleweed, Vaughan
[17:53:04] <Vaughan> ?
[17:53:06] <marcog> so we have 2 cameras
[17:53:19] <ShadowMaster> Vaughan: for networking
[17:53:24] <Vaughan> ya
[17:53:24] <marcog> but we need to finalise on mic
[17:53:28] <bob> HayleyM: they're on the algorithm/olympiad server in SVN
[17:53:47] <tumbleweed> marcog: yeah, we need to move that clug-committee discussion forward
[17:53:49] <marcog> tumbleweed: do you want to give the current options, since you know them better than me
[17:53:59] <tumbleweed> marcog: well, I don't know why we are curretly stalling
[17:54:16] <marcog> tumbleweed: we need to decide on a mic
[17:54:17] <tumbleweed> marcog: but we are trying to find a wireless mic setup that meets three needs
[17:54:22] <marcog> yes
[17:54:44] <tumbleweed> noisy geekdinners (where the speaker may not have pockets), and people may watn to ask questions
[17:55:01] <tumbleweed> clug and alg circ, which are pretty similar. Single speaker wearing a mic that tehy don't have to hold
[17:55:26] <marcog> except AC for the python courses would like to get questions from the kids
[17:55:38] <marcog> i like the walkie talkie idea
[17:55:41] <tumbleweed> aah, I saw no mention of that
[17:55:46] <tumbleweed> how do walkie talkies help anything?
[17:55:52] <marcog> well that's what you pasted from HayleyM
[17:56:01] <marcog> we can get questions from distant labs
[17:56:13] <tumbleweed> oh, I see. now I understand
[17:56:43] <tumbleweed> um, yes there isn't really a good solution for that
[17:56:51] <HayleyM> now I'm confused, I suggested multiple mic inputs
[17:57:08] <tumbleweed> HayleyM: to do that properly, you need a mixing desk
[17:57:16] <marcog> HayleyM: we were discussing on the clug list a solution to that being walkie talkies
[17:57:17] <tumbleweed> which generally results in multiple mic + receiver pairs
[17:57:30] <TheKro> marcog: discuss after meeting?
[17:57:32] <tumbleweed> marcog: that wasn't clear btw, I just thought "wtf?" and moved on
[17:57:35] <tumbleweed> TheKro: sounds good
[17:58:11] <marcog> bob: mind if i leave you guys? :(
[17:58:24] <marcog> they're leaving for the soccer :(
[17:58:33] <bob> who is what?
[17:58:52] <marcog> soccer
[17:59:02] <marcog> i think you can handle the rest
[17:59:05] <marcog> sorry guys
[17:59:07] <HayleyM> haha, I have a 20 min train ride to the beer garden to watch soccer, going to be v. late
[17:59:08] <bob> alrighty sure thing
[17:59:08] <marcog> important game
[17:59:14] <marcog> kk
[17:59:14] <marcog> gl
[17:59:15] <marcog> cheers
[17:59:48] <bob> tumbleweed: Vaughan. We can use projectors from
[17:59:58] <bob> src right?
[18:00:23] <Vaughan> from src?
[18:00:23] <bob> (Those are the ones we used at the last course amiright?)
[18:00:35] <Vaughan> i wasn't involved then
[18:00:38] <bob> What do you UCT people call the student representative committee thing?
[18:00:57] <Vaughan> tumbleweed: ?
[18:00:57] <HayleyM> bob: moving on to sponsorship letter, you need to list explicitly what the company will get from AC/Umonya
[18:01:10] <HayleyM> The SRC doesn't have sound, the societies office does
[18:01:36] <bob> either way, i think we'll be renting Projectors and sound, not buying them
[18:01:42] <bob> So at some stage they need to be booked/rented
[18:02:21] <TheKro> tumbleweed: you gonna make sure the AV eq discussions go further after the meeting?
[18:02:33] <bob> Alright, we can do it after the meeting
[18:02:48] <bob> HayleyM: In the last paragraph I describe what they can gain
[18:02:51] <HayleyM> Go to the societies office and fill in a form to book with Trevor
[18:02:59] <bob> but you think I should make it more explicit
[18:03:21] <bob> Okay, who's at UCT that can book them? tumbleweed or ShadowMaster?
[18:03:25] <tumbleweed> sorry, was afk
[18:03:51] * tumbleweed can get up to 3 projectors from SRC
[18:04:00] <tumbleweed> but they may not like me booking all 3
[18:04:00] <bob> orsm. Should you book in advance?
[18:04:08] <tumbleweed> I think CS also has 1
[18:04:11] <bob> We'll need at least 2
[18:04:26] <bob> prefferably 3, remember we used 2 for the one lab last time
[18:04:28] <tumbleweed> ok, I'll give them a visit tomorrow
[18:04:33] <bob> and now we'll be using 2 labs
[18:04:34] <HayleyM> bob: I can't get back to look, ZA sites have been bombing out all day
[18:04:47] <TheKro> HayleyM: Seacom down
[18:04:52] <HayleyM> nm
[18:05:39] <bob> Steve you probably also have experience in this regard
[18:05:51] <bob> TheKro: could you read through that proposal and give me feedback?
[18:05:54] <HayleyM> yeah, used the wrong link, was looking at the flyer
[18:05:58] <bob> :P
[18:06:07] <TheKro> are you on the flyer now?
[18:06:20] <TheKro> i thought you were still trying to agree on soemthing about AV equipment
[18:06:22] <HayleyM> Its more explicit than this morning
[18:06:42] <bob> We're now on the Sponsorship letter
[18:06:59] <bob> tumbleweed: will be booking projectors tommorow
[18:07:12] <tumbleweed> I'll talk tothem about sound stuff too
[18:07:16] <bob> cool thanks
[18:07:21] <tumbleweed> 2-3 speakers + mic?
[18:07:28] <tumbleweed> mixing desk if possible
[18:05:13] <bob> <- not ZA...
[18:07:48] <TheKro> AC has >9K members? serious?
[18:07:48] <bob> tumbleweed: the speakers need to be in two rooms, but I'm sure that won't be hard. 3 should be fine
[18:08:03] <bob> Not sure if mixing desk is really neccessary though
[18:08:20] <bob> TheKro: [things in brackets] need to change
[18:08:21] <tumbleweed> bob: it'll make life easier
[18:08:35] <HayleyM> tumbleweed: do you know anyone on UCT ballroom comm? They have a receiver that if you set the mic's to the same frequency can have more than 1 mic
[18:08:41] <bob> okay, well I trust your expertise tumbleweed :P
[18:09:16] <bob> HayleyM: I assume you know someone on ballroom committee. Could you ask them?
[18:09:40] <HayleyM> At least that's what the ballroom tech guy who asked me to buy it told me it did
[18:09:47] <HayleyM> I am the ballroom chair...
[18:09:50] <tumbleweed> HayleyM: I know various people in ballroom (everybody seems to be a member, don't know who's on the comm tohugh)
[18:09:52] <TheKro> bob: "future projects" is too vague - do you know Google's stance on co-sponsorship yet?
[18:10:06] <bob> TheKro: they've allowed it
[18:10:12] <HayleyM> I'm just not there check it out, i'll email and ask
[18:10:15] <bob> I wasn't sure if I should mention it in the letter though
[18:10:32] <TheKro> "The course is free...." -> "We would love to be able to make this course free to the learners...."
[18:10:42] <bob> because I don't know if its appropriate to ask for two seperate courses at once.
[18:10:59] <HayleyM> One course at a time
[18:11:03] <bob> TheKro: but it would be free either way... or should I just say that
[18:11:19] <ShadowMaster> bob gives them more incentive
[18:11:30] <TheKro> if you don't get money, how will it be free?
[18:11:43] <TheKro> bob: you're showing them how their contribution _will_ make a difference
[18:11:45] <bob> We won't include any of those things
[18:11:49] <HayleyM> bob: Maybe put in a section that if you are not able to at the current time, would they be open to sponsorship in the future
[18:12:03] <bob> No food, no shirts, no av hire etc.
[18:12:31] <bob> HayleyM: Alright. I could do that.
[18:12:44] <HayleyM> I know some places have allocated budgets for this year but not next year
[18:13:18] <bob> Alright. That makes sense. Will phrase it like that then
[18:13:52] <bob> Okay, and anyone got any other ideas for who I should send the letter to?
[18:14:07] <bob> Also, do I send it one at a time...
[18:14:20] <bob> or all at once? What happens if more than one company says yes?
[18:14:31] <HayleyM> Send one at a time
[18:14:34] <tumbleweed> bob: yes, you personalise as much as you can
[18:14:51] <HayleyM> Normally they have a fairly quick response time
[18:15:01] <bob> Which order? The order listed there?
[18:15:11] <TheKro> Just include a desired response time in your letter then, as well
[18:15:15] <TheKro> so people don't sit on it
[18:15:31] <bob> Alright. Will do.
[18:15:36] <HayleyM> the order looks fine
[18:15:52] <TheKro> I'd first go with past sponsor, unless you had a problem with them
[18:16:14] <TheKro> companies like building a relationship, and they know what they're signing up for - more likely to say yes
[18:16:54] <bob> TheKro: good idea. Also, if we get a sponsor immediately, should I send to another company for Stellenbosch course?
[18:16:59] <Zy> is meeting still going on?
[18:17:03] <Zy> sorry I'm late
[18:17:18] <bob> Hey Zy, yeah it is
[18:17:32] <TheKro> bob: talk about stb course another time
[18:17:32] <tumbleweed> tibid: minutes so far
[18:17:32] <tibid> Minutes available at
[18:17:36] <tumbleweed> Zy: ^
[18:17:38] <TheKro> bob: after the meeting
[18:17:45] <Zy> ty tumbleweed
[18:17:59] <bob> okay. will do. Then we can move onto Advertising
[18:18:18] <bob> Michiel unfortunately isn't here. He's going to handle emailing the schools and stuff.
[18:18:22] <bob> ShadowMaster: how's the post doing?
[18:18:30] <bob> wait sorry
[18:18:38] <bob> first you guys need to criticize my posters :P
[18:19:04] <HayleyM> that is under advertising :P
[18:19:09] <bob> The first link is just an informational page that can probably be sent to teachers, put on mailing lists, on the website etc.
[18:20:02] <HayleyM> ty
[18:20:31] <tumbleweed> oh, that reminds me. if we are doing sponsorship requests, do we not want to get the website a little more polished first?
[18:20:44] <bob> The second one is a poster that could be stuck up in schools, or made as an advert in newspapers for example.
[18:20:53] <bob> tumbleweed: ideally
[18:21:07] <tumbleweed> bob: I mean, good first impressions are important
[18:19:49] <bob> <- for HayleyM without ZA bandwidth :P
[18:21:17] <HayleyM> yes ideally we would want polished site
[18:21:24] <HayleyM> the poster is a little overpowering, can we lessen the blue
[18:21:34] <bob> Seeing as people want to look at the website first. I haven't included website in sponsorship letter yet.
[18:21:38] <bob> HayleyM: I can make it Black
[18:21:40] <HayleyM> the letter is fine
[18:22:35] <tumbleweed> can we reduce the number of fonts? it's a bit chaotic
[18:22:38] <bob> Any other comments about the poster? I heard too many fonts before
[18:22:45] <HayleyM> bob: Are you emailing sponsorship requests or post?
[18:23:01] <Zy> tibid I am Henk
[18:23:01] <tibid> Zy: Sure
[18:23:01] <bob> yip alright. So the big area of concern is that jaggered area in the middle
[18:23:02] <bob> HayleyM: email
[18:23:42] <bob> tumbleweed: you think I should change the bottom and top fonts?
[18:24:13] <bob> To which one? If only the python font was freely available. (Flux Regular if anyone can find it send it my way ;)
[18:24:23] <TheKro> bob: stb bias: would be nice if the poster gave info for stb and uct courses
[18:24:23] <tumbleweed> bob: it's hard to say, I just get the impression of a cheap flyer
[18:24:30] <TheKro> then we only need one flyer
[18:25:05] <bob> TheKro: It should be easy to change it to a Stb poster. For sending to stellebosch schools or for inclusion in stellenbosch newspapers
[18:25:13] <bob> or do you think a combined one would be better?
[18:25:35] <tumbleweed> bob: the four sections look completely different. the only common is the blue
[18:25:37] <TheKro> bob: depends on how you want to market, i don't mind either way
[18:25:37] <HayleyM> Don't think combined
[18:25:46] <tumbleweed> bob: it needs some way to integrate them together
[18:25:54] <bob> Okay, so which of the four sections do you prefer?
[18:26:01] <TheKro> bob: it could be nice to give ppl a choice - perhaps going to the other venue if the can't make the course on the other days
[18:26:12] <tumbleweed> bob: less fonts would probably help too. and possibly losing teh jagged edges
[18:26:38] <bob> TheKro: the choice WILL be on the website. But I see what you mean if they see a poster and get excited and then realise they can't make the date they might not even bother to go to the website
[18:26:39] * TheKro is ducking now, sorry - off to see soccer
[18:26:53] <tumbleweed> (or keep them for the python thing but not again for the middle block)
[18:27:13] <graham> ja, what tumbleweed says
[18:27:19] <TheKro> Get a graphic designer to do: An Introduction To
[18:27:20] <TheKro> with Python
[18:27:25] <TheKro> ciao for now
[18:27:05] <TheKro> (Details on other courses at ?
[18:27:44] <bob> Cheers TheKro.
[18:27:58] <bob> Do we know any graphic designers?
[18:28:18] <ShadowMaster> Ian?
[18:28:40] <ShadowMaster> is he one?
[18:28:43] <graham> i think i we need to choose a font, i like all of them except the bold one "in grade ..."
[18:28:43] <HayleyM> only know ones that will charge you
[18:28:48] <graham> *if we
[18:29:24] <tumbleweed> bob: I asked my flatmate (architect): "It's so crazy it might just work"
[18:29:30] <bob> Sigh. this is hard.
[18:29:35] <bob> Lol tumbleweed
[18:29:57] <graham> bob: if it's any consolation, i like your poster ;)
[18:30:01] <graham> well, mainly
[18:30:31] <bob> Thanks graham :P Okay. I'll look at finding some graphics designers/doing some rewrites of it. I'll keep you guys posted?
[18:30:53] <bob> ShadowMaster: letters?
[18:30:53] <HayleyM> awesome, moving on...the soccer is starting
[18:31:13] <tumbleweed> bob: however, I have no major objections - it's ok by me
[18:31:18] <ShadowMaster> ok well I forgot about them but I'll look at it tomorrow
[18:31:38] <bob> Fail ShadowMaster. Seriously
[18:31:44] <ShadowMaster> though I need to know roughly how many letters I'll need to pring
[18:31:46] <ShadowMaster> *print
[18:31:48] <bob> Where is Hamdulay? He's helping you right?
[18:31:53] <ShadowMaster> yeah
[18:32:28] <graham> ok. quick quick...
[18:32:46] <bob> Shucks to tell you the truth I'm not sure. Around 300?
[18:32:57] <bob> Between you and Michiel you'll sort it out though right?
[18:33:20] <ShadowMaster> Michiel: needs to stop being dead though
[18:33:26] <bob> Sigh and Ryan aren't here
[18:33:33] <HayleyM> Ok, the website seems to be functional (has an info page at least). I saw the application form is there but not all the fields are present (asking to describe process)
[18:34:04] <ShadowMaster> bob did you help last time?
[18:34:04] <bob> I do believe ryan's working on it. I did send an email about the application form to him, but no response yet
[18:34:25] <ShadowMaster> with the letters
[18:34:31] <bob> ShadowMaster: wrt posting letters? No. Wasn't involved there
[18:34:33] <HayleyM> move on then, we'll wait for his reply
[18:34:57] <ShadowMaster> so bob I can only send out the letters when the posters are finished?
[18:35:11] <bob> Okay. and besides the website and Stellenbosch course
[18:35:26] <bob> (steve is gone) is project Umonya
[18:35:27] <HayleyM> Stellenbosch date confirmed?
[18:35:38] <bob> but I think we leave that meeting till next time.
[18:35:46] <bob> Date is 18 September
[18:36:03] <bob> There've been no objections to it, so it should be fine
[18:36:08] <HayleyM> only 18 Sept or 18-19 Sept?
[18:36:26] <bob> The lecturers are confirmed, but we should probably make a doodle for who wants to tutor there.
[18:36:40] <bob> We should probably also talk about arranging a Shuttle?
[18:36:45] <bob> Or will we just carpool?
[18:37:19] <HayleyM> carpool
[18:37:27] <HayleyM> it'll be cheaper
[18:37:40] <tumbleweed> jammie shuttles are expensive
[18:37:42] <bob> Its probably the easiest. But we might look at repaying for petrol from funds if we get any?
[18:37:51] <HayleyM> pay for petrol
[18:38:18] <HayleyM> is it going to be a 2 day course? do I need to look for B&B accomm?
[18:38:39] <bob> HayleyM: I think it will be easier to drive back in the evenings
[18:39:01] <bob> Its around 50 minutes
[18:39:01] <HayleyM> ok
[18:39:46] <bob> Okay. Are you guys keen to do Umonya Meeting at another stage. Seeing as everyone wants to watch soccer?
[18:40:01] <HayleyM> I don't mind
[18:40:04] <graham> yes
[18:40:22] <bob> Okay. Then when?
[18:40:43] <HayleyM> Most of it can be left to next progress meeting
[18:40:50] <bob> Hey who took beenies vs shirts out of the agenda?!?!?
[18:40:56] <graham> not tomorrow, otherwise whenever for me
[18:41:03] <graham> lol bob
[18:41:10] <HayleyM> I'm just curious about jhb and durban contacts
[18:41:23] <bob> HayleyM: I haven't got to JHB at all
[18:41:34] <bob> KZN hasn't replied, but I'll ping again
[18:41:44] <ShadowMaster> I hope it wasn't me
[18:42:16] <bob> But you're right. Thats actually top priority.
[18:42:30] <bob> I'll phone KZN guy again
[18:42:49] <bob> But does someone else want to help with JHB?
[18:42:54] <HayleyM> bob: You also need to sign up for ICT Conference as co-presenter before next week
[18:43:01] <bob> HayleyM: link
[18:43:36] <bob> kk will do that now
[18:43:27] <HayleyM>
[18:43:57] <bob> You guys want to vote on shirts vs Beenies?
[18:44:11] <HayleyM> Do we have a contact in JHB already that we need to talk to again?
[18:44:38] <bob> HayleyM: did you get a confirmation from ICT Conference?
[18:44:52] <graham> anyway, i'm off. cheers guys
[18:44:54] <bob> HayleyM: Our only contact is DougX
[18:44:58] <bob> Cheers Graham
[18:45:08] <HayleyM> no, deadline hasn't passed yet for review
[18:45:10] <tumbleweed> are we done?
[18:45:12] <bob> But he's not actually involved in the universities
[18:45:30] <bob> Yes. tumbleweed tell tibid the meetings over
[18:45:38] <tumbleweed> tibid: end meeting