Meeting about Umonya progress 2

Convened at 2010-07-21 18:01:01.668024 by marcog in #algorithm on shadowfire


[18:01:01] STARTED (marcog)
[19:46:18] ENDED (marcog)


Raw Log

[18:01:01] <marcog> tibid: start meeting about Umonya progress 2
[18:01:01] * tibid gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[18:01:06] <marcog> tibid: i am Marco
[18:01:06] <tibid> marcog: Alrighty
[18:01:14] <tumbleweed> tibid: i am Stefano
[18:01:14] <tibid> tumbleweed: Sure
[18:01:22] <graham> tibid: I am Graham Manuell
[18:01:22] <tibid> graham: Righto
[18:01:23] <Nomad010> tibid: i am Julian
[18:01:23] <tibid> Nomad010: Sure
[18:01:27] <Nomad010> cool
[18:01:27] <bob> tibid: I am Robert
[18:01:27] <tibid> bob: Yessir
[18:01:28] <HayleyM> tibid: i am Hayley Mc Intosh
[18:01:28] <tibid> HayleyM: Righto
[18:01:45] <Nomad010> tibid: i am become death destroyer of worlds
[18:01:45] <tibid> Nomad010: Righto
[18:01:39] <marcog> meeting agenda:
[18:01:49] <Nomad010> sweet
[18:02:13] <marcog> first of all, can we schedule the next meeting in 2 weeks same time?
[18:02:22] <marcog> any objections?
[18:02:29] <bob> Hmm... a little later would suit me better
[18:02:37] <bob> Not sure about everyone else though :P
[18:02:38] <marcog> time-wise?
[18:02:57] <bob> Yeah. like at hours Should we rather do a doodle again?
[18:03:05] <bob> Or do the Doodle's just cause more mission?
[18:03:06] <HayleyM> 4 Aug? I'm on a plane to Berlin so obviously won't be online
[18:03:18] <marcog> HayleyM: if we make it the day before?
[18:03:39] <marcog> tuesday 3 august 21:00? later for bob
[18:03:48] <bob> Cool
[18:04:00] <HayleyM> That whole week is a disaster, won't have a pc
[18:04:18] <tumbleweed> marcog: I'll probably be at dinner
[18:04:26] <marcog> ok, then let's stick to 4 august 21:00 and we'll miss HayleyM
[18:04:44] <HayleyM> I'll write notes for things on the agenda
[18:04:52] <marcog> thanks
[18:04:53] <tumbleweed> talkinf of which (takes alptop to kitchen)
[18:05:19] <marcog> then, tumbleweed and i were discussing moving to gobby to replace etherpad
[18:05:30] <marcog> it's a desktop application
[18:05:39] <marcog> and we can easily host our own server
[18:05:41] <bob> Have we tested it over the internet?
[18:05:48] <marcog> etherpad was a copy of gobby
[18:05:51] <marcog> i have
[18:05:58] <HayleyM> never used before
[18:06:15] <bob> (I was trying to set it up on vps, but failed) Anyways, its cross platform, and allows for multiple documents
[18:06:18] <marcog> it's nearly identical to etherpad, except it's a desktop app
[18:06:24] <bob> its what we'd want to maybe use for writing documentation as well
[18:06:31] <marcog> yes
[18:06:51] <marcog> ok, i think we should move then
[18:07:04] <ShadowMaster> tibid I am Kosie van der Merwe
[18:07:04] <tibid> ShadowMaster: Done
[18:07:08] <marcog> website content
[18:07:16] <HayleyM> ok, i'll attempt to install on my Mac
[18:07:23] <bob> I have put some stuff on the website
[18:07:30] <bob> But it was rather haphazard
[18:07:39] <marcog> the home page doesn't look like what should be there
[18:07:42] <bob> and I couldn't figure out Joomla's system of organising the stuff
[18:08:10] <marcog> home page should be more catchy
[18:08:36] <marcog> also, blogs is the wrong word - it's news
[18:08:38] <tumbleweed> we still have a footballer...
[18:08:48] <bob> marco: though your blog is a blog
[18:08:54] <marcog> tumbleweed: that's design wait for that :P
[18:08:55] <bob> Sigh: ?
[18:09:02] <marcog> bob, yes but the rest is not
[18:09:21] <tumbleweed> what's going on wit hth the fonts on "What is Programming" ?
[18:09:24] <marcog> contact us, i don't think we should direct them to this channel
[18:09:29] <marcog> it's too noisy here
[18:10:02] <marcog> also the application form is still overlapping text
[18:10:07] <bob> Lol. Okay. tumbleweed: I'll look into it. marcog: will remove
[18:10:34] <tumbleweed> the application form drop down box should have a first item that says "-- Please select --" otherwise nobody will change it
[18:10:44] <bob> marcog: does that happen on higher resolution screens as well?
[18:10:50] <marcog> bob, yes
[18:10:55] <tumbleweed> the headings of th eform "Computer programming\n\t\twith Python" look weird
[18:11:37] <marcog> i think a Team page could be a nice touch
[18:11:40] <marcog> about us
[18:11:54] <marcog> Sponsors page
[18:12:28] <bob> Okay
[18:12:35] <marcog> bob, can you try find someone who's done some content for websites before and do some brainstorming?
[18:12:38] <bob> Also, how much Algorithm Circle information do we want?
[18:12:44] <marcog> i think the content can do a lot of work
[18:12:51] <marcog> bob, not much
[18:13:05] <bob> The thing is marcog, we kinda know more stuff about what we do
[18:13:12] <bob> so we can't just leave it to someone else
[18:13:21] <bob> However, if they can maybe help phrase that information
[18:13:21] <marcog> no i'm saying get some ideas
[18:14:10] <marcog> also, looking at other cs4hs sites might help
[18:14:24] <marcog> personally i think we have too much text
[18:14:57] <bob> tumbleweed: better?
[18:15:50] <tumbleweed> bob: yes
[18:16:06] <tumbleweed> although some centered headings and some not is odd
[18:16:15] <tumbleweed> also some PDF icons are on the left, some on th eright
[18:16:21] <bob> So marcog: you think I sholud remove content instead of adding it?
[18:16:25] <marcog> we could use something like: Computer programming is a lot of fun, and there is a huge demand for them in industry. Come see what it's like! Get hands-on experience to help you decide if it's something you want to learn further.
[18:16:30] <bob> tumbleweed: those I have no control over
[18:16:39] <marcog> bob, the key is making things brief
[18:16:42] <marcog> and catchy
[18:16:46] <bob> Yip
[18:16:55] <marcog> right now, it's boring
[18:16:57] <marcog> tbh
[18:17:14] <tumbleweed> the "application form" link on /contact is broken
[18:17:56] <bob> marcog: Yip. Okay, I'll go over it in the next couple of days. tumbleweed: I'll fix that now. Is there anything else that we're missing from it as far as content is concerned?
[18:18:32] <marcog> information for teachers
[18:18:36] <marcog> information for parents
[18:18:39] <tumbleweed> there's no mention of free, is that what we want?
[18:18:57] <marcog> we should mention it, but not push it too much
[18:18:59] <tumbleweed> bob: that what is programming font issue still exists
[18:19:38] <tumbleweed> um, on our front page it says:
[18:19:40] <bob> tumbleweed: what is the issue exactly? I don't notice it...
[18:19:39] <tumbleweed>
[18:20:06] <bob> Lol. Infinite loop?
[18:20:07] <marcog> bob, first two and last two paragraphs are in diff fonts
[18:20:19] <HayleyM> bob: I'll try to look at what is missing over the weekend and make a list, can't promise more cause I'm sick and have deadlines before then
[18:21:45] <marcog> ok, for reviewing applications
[18:21:46] <HayleyM> out of curiosity, how much do you want stuff publicised on personal blogs?
[18:21:57] <marcog> bob, i think you should try meet with ryan about this
[18:22:02] <marcog> you know our review process
[18:22:13] <bob> HayleyM: It can't hurt.
[18:22:15] <marcog> it might be easier if you can skype him or see him in person
[18:22:27] <marcog> HayleyM: i used to blog a lot, but not much recently
[18:22:53] <bob> Does anyone know if Sigh will ever work on this?
[18:23:11] <HayleyM> I ask because I'm writing daily again and have started getting readership from NRF etc
[18:23:20] <marcog> oh cool
[18:24:10] <bob> Okay, should we go onto the application review?
[18:24:12] <marcog> bob, don't count on Sigh :P
[18:24:26] <marcog> bob, i already did - read a few lines above
[18:24:47] <ShadowMaster> Ok tonight I must send stuff to butlers
[18:25:07] <bob> Alright. Well, if one views the google group "Applications"
[18:25:12] <ShadowMaster> bob can you send me the other sponsorship forms
[18:25:16] <bob> Every application appears as a post
[18:25:22] <bob> and they can all have stars...
[18:25:30] <marcog> ShadowMaster: wait a bit, let's try keep some order :)
[18:25:45] <bob> its not very accurate, but its an easy indication of which applications look good....
[18:25:45] <marcog> bob: you can't sort that
[18:25:49] <ShadowMaster> ok
[18:25:55] <bob> ShadowMaster: I'll do that.
[18:26:24] <marcog> bob: also, we should aim to automate sending of emails
[18:26:33] <marcog> we can't even mark as accepted your way
[18:26:52] <bob> Yip. Okay.
[18:27:01] <bob> So Ryan to write php page to review them?
[18:27:15] <bob> As you described to him in one of those early emails
[18:27:23] <marcog> you should meet him to discuss what we need there
[18:27:32] <marcog> he has no clue how we review them
[18:27:42] <bob> okay, I'll meet with ryan then
[18:27:46] <marcog> cool
[18:28:16] <marcog> importing old applications can be done via a script, we can see if he will write that as well
[18:28:25] <marcog> it shouldn't be hard you can export docs to csv
[18:28:55] <marcog> bob, can you communicate this all with him?
[18:29:03] <bob> Yip
[18:29:07] <marcog> easier to have fewer communication points less confusion
[18:29:13] <marcog> then design
[18:29:27] <bob> This is where Sigh comes in
[18:29:28] <marcog> to me, Sigh seems to have lost all interest here
[18:29:30] <bob> or rather doesn't
[18:29:40] <marcog> as has ian in the logo
[18:30:00] <marcog> i think for now we can just remove the banner on top
[18:30:35] <marcog> but then we should try find someone who can actually do this and make it nice
[18:30:42] <marcog> kieren showed a vauge interest
[18:30:47] <tumbleweed> is sigh still helping with non-design stuff?
[18:31:00] <marcog> i don't see sigh doing anything lately
[18:31:23] <tumbleweed> in that case I'll grumble about us chosing a crap CMS for Sigh, and then he abandons us </grumble>
[18:31:37] <marcog> agreed
[18:32:26] <marcog> i'll try see how keen kieren is
[18:32:41] <marcog> ok, the last thing about the website
[18:32:47] <HayleyM> Perhaps we could approach Chad Botha
[18:32:59] <marcog> HayleyM: could you ask him?
[18:33:04] <HayleyM> He has experience with content and logo design
[18:33:09] <marcog> awesome!
[18:33:11] <HayleyM> I'll email and ask
[18:33:14] <marcog> thanks!
[18:33:40] <marcog> then last point, can we call the website ready to send the emails advertising the course?
[18:33:52] <marcog> bob?
[18:34:09] <marcog> i would say yes - it'll take a day or so to flush to the kids anyway
[18:34:24] <marcog> but we should work on completing it before the end of the week
[18:34:37] <bob> Yip. I agree
[18:34:53] <marcog> ok, so we tell Michiel to send emails
[18:35:00] <bob> Yes
[18:35:11] <marcog> next, course notes
[18:35:23] <marcog> HayleyM: have you been in contact with the lecturers?
[18:37:08] <HayleyM> Not yet, I was trying to find out who offered to rank exercises
[18:37:30] <HayleyM> I've got a list and a set of instructions so far, they should get it tomorrow
[18:37:32] <bob> I think we volunteered ShadowMaster and Vaughan/Kieren to do it last time
[18:37:42] <marcog> and Hamdulay
[18:37:46] <marcog> i'd ask those 4
[18:37:57] <Vaughan> I'm here, btw
[18:37:57] <bob> HayleyM: Do you know how the svn repo is set up and what we should edit?
[18:38:04] <marcog> hey Vaughan
[18:38:14] <bob> Cause I was looking at it and got confused :/
[18:38:14] <HayleyM> nope
[18:39:07] <marcog> HayleyM: the way we've edited the notes in the past is through svn
[18:39:16] <marcog> i'll send you the info afterwards
[18:39:26] <bob> marcog: CC me too please
[18:39:30] <marcog> sure
[18:39:58] <marcog> is 14 august ok for a dry run?
[18:40:10] <marcog> aiming to have everything ready by then
[18:40:37] <tumbleweed> no
[18:40:42] <bob> Dry run? Is that a dress rehearsel?
[18:40:44] * tumbleweed will be at cocooncrash's wedding
[18:40:44] <marcog> HayleyM: you think you'll have time to sort them all out by then?
[18:40:57] <marcog> tumbleweed: this is for lecturers
[18:41:03] <BlaQ_PhoeniX> Subject: [Cs114] Looking for tutors: First programming course for schoolchildren (in Python), 17-19/9/10
[18:41:05] <BlaQ_PhoeniX> lol
[18:41:07] <marcog> bob, kinda yes
[18:41:11] <BlaQ_PhoeniX> email i got from a friend
[18:41:12] <tumbleweed> marcog: there was something about a full video equipment test
[18:41:22] <bob> Okay, I might be able to. But I might only be able to do it via skype?
[18:41:29] <marcog> tumbleweed: oh yes, well we can do that another day
[18:41:39] <marcog> it just would have been conveniant
[18:41:53] <marcog> or would sunday 15 suit you?
[18:42:06] <tumbleweed> yeah that probably works
[18:42:11] <tumbleweed> either way
[18:42:12] <marcog> bob, no dry run we want to have all the lecturers together
[18:42:21] <HayleyM> course notes should be done by then, its not a lot when split between the 5 lecturers
[18:42:32] <bob> Okay, I'll have to confirm closer to the date
[18:43:09] <marcog> bob well, we should try fix a date soonish to make sure nobody else books something else
[18:43:36] <marcog> dry run is important - we need to get a bit more professional if we going to bump numbers
[18:43:39] <bob> Okay, it should be fine.
[18:43:44] <marcog> k cool
[18:43:57] <marcog> so i'll send a doodle to them asking if 14/15 is better
[18:44:37] <marcog> i'll work out a rough amount of time needed
[18:44:46] <marcog> but i'd guess it's going to take most of a day
[18:45:00] <marcog> ok, tshirts
[18:45:21] <marcog> HayleyM: if we order by 13 august will that give enough time to get them printed?
[18:45:27] <bob> Doubt it
[18:45:39] <marcog> that's 2 weeks
[18:45:58] <tumbleweed> should be enough
[18:46:15] <bob> Hmm... Actually I only have experience in Jerseys and things that take forever
[18:46:19] <marcog> should we get a few more for prizes
[18:46:29] <marcog> or should we give cash prizes for that
[18:46:47] <marcog> using as prizes => we can't mark them as "TUTOR"
[18:47:06] <tumbleweed> bob: embroidery usually takes longer than printing, yes
[18:47:10] <bob> Cash prizes are not a good idea
[18:47:16] <HayleyM> I've had 80 tops done in 2 weeks
[18:47:17] <marcog> bob, why?
[18:47:46] <bob> It just doesn't seem right. However, we could look stuff like branded flash drives, or other such things?
[18:47:49] * tumbleweed doesn't like cash prizes either. Other prizes are cheaper :)
[18:47:49] <HayleyM> The idea is to send in a request, as in book ahead of time so they know its coming
[18:48:13] <bob> Or books :P A Learn Python book would be a great prize!
[18:48:56] <marcog> books aren't cheap
[18:50:03] <marcog> maybe if we can find a R200 book we can get 5
[18:50:12] <marcog> ?
[18:50:26] <tumbleweed> I assume these prizes are for students? that sounds good
[18:50:48] <bob> Sounds good to me. If we can fit it into the budget
[18:51:47] <marcog> bob, we can
[18:51:53] <marcog> tumbleweed: yes
[18:52:19] <marcog> and then we can ask steve if they want some but he's in england atm
[18:52:25] <marcog> i'll make a note to ask him
[18:52:36] <marcog> then for designing
[18:53:01] <marcog> if HayleyM can get chad to design us a logo, this should be quite easy
[18:53:14] <bob> i CAN try. But it probably won't be that pretty :P
[18:53:17] <marcog> just stick the logo on it + some words
[18:53:39] <bob> Yeah, if we get a logo it would be orsm!
[18:54:02] <HayleyM> i've sent off an email, will see
[18:54:12] <marcog> cool
[18:54:20] <marcog> the other person to try is marc peltret
[18:54:23] <bob> Just out of interest, what does everyone think about Beanies? Yay or Nay? (I know I've mentioned it before, but I've never got a clear response)
[18:54:32] <marcog> he did a logo for a competition for me before and it was win
[18:54:39] <marcog> bob, no
[18:54:57] <bob> so marcog says no, anyone else?
[18:55:03] <HayleyM> no
[18:55:31] <bob> okay then
[18:55:47] <marcog> sorry bob :)
[18:55:56] <marcog> ok, stellenbosch
[18:56:19] <marcog> as is on the agenda, steve has started organising tutors
[18:56:35] <marcog> if anyone knows people in the area who could help they're usually quite short on numbers
[18:56:51] <marcog> HayleyM: it's usually paid out of their it challenge prize money
[18:57:31] <bob> what is paid out?
[18:57:53] <bob> Ah
[18:57:59] <bob> Steve was talking to me about sponsorships
[18:58:10] <marcog> he was? ok
[18:58:27] <bob> He never mentioned IT Challenge money, maybe he forgot he had that
[18:58:33] <HayleyM> Ok, suffice to say we don't need to try dig up more funding, awesome
[18:59:05] <bob> But I'll clarify with him.
[18:59:10] <bob> If he says we cant use that
[18:59:17] <bob> does that mean we should ask S1 for more?
[18:59:23] <bob> Or that we should ask someone else?
[18:59:31] <marcog> bob, i know he used it last time - maybe he doesnt want to this time
[18:59:50] <bob> Or does catering for only ~30 students mean we don't really need to?
[19:00:36] <bob> I'll check with him... But he's in/going to England so it might be a bit delayed
[19:00:47] <marcog> yeah check with him
[19:01:18] <marcog> then our s1 sponsorship
[19:01:36] <bob> They sent me a pretty cool recruitment email
[19:01:50] <marcog> re mailing list recruitment, if they mean to our AC mailing list then sure
[19:01:52] <bob> I was just wondering if its appropriate to forward it to Algorithm Circle members
[19:01:59] <bob> and which list to send it to?
[19:01:59] <HayleyM> I'm quite happy with that
[19:02:14] <HayleyM> AC, not umonya, want to send it to UCT ppl
[19:02:19] <marcog> and we can ask sonia if she minds sending to honours/grads
[19:02:40] <HayleyM> and stellenbosch tutors?
[19:02:47] <marcog> i think we need to make them get their money's worth
[19:02:52] <HayleyM> sonia won't mind, BSG has done so in the past
[19:03:05] <bob> Okay cool. So whats that email address again? And should I put a little note at the top mentioning that they're sponsoring the latest course?
[19:03:22] <marcog> HayleyM: you mean sending to sbosch tutors? or getting tutors?
[19:03:32] <Kev_> marcog: how does ibid work with twitter?
[19:03:34] <HayleyM> sending to sbosch tutors
[19:03:39] <marcog> bob, just google it i always forget
[19:03:43] <Kev_> default with ibid, or do i have to install the plugin?
[19:03:50] <marcog> Kev_: ask me later, we're having a meeting
[19:03:55] <Kev_> :| sorry
[19:03:59] <marcog> np
[19:04:18] <marcog> HayleyM: i think it's only reasonable to ask Steve and she his comments
[19:04:33] <HayleyM> ok
[19:04:34] <marcog> if i were him i'd require sponsorship of their course
[19:04:51] <bob> Yip.
[19:05:55] <bob> Budget?
[19:06:22] <marcog> ok
[19:06:42] <marcog> tumbleweed: do you believe we can get all the equpiment for free from the SRC, etc?
[19:07:30] <marcog> HayleyM: re tshirts i was thinking we have the money we should print more colours or better quality?
[19:07:53] <tumbleweed> marcog: err I haven't spoken to them yet. projectors + PA, right?
[19:07:59] <bob> Better quality.
[19:08:04] <HayleyM> Depends on the logo design, does it need more colurs
[19:08:06] <marcog> tumbleweed: yes
[19:08:19] <tumbleweed> marcog: I'll talk to them
[19:08:24] <marcog> HayleyM: we don't have one for AC yet
[19:08:36] <tumbleweed> haven't spoken to flora yet either (haven't seen her)
[19:09:00] <marcog> i'll email her
[19:09:37] <marcog> any other comments on the proposed budget?
[19:09:46] <marcog> ShadowMaster: how much did postage cost you?
[19:11:11] <ShadowMaster> tibid 2.40*144
[19:11:11] <tibid> ShadowMaster: 345.6
[19:11:13] <ShadowMaster> gar
[19:11:38] <marcog> ok
[19:12:16] <marcog> tumbleweed: michiel has left the US now, so we have no mic yet - should we use hussein's for now?
[19:12:27] <marcog> and sd card we can buy locally
[19:12:47] <graham> marcog: did you change the total?
[19:12:57] <tumbleweed> marcog: works for me
[19:13:16] <marcog> graham: no, i will fix that up after
[19:13:23] <marcog> ok
[19:13:47] <marcog> then tumbleweed, could we also sort out what else needs to be baught such as switches and cables?
[19:14:08] <marcog> and Vaughan you should try organise this with tumbleweed
[19:14:16] <marcog> so that you can take over from him next year
[19:14:37] <tumbleweed> err yeah cool
[19:15:35] <marcog> tumbleweed, Vaughan: perhaps if we start an email thread between us 3 on what is needed still? and then to plan a dry run before the course
[19:16:38] <tumbleweed> worksforme
[19:16:44] <HayleyM> what is Vaughan's email addy?
[19:16:46] <marcog> k, i'll start that
[19:17:00] <marcog> HayleyM:
[19:17:25] <HayleyM> ta
[19:17:26] <marcog> ok, then any further comments on august course before we move on to umonya specific things?
[19:17:30] <marcog> bob?
[19:17:47] <bob> Nope. Carry on
[19:18:07] <HayleyM> no comments, will email out all course note stuff instructions tom, pls send me svn details
[19:18:09] <marcog> ok, co-sponsors bob have you tried anyone other than s1?
[19:18:20] <marcog> HayleyM: will do
[19:18:24] <bob> No I haven't.
[19:19:10] <marcog> bob, can you find out from s1 their interest in further sponsoring
[19:19:20] <bob> Okay marcog.
[19:19:28] <bob> Should I do so perhaps after the Course?
[19:19:46] <bob> Or if we meet them face to face we can discuss it then?
[19:19:48] <marcog> i think we need to know our budget earlier
[19:19:59] <marcog> bob, that's not a bad idea
[19:20:05] <bob> I think their like top guy is interested in joining us for our Volunteer dinner :)
[19:20:25] <marcog> maybe say you'd like to meet to discuss involvement in a large project for 2011
[19:20:31] <marcog> cool
[19:20:56] <marcog> i doubt we will get a full $10k from them, but who knows
[19:21:03] <HayleyM> sounds good
[19:21:12] <marcog> i think we'll have to get about 3 or 4 smaller co-sponsors
[19:21:20] <marcog> then ShadowMaster, you gonna email butlers?
[19:21:39] <bob> Okay, so is it alright if I put off asking them till August 27?
[19:22:00] <marcog> hmm...i'm in split minds over that
[19:22:17] <marcog> HayleyM: what you think?
[19:23:39] <HayleyM> Can we spin sponsorship another way to? The sponsors will be helping the future gen of programmers, but will also be able to recognise the current bright students tutoring for recruitment
[19:24:28] <HayleyM> I think we should put off til 27 august
[19:24:38] <HayleyM> we need to get course out of way
[19:24:43] <marcog> HayleyM: yes, if we meet with them in person it is much easier to convey that message
[19:24:48] <marcog> ok
[19:25:36] <marcog> co-hosting
[19:25:57] <bob> Yes, I've been failing in this regard
[19:26:04] <marcog> bob, i think you need to put more effort into talking to ukzn they were very close to saying yes imho
[19:26:12] <marcog> but leaving them hang dry is bad
[19:26:32] <marcog> i'd contact them say we just got awarded the grant - can we continue discussions...
[19:26:43] <bob> okay, I will do that
[19:27:08] <marcog> then HayleyM, if you haven't heard back from wits it might be worth trying to either find someone else
[19:27:18] <marcog> or in parallel perhaps we can ask UP
[19:27:29] <marcog> they are the stronger computer science department
[19:27:34] <marcog> so they might care more
[19:27:45] <HayleyM> I sent an email to the IT challenge people to ask for CS dept competition contacts, also haven't heard back from them
[19:27:48] <HayleyM> so frustrating
[19:27:54] <marcog> gah
[19:29:15] <marcog> HayleyM: if you would like to give UP a shot, ask Hussein he gave me a contact but i cant remember who it was
[19:29:25] <marcog> apparently he's quite into these sort of things
[19:30:04] <HayleyM> ok, will send hussein an email and ask. wrt writing notes, agree need to be ready by mid-Jan, holding off til I get back and can actually organise venue, dates, resources
[19:30:49] <marcog> do you think we'll have anough time if we start then?
[19:30:58] <marcog> remember exams are not long after
[19:31:20] <marcog> i'm thinking maybe asking someone who is in CT to help kickstart things
[19:32:48] <HayleyM> would be useful but who has the spare time?
[19:33:07] <bob> We're only doing this AFTER august right?
[19:33:28] <bob> I might then? But I dunno for sure :/
[19:33:29] <marcog> bob, yes but i'm thinking starting soon after
[19:33:40] <marcog> HayleyM: when do you get back?
[19:34:01] <HayleyM> 10 Sept
[19:34:18] <marcog> that might be fine then
[19:34:55] <HayleyM> I'll be completely out of contact 27 Aug - 9 Sept, touring through Europe without my laptop
[19:35:28] <marcog> ok, then let's stick with that then
[19:35:32] <marcog> after you get back
[19:35:43] <marcog> it might be quite rough though
[19:35:47] <bob> Lol. Why would you want to do that? Okay then, So I'll still be buusy with Stellenbosch at that point
[19:35:59] <bob> So yes, Hayley when she gets back :)
[19:36:44] <HayleyM> cause bob it means I have to carry it in my backpack and lock it up at each hostel
[19:37:58] <marcog> ok, mailing lists & flights - nothing to discuss really
[19:38:02] <marcog> food, ShadowMaster is dead?
[19:38:15] <marcog> tshirts for umonya, we decided no beanies
[19:38:27] <marcog> anything else we need to discuss now?
[19:38:47] <marcog> prizes, i like the book idea - we should continue this for umonya if it works in aug
[19:38:58] <bob> Cool
[19:39:03] <HayleyM> tutors need their slots confirmed soon
[19:39:27] <marcog> HayleyM: i'll look into that on the weekend
[19:39:41] <bob> Also Steve was telling me that company branded USB's would be fairly easy to get. And it will allow everyone to take their work and the videos and the tutorials and python home with them.
[19:39:49] <bob> If we don't do that we should at least burn CD's
[19:40:10] <marcog> bob, maybe ask s1?
[19:40:35] <bob> I'll ask them. And if they don't have, should I ask them if I can ask other companies?
[19:40:44] <bob> Or is that rude?
[19:40:49] <marcog> bad idea
[19:40:54] <bob> Yeah, probably :P
[19:40:54] <HayleyM> bad idea
[19:41:12] <HayleyM> You can't get conflicting sponsors
[19:41:34] <bob> Mk
[19:41:35] <HayleyM> wonder if there are any hardware companies who would be willing
[19:45:07] <HayleyM> oh bob, ask s1 for lanyards if possible for tutor name tags
[19:45:21] <bob> K. Will do.
[19:45:36] <bob> Not only for tutor name tags though
[19:45:41] <bob> Kids as well
[19:45:45] <bob> Marcog End meeting?
[19:46:18] <marcog> tibid: end meeting