Meeting about Umonya Payment

Convened at 2010-08-10 19:32:12.430259 by marcog in #algorithm on shadowfire


[19:32:12] STARTED (marcog)
[20:15:55] ENDED (marcog)


Raw Log

[19:32:12] <marcog> tibid: start meeting about Umonya Payment
[19:32:12] * tibid gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[19:32:28] <marcog> ok, so first thing
[19:32:34] <marcog> graham: when do you guys leave?
[19:32:39] <marcog> and when do you return?
[19:33:31] <graham> thursday to mom 23rd i think
[19:33:34] <graham> *mon
[19:34:13] <marcog> ok, so then i'm happy taking over this while you're away
[19:34:14] <ShadowMaster> graham: has 24 moms
[19:34:38] <graham> marcog: ok. cool
[19:34:43] <marcog> the afrigraph form just needs the EIN, right?
[19:34:49] <marcog> where do we get this from?
[19:34:52] <graham> i believe so
[19:35:05] <Hayley> what is an EIN?
[19:35:08] <graham> marcog: the other form i emailed you needs to be completed
[19:35:24] <graham> but i don't know how long it takes to process.
[19:35:25] <marcog> graham: ss-4?
[19:35:28] <graham> ja
[19:35:36] <graham> i think we should speak to google about it
[19:35:49] <marcog> and is this to get afripgrah an EIN? or UCT? or AC?
[19:36:25] <graham> i was assuming afrigraph as they are down on the W-8BEN form as the company being paid
[19:36:49] <marcog> kk
[19:37:04] <marcog> who do we send the completed ss-4 form to?
[19:37:23] <graham> marcog: btw. i think i should pay bernie before i live. do you have her account details?
[19:38:18] <graham> marcog: marcog: apparently, "Generally, you can apply for and receive an
[19:38:18] <graham> EIN online using the Internet.
[19:38:20] <graham> "
[19:38:54] <marcog> looking for bank details, although i think i only have paper copy
[19:39:07] <graham> no. we need to use telephone or fax or mail as we aren't in America
[19:39:09] <marcog> have you got a link to the application page?
[19:39:16] <marcog> meh
[19:39:49] <marcog> Apply By EIN Toll-Free Telephone Service
[19:39:49] <graham> hmm. ok. only seen this now. it can be done in 24hours by phone
[19:39:50] <marcog> Taxpayers can obtain an EIN immediately by calling the Business & Specialty Tax Line at (800) 829-4933. The hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. local time, Monday through Friday. An assistor takes the information, assigns the EIN, and provides the number to an authorized individual over the telephone. Note: International applicants must call (215) 516-6999 (Not a toll-free number).
[19:40:15] <marcog> if you give me all the details then i can make the call now
[19:40:23] <marcog> since it'll cost you $$$
[19:40:45] <graham> ja. thanks, but i don't think we have all the details yet
[19:40:55] <graham> but maybe we can work a plan
[19:41:06] <marcog> what do we still need?
[19:41:22] <graham> lemme check email i sent to James
[19:41:28] <marcog> kk
[19:42:59] <graham> type of entity, is it a limitted liability company
[19:43:22] <graham> i am also not sure about name of reponsible party and executor/administrator
[19:43:56] <graham> but more than anything, because this is for afrigraph, i don't think we can go ahead without the ok from James
[19:44:48] <marcog> i highly doubt it is a LLC
[19:44:57] <marcog> for name, we can put Afrigraph
[19:45:29] <graham> marcog: i mean line 7a
[19:46:53] <graham> For all other entities, “responsible party” is the person
[19:46:53] <graham> individual, directly or indirectly, to control, manage, or direct
[19:46:53] <graham> the entity and the disposition of its funds and assets.
[19:46:53] <graham> or assets in the entity that, as a practical matter, enables the
[19:46:53] <graham> who has a level of control over, or entitlement to, the funds
[19:47:15] <marcog> ok, that you have to ask james
[19:47:29] <graham> ja
[19:48:02] <marcog> graham: sent you bernie's account details
[19:48:06] <graham> cool
[19:48:23] <marcog> ok, so it's just that name and then we're done?
[19:48:52] <marcog> can you fill it in again and print to PDF, then send that to James asking him to check the details + give the name
[19:48:55] <marcog> CC me
[19:49:03] <marcog> and tell him to keep me CC'ed
[19:49:12] <marcog> and i will continue it after you've left
[19:49:27] <graham> marcog: no. also 'care of' person + type of organisation
[19:49:42] <graham> ok. will do
[19:49:59] <marcog> ok well ask him for the missing entries
[19:50:31] <marcog> ask him if he is okay with making the call himsefl
[19:50:51] <graham> ok
[19:50:55] <marcog> cause they might ask me to prove my identity and not accept me calling
[19:50:57] <marcog> etc.
[19:51:33] <marcog> then once we have that, the other form is done? besides the EIN?
[19:52:22] <graham> marcog: i believe so
[19:52:38] <marcog> ok, then send that to james at the same time for checking
[19:52:45] <graham> ok
[19:52:53] <graham> is james happy to do all of this?
[19:53:31] <marcog> well he won't want to sign if he hasn't checked it anyways
[19:53:39] <graham> true
[19:54:05] <marcog> perhaps let me call the number now and see if they can tell me if i can apply on james' behalf
[19:54:57] <graham> good idea
[19:55:16] <marcog> let me do that right now
[19:55:22] <marcog> i believe it's within their office hours
[20:00:59] <graham> marcog: we are applying in 'compliance with IRS withholding regulations', correct?
[20:03:03] <marcog> back
[20:03:05] <ShadowMaster> marcog: how many python courses have we had?
[20:03:07] <marcog> graham: ??
[20:03:13] <marcog> ShadowMaster: 2
[20:03:34] <ShadowMaster> cool so I'm writing sponsorship letter
[20:03:56] <marcog> graham: ok, so if we have a completed + signed form we can call them => they give fax number => we fax => they give number within 5 minutes
[20:04:02] <marcog> ShadowMaster: nice
[20:04:08] <ShadowMaster> I'll pastebin now
[20:04:14] <marcog> graham: and this any of us can do
[20:04:26] <marcog> ShadowMaster: wait till after meeting so we can get this out the way :P
[20:04:27] <ShadowMaster> marcog: can I offer that we will mention sponsors in media we have control over?
[20:04:31] <ShadowMaster> ok
[20:04:33] <ShadowMaster> lol
[20:05:23] <marcog> graham: so if you can complete the form as much as possible, then print to PDF, send to james, get him to fill in the rest by hand after printing + sign
[20:05:50] <marcog> then get that scanned
[20:06:02] <marcog> then i can handle the rest
[20:06:39] <marcog> then i can finish off the other form, ask james to sign and then hand it to google along with account details
[20:07:07] <graham> ok. great. thanks
[20:07:28] <marcog> anything else?
[20:07:36] <graham> marcog: in the SS-4 form it says reason for completing the form
[20:08:02] <graham> at the moment i have IRS witholding regulations
[20:08:14] <marcog> banking purpose => receive grant from US company
[20:08:15] <marcog> ?
[20:09:20] <marcog> oh graham, another thing
[20:09:29] <graham> for example, a bowling league for depositing dues
[20:09:29] <graham> or an investment club for dividend and interest reporting)
[20:09:30] <marcog> payee name on the check?
[20:09:36] <graham> is this right?
[20:09:44] <graham> marcog: ?
[20:09:57] <bob> marcog
[20:09:59] <marcog> ya it should be ok, i don't think it matters majorly
[20:10:03] <bob> sorry Im late
[20:10:04] <graham> ok
[20:10:18] <marcog> graham: i mean, the check we're getting from google - they asked for a payee name
[20:10:21] <marcog> bob: hye
[20:10:22] <marcog> *hey
[20:10:26] <marcog> tibid: minutes so far
[20:10:26] <tibid> Minutes available at
[20:10:30] <marcog> bob: ^
[20:10:37] <bob> thanks
[20:11:39] <marcog> graham: and then postal address, i'll send to the CS dept addressed to Bertus and then you can collect it from him
[20:11:59] <marcog> or Nomad010, want a big check?
[20:12:06] <graham> marcog: i'm not sure
[20:12:23] <graham> James?
[20:12:30] <marcog> i was thinking that
[20:12:36] <marcog> ask him if he's okay with that
[20:12:39] <graham> ok
[20:12:46] <marcog> just lay it out clearly for him
[20:12:49] <marcog> everything
[20:13:06] <marcog> make it so he only has to do the bare minimum :)
[20:13:16] <Kev> rawr
[20:13:18] <Kev> sup guys
[20:13:23] <distant_figure> sup kev
[20:13:27] <Kev> driving to and back from jhb = bad times
[20:13:28] <marcog> Kev: hey, sshhh
[20:13:31] <marcog> distant_figure: shhhh
[20:13:34] <marcog> meeting times
[20:13:38] <Kev> woops
[20:13:41] <bob> :P
[20:13:46] * Kev puts finger on lips
[20:14:44] <marcog> so graham, anything else or are you happy with all this so far? can we call the meeting ended?
[20:15:07] <marcog> tibid: 30000*7.5/30
[20:15:07] <tibid> marcog: 7500.0
[20:15:25] <graham> marcog: can't think of anything else right now
[20:15:55] <marcog> tibid: end meeting