Meeting about Umonya Logo

Convened at 2010-09-27 18:05:03.815494 by marcog in #algorithm on shadowfire


[18:05:03] STARTED (marcog)
[18:46:36] ENDED (marcog)


Raw Log

[18:05:03] <marcog> tibid: start meeting about Umonya Logo
[18:05:03] * tibid gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[18:05:11] <marcog> tibid: i am Marco Gallotta
[18:05:11] <tibid> marcog: Yessir
[18:05:28] <maiatoday> tibid: I am Maia Grotepass
[18:05:28] <tibid> maiatoday: Done
[18:05:48] <dougx> tibid: I am Doug Kisabaka
[18:05:48] <tibid> dougx: Okay
[18:06:08] <marcog> dougx: you want to take lead?
[18:06:27] <dougx> in a minute
[18:07:23] <dougx> so ismail sent this
[18:07:34] <Michiel> hello
[18:07:34] <tibid> By the way, Taejo on shadowfire told me "pm Michiel would you like to beta-test saco? you can consider it ACM training" 2 hours, 32 minutes and 46 seconds ago
[18:07:47] <dougx> I like the font but the text below is just too much for a logo
[18:07:51] <Zy> hello
[18:07:57] marcog
[18:08:05] <dougx> I'm thinking of something round like with colors on it
[18:08:06] <marcog> hi Michiel, Zy
[18:08:24] <Taejo> you can get a vector version of the python logo
[18:08:24] <marcog> dougx: i agree
[18:08:42] <dougx> Taejo: very close to that, that's a very good point
[18:09:04] <marcog> also, the snake if we have one should be cartoony
[18:09:09] * dougx is using linux (no adobe fireworks, sorry)
[18:09:12] <marcog> so it can be printed on a shirt
[18:09:17] <dougx> yes
[18:09:31] <casted> do you have rights to use that snake picture?
[18:09:38] <casted> also, is it highres enough for printing
[18:09:38] <marcog> probably not
[18:09:53] <dougx> We propbably don't need something too real
[18:10:04] <dougx> cartoony as marcog mentioned will be good
[18:10:17] <Michiel> i agree
[18:10:21] <maiatoday> I have the python logo in svg
[18:10:44] <dougx> good maiatoday: I'd love to play with that
[18:10:46] <maiatoday> also I dig snakes, but some cultures are terified of them
[18:10:57] <dougx> true
[18:11:00] <marcog> maiatoday: you think that's a problem?
[18:11:14] <maiatoday> so we can't have the snake too scary realistic
[18:11:18] <dougx> so we make it less obvious that it's a snake, like in the python logo
[18:11:27] <marcog> yes, that i agree with maiatoday
[18:12:02] <dougx> What else could go into the logo?
[18:12:28] <marcog> can we give an indication of young kids?
[18:12:40] <marcog> and maybe the project's african roots
[18:12:47] <marcog> just braindumping
[18:13:18] <Michiel> what if we dress up the python logo in african close?
[18:13:24] <maiatoday> those basket weaving techniques are very mathematical and african and very like the star xmas tree examples
[18:13:29] <dougx> nice Michiel!
[18:13:33] <marcog> Michiel: that's what i was thinking
[18:13:41] <Michiel> clothes
[18:13:45] <Michiel> sorry :P
[18:13:47] <maiatoday> or if we redo the python logo in a basket weave
[18:14:06] <dougx> very good ideas
[18:14:14] <marcog> maiatoday: i like that idea, but only thing is it won't be for tshirts
[18:14:30] <marcog> i mean it won't come out on the tshirt printing
[18:14:41] <marcog> but it's ok for the website / printed documents
[18:14:46] <maiatoday> the basket weave thing could be very geometric and vector, don't think of a basket as in looking like a real basket
[18:14:50] <dougx> what about dressing the python logo with alternating colored triangles with a thick white outline
[18:15:03] <dougx> a bit like tribal art
[18:15:26] <casted> how about a vuvuzela that looks like a snake
[18:15:26] <marcog> dougx: would that not be too detailed?
[18:15:34] <Michiel> casted: no
[18:15:34] <marcog> casted: stfu :)
[18:15:36] <dougx> doesn't have to be too detailed
[18:15:38] <casted> :P
[18:15:43] <dougx> casted: NO!
[18:15:45] <Michiel> the rest of the world hates those
[18:16:07] <casted> they hate them here too
[18:16:50] <Michiel> casted: our broadcasters did not give a paid option to have them digitally removed
[18:16:48] <maiatoday>
[18:17:16] <maiatoday> not that exactly but it gives you an idea of the simplified graphicness you could do with basket
[18:17:27] <casted> Michiel: i found the tv-off button to work quite well
[18:17:29] <dougx> maiatoday: not so inspiring imho
[18:17:49] <casted> ok, well this is OT, so lets stop the vuvuzela talk :)
[18:18:07] <marcog> comment from marko who might run umonya in croatia
[18:18:11] <marcog> Marko: I see no evil in having multiple logos.
[18:18:28] <marcog> we might consider making the logo "adjustable" for europe
[18:18:34] <dougx> A common identity will be good
[18:18:34] <maiatoday> neither do I
[18:18:39] <marcog> but then they would make the change
[18:18:50] <maiatoday> more difficult to design a multi-funtion logo
[18:18:57] <dougx> Having the logo based on python's is a good idea since it has a unique shape
[18:19:06] <marcog> yeah
[18:19:17] <marcog> and just texture the logo or something based on country
[18:19:23] <maiatoday> so long as we stay within python conditions.
[18:19:26] <dougx> good
[18:19:26] <casted> python logo with countries flag colours?
[18:19:34] <dougx> kinda
[18:19:46] <marcog> casted: for croatia i was thinking the red-white checkers board
[18:19:51] <marcog> for e.g.
[18:19:56] <maiatoday> I think we aren't really allowed to modify it too much if we follow the license strictly though
[18:20:06] <ShadowMaster> also casted good thing I didn't play you in sqaush
[18:20:11] <bob> hey all
[18:20:15] <maiatoday> hehe the checker board sounds like a basket weave again
[18:20:15] <casted> ShadowMaster: why?
[18:20:22] <ShadowMaster> serving I can't do it
[18:20:26] <marcog> ShadowMaster, casted: can you go to pvt plox
[18:20:31] <marcog> hey bob
[18:20:33] <casted> kk
[18:20:41] <ShadowMaster> kk
[18:21:10] <maiatoday> we could make the snake come out of a basket like those snake charmers
[18:21:44] <dougx> Good point concerning the license. So let's make a pythonic-logo that can still be recoginsed to bear resemblance to python
[18:21:48] <casted> you could write umonya in the style of the python snakes?
[18:21:54] <casted> or maybe just the U
[18:21:54] <marcog> maiatoday: Use of derived logos for user groups and conferences -- Allowed if used to refer to the Python programming language. Commercial user groups and for-profit conferences require permission from the PSF.
[18:22:24] <maiatoday> yes that's right marcog, but isn't there something about modification
[18:22:39] <dougx> casted: can you explain your last point please? I don't see the round shaping becoming a U :-D
[18:22:42] <marcog> maiatoday: that is about derived logos, i.e. modified
[18:22:58] <casted> dougx: yeah it will require some hax
[18:23:28] <bob> I like casted's vuvuzela idea...
[18:23:37] <Michiel> bob: no
[18:23:38] <maiatoday> now I am thinking about those escher snakes that look a lot like the python logo too
[18:23:49] <Zy> no vuvuzelas
[18:23:55] <dougx> bob: vuvuzela is soccer, not Africa or computer related
[18:24:30] <Taejo> how about a snake coming out of the U, or the A being a snake?
[18:25:01] <marcog> Taejo: i like
[18:25:38] <marcog> re the different logos
[18:25:40] <marcog> Marko: it goes well with the whole "independent cell" idea
[18:25:42] <dougx> or the O being a snake based on the python logo
[18:26:06] <bob> You could have a U wrapped in a snake...
[18:26:08] <dougx> marcog: do you know if Marko can join this meeting?
[18:26:09] <maiatoday> I like that dougx
[18:26:10] <marcog> it just has to come out well when it's small
[18:26:26] <marcog> dougx: i'm gonna ask him
[18:26:29] <maiatoday> just the umonya word with python logo instead of o
[18:26:38] * maiatoday is always a fan of simpler solutions
[18:26:45] <Taejo> marko is beta-testing saco right now
[18:26:52] <marcog> Taejo: ah right
[18:26:53] <dougx> simple is good
[18:26:59] <bob> maiatoday: it still doesn't help for a single small logo for little prints
[18:27:49] <maiatoday> hmmm single small logo for little prints needs to be really simple like the ubuntu logo
[18:28:16] <bob> Yip.
[18:28:42] <bob> So perhaps you could change that O into something more unique than just the normal python logo?
[18:29:10] <maiatoday> maybe we can have a version with three snakes instead of 2
[18:29:18] <casted> dougx: i meant something like this for the U
[18:29:40] <dougx> good one casted :-D
[18:30:03] <bob> casted: you can even have those overlapping at the bottom
[18:30:05] <dougx> I like the design my casted
[18:30:16] <casted> bob: yeah, i want it to overlap
[18:30:26] <casted> but its just a quick hack i did in gimp
[18:30:30] <casted> just wanted to give the idea
[18:30:35] <Michiel> i think it needs green
[18:30:55] <Taejo> yeah, green and brown is nicer than yellow, blue, brown
[18:31:12] <dougx> I'd settle for the design by casted - who else likes it? just make the bottoms overlap
[18:31:36] <casted> you would need the right font to follow the U
[18:31:51] <casted> or just make it the logo, and umonya is separate
[18:31:54] <dougx> there's tons of nice free fonts out there
[18:32:01] <casted> yup
[18:32:08] <maiatoday> can the python shapes in U stand on it's own? I think so
[18:32:26] <casted> use a good monospace one, after all this a programming thing
[18:32:34] <Taejo> urgh
[18:32:39] <bob> And perhaps the colours you would find in a python?
[18:32:41] <casted> maiatoday: yeah, the more i thought about i'd rather not have it part of the word
[18:32:43] <marcog> casted: i like the idea of having a separate logo and umonya banner
[18:32:47] <casted> kk
[18:32:47] <dougx> no, no courrier new please
[18:32:48] <bob> brown and greeny brown
[18:33:07] <casted> monospace was a joke :P
[18:33:30] <bob> btw is it possible to have a python's spots (which can be quite intricate) in some sort of binary or grey code form?
[18:34:30] <Michiel> bob i like
[18:36:10] <maiatoday> ok I just played with the vectors, I flipped the snakes so they make something that looks like a curly brace with 010101 coming out of it I'll try to put the image somewhere
[18:36:51] <dougx> casted and maiatoday here's a nice svg for inkscape
[18:37:11] <maiatoday> yes that's what I am using
[18:37:17] <dougx> :D
[18:37:35] <dougx> I need a copy of that font they use there
[18:38:21] <Taejo> I think you can get it somewhere
[18:38:31] <bob> oh... I just thought of something... If you have like three pythons (perhaps of different shades of brown/green) you can have them weave in and out in the binary.
[18:38:32] <Taejo> but I don't like it
[18:38:50] <Taejo> I like the font used in the first logo (was that dougx's?)
[18:39:08] <Michiel> binary does not print well
[18:39:15] <dougx> Taejo: link?
[18:39:29] <Taejo>
[18:40:02] <dougx> That was from Ismail's friend. His name is mohamed
[18:40:41] <dougx> We might need to ask him if more people like it
[18:46:03] <dougx> Details about the python logo for ye all designers;
[18:46:16] <marcog> so do we have anything more to dicuss? or should we end this meeting and let people send ideas around via email?
[18:46:30] <dougx> end the meetin
[18:46:32] <marcog> sounds like we need to see some mockups
[18:46:35] <maiatoday> I don't have much more to say
[18:46:36] <marcog> tibid: end meeting